10 Best Creative Corporate Event Decor Ideas & Inspirations

Every corporate event begins with an idea or concept that can be delivered through the plan, dress code, accommodation, and visuals. To plan a corporate event design for occasions like conventions, conferences, and galas requires a higher level of professionalism. 

It can be intense to bring together everyone’s ideas to achieve the overall goal of the event, but once you arrive at a unifying inspiration, everything else will fall into place. Here are the top ten corporate event decor ideas to help you stage your next company event.

1. geo centerpieces

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If you want your event table to be unique, consider using a geometric centerpiece. Often referred to as himmelis or prisms, these contemporary vases can be found in a wide variety of settings including corporate events.

The vase-like appearance of the shapes is what makes them so attractive. These centerpieces can be made in a variety of shapes, including squares, rectangles, triangles, pentagons, and more. The geometric vases look stunning filled with fresh flowers or lit candles, as well.

3. art installations

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Product launches and product exhibits are ideal occasions for art installations.  Your next company social event could benefit the local art scene if you display the artwork created by local artists in the area.

As an added bonus, art installations can be used as a team activity for corporate events, rather than just as an eye-catching decoration for visitors to enjoy while they are there.


Event Lighting Guide 10 Best Creative Corporate Event Decor Ideas & Inspirations

Different light colors can influence and motivate emotions, as well as set the overall mood of your corporate event. It’s true that lighting is a designer’s best resource when it comes to transforming a venue.

Lights can be used to draw attention to specific spots, such as the main stage, art installations, or centerpieces at an event. Professional and high-quality event lighting can completely turn any event from drab to dazzling.

Just make sure to create a detailed lighting plan and consider the mood you want to evoke with lighting effects before making any decisions for your corporate event.

4. Customized Seating

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Comfortable couches and chairs can be used to charm attendees. Of course, getting to know your target audience and the formality of the event you’re planning is the most important part of the equation.

For corporate events, big bean bag chairs and lounge chairs can be embedded in the venue. You can create a more relaxed atmosphere for conferences and other corporate events by incorporating elements of home design, such as customized seating.


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The gold arch is both simple and elegant. The gold frame can be used to create the most stunning door arch, balloon or floral arches, and backdrops. A gold arch adorned with greenery and large gold leaves can be the main attraction of your corporate event. You can cover the tables with black tablecloths and gold chairs to match the arch. 

6. Confetti Cannons 

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Confetti cannons are a must-have at corporate events like award ceremonies, where the goal is to show appreciation for employees’ hard work and accomplishments.

With a simple push of a button, remote control confetti cannons can shoot an impressive burst of confetti into the air. Confetti can be also used to signal the end of the formal awards ceremony and the beginning of the more relaxed gala evening.

7. Nature-inspired stage design

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To create an ambience of bliss and balance, you can adorn your stage with lush greenery that covers the front and sides. You can add furniture to create an intimate atmosphere, in keeping with the theme of the corporate event.

8. High-tech and sleek staging

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There is more to a corporate event than a simple get-together. Your company’s value can be conveyed to both customers and employees through a corporate event.

Plan high-tech staging so that your audience has a clear picture of your brand and its messages. This requires a thorough understanding of the technical complexities involved in creating effective graphics. Of course, the lighting effects will contribute to the staging’s dramatic three-dimensional look.

9. Interactive Food Displays

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For a celebration corporate milestone or major achievement, there are several unique and interesting interactive food display ideas that will leave your guests talking long after the event.

If you want to use food display as an icebreaker, or to help facilitate networking, there are plenty of creative ideas out there to choose from. From hands-on dessert displays to live chefs, food can be a piece of artwork in itself.

10. Instagrammable Backdrops

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Give your visitors a great spot to take pictures in the venue. Having a flower wall is a simple way of turning a regular venue into an Instagram-worthy one. Flowers are a great option because they are aesthetically appealing and customizable.

From dainty to sleek and rustic, there is a flower to fit any theme or style. You can also frame the subjects on the stage with flower arches without taking up too much space.

If you’re planning an event, you should have a good idea of what it takes to pull it off. Using these corporate event design ideas, we believe that your next corporate event will be one for the books!


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