10 Best Event Management Companies in Toronto

Events planning is something one can amazingly pull off (with a lot of hard work and less sleep) but to ensure smooth flow and have a better work-life balance, you need a team. Though at this time, we don’t have many events going on due to the global pandemic, it’s still great to see how people found ways to reconnect and conduct events at these trying times.

Now connecting people not only around the vicinity but all over the world. A lot of events are now done virtually via platforms that allow such. Though of course, intimate events are still possible (just make sure you follow set social safety restrictions) and there are still management companies in Toronto that make this possible.

Best Event Management Companies in Toronto

1. Wildbash Events

Situated in Toronto, Wildbash Events is one of the premiering events management companies. Although ideally more on for social events and weddings, you can definitely trust them! They have a natural flair for chic and light events that will be perfect for sophisticated events. Also since they are affiliated with several companies too for floral design, decor, and more, you can actually hit two birds with one stone through them.

2. VintageBash

Popular in the area for their classy and vintage event decor and centrepieces. VintageBash is a great company that you can also rely on in case of events planning. Further, they have an amazing team with impeccable style and exceptional pieces that can turn a simple venue into something sophisticated.

3. Brand Glow Up

simple centrepiece included

Glow up with Brand Glow Up! An established branding and marketing company in Toronto that also offers services for events. No need to stress out and just schedule an appointment with their star team. With their extreme attention to detail, you are assured that whatever they put their hands on will shine! Prepared to be the talk of the town if you with their team for your next event.

4. DMPublic

Emphasizing art and culture, DMPublic has been in the events management business since 2015. They mainly offer marketing services that cover bespoke branding and marketing strategy for over 50 museums, and other establishments related to the arts. Besides this, they also have public relations services that include sponsorships, collaborations, and even network building.

5.Simon Pure Marketing Inc

Claiming to be the best experiential events management company in Toronto, Simon Pure Marketing Inc exceeds expectations in whatever event they put together. They understand how deeply events can favourably affect a product or relationship thus work hard to align to the intention. Build rapport and loyalty with their help for a lasting impression.

6. All Out Event & Rental

More flexible than others, All Out Event & Rental offers its services not only for corporate events but also for social and weddings too. With comprehensive event planning services, they are a go-to for any event planning needs in Toronto. Also perfect for those starting from square one, they got rentals too that you can just utilize such as tents, tables and more. Truly a fuzz-free event for you.

7. Front + Centre

front centre events planning management

With Front + Centre, you sure get the best events planning management company in Toronto. A true-blue modern-day communications strategist, this company mainly offers services for public relations. Mainly focusing to get people to talk about you, they curate amazing experiential events that are lovely put-together in line with your brand persona.

8.Tigris Events Inc

If you’re looking for an event planning management in Toronto, Tigris Events Inc got you. They specialize in experiential events that are helpful especially for businesses that are focused on building loyalty with their existing customers. Also efficient to bring traction, in case you need more people to assist for a larger scale event, they got you too.

9.Branding & Buzzing

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We bet they know what they’re talking about when they claim to help you be on the tip of all the tongue – figuratively and literally. Focusing mainly on helping food establishments to create a buzz through excellent events, Branding & Buzzing is great. With extensive experience with known brands in the industry, you can definitely rely on their team and let them take control.

10.Mosaic Events

Mosaic Events is one of the best events planning management companies in Toronto. They are strategic so you’re sure they get things done flawlessly. Never miss out on a single detail. Further, they are also into impeccable style and assures a perfect execution. You can easily trust them to deliver up to par with your expectations.

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