10 Best PR Firms in Toronto

Public Relations is crucial for businesses and even, people. Despite seeming a bit shallow, successful PR strategies take hard work. You need to be in the middle of something that everyone can relate to and be interested in. More on in-depth psychology, Public Relations define one’s reputation at the same time. Now, you don’t need to stress out over this. Be the talk of the town with the help of amazing PR firms in Toronto. Book an appointment with the few you like and go with the one you feel most comfortable with.

10 Best PR Firms in Toronto

1.Brand Glow Up

VintageBash near Pickering

Promising already because of their name, Brand Glow Up finds the great things about you or your brand and creates an edge for you. Expert in strategizing for branding, marketing, and even public relations, you are assured that with them you’re in good hands. They can execute a full 360 degrees communication strategy for you that is fresh and perfect for whatever goal you have at the moment. Book an appointment and brace yourself for a glow-up beyond expectations.

2.Strategic Objectives

By their name itself, you can figure that they’re strategic and objective. Strategic Objective has been awarded as one of the top agencies in Toronto for 2021. Further, what they basically do is craft campaigns that get you eyeballs. By that, it’s safe to say that they tell stories in a way that grabs attention, changes minds and drives sales.


VintageBash ready to provide service in Mississauga

VintageBash can be a surprise here as they are generally known for offering comprehensive decor and furniture options. But with their flair for style and sophistication, they can be a great choice as well for your PR efforts. They are hosting events on their own for several clients in the past. With resources already (decor and venue), they can actually be a great choice if you are leaning more on leaving a lasting impression.


An independent PR film in Toronto that is in business for over 30 years, Harbinger Ideas is a choice you sure won’t go wrong with. They have partnered with small to large-scale brands over the years across different categories. Be it food & beverage, personal care, financial, to non-profit. With a nimble team carefully put together all across Canada making them ideal especially for huge activation or larger scale of PR strategy.

5.Vocab Communications

vocal communications pr firm

Producing excellent results in the past that they got to work with large companies for over the years, Vocab Communications pride itself on delivering top-tier results with the intimacy of a small agency. Putting clients first, they believe strongly that they deserve undivided time and attention to reach their goals.

6.Wildbash Events

Another hidden gem in the middle of Toronto in terms of events planning and PR strategies, Wildbash Events may still be in its early stage as a business but they come out very intuitive. They are undeniably fresh yet elegant, basically something this marketing needs.

7.Talk Shop Media

talk shop media pr firms in toronto

Usually working for full circle in terms of branding and marketing execution, Talk Shop Media is one of the renowned PR firms in Toronto. Focusing on certain industries like hotel and hospitality, luxury, and anything fancy, they are indeed the cream of the crop. Always putting sophistication and class in their executions helps brands go beyond and increase interest especially for those with disposable income.


A leader in the industry, DCI is one of the go-to marketing and PR firms in Toronto. With a solid track record, they have partnered with a lot of companies and small businesses over the years. More inclined in the tourism industry, you are assured that they know it best due to their surprisingly 60 strong years in the industry. Go through their portfolio and book an appointment. They won’t disappoint.

9.Good Kids

good kids pr firms

As they always say, a kid’s creativity is boundless. Taking inspiration on that, Good Kids take this and live by this belief. They take ideas that go beyond the usual brainstorming so you get something fresh and playful. Avante-Garde and fun, that catches attention in few minutes. Book an appointment and see how this refreshing company can help you achieve your goals. They indeed are the breather this industry needs.


Manifest is a word almost everyone now personally loves. As if manifesting your goals – be it for your brand or business – they got you. They promise not only to deliver good results but better! Always going beyond the set expectations, they indeed execute amazing PR events and initiatives that deliver maximum results. If you’re curious, check out their website.

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