10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton

Looking to create a charming and timeless atmosphere for your wedding? Go for vintage! A lot of rental companies now carry vintage-style tabletop accessories, furniture, telephones, statement pieces, and other decorative items. If you’re planning to have your wedding in Milton, you might want to check out our list of the best vintage rental companies located in and that cater to the area:

1. A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from http://www.anighttoremember.ca/gallery/

A Night To Remember started in 2010 and specializes in full-service wedding decorating. They also have a rental collection that includes chairs, linens, head table décor, backdrops, centerpieces, tabletop accessories, and so much more. Make sure to check out their site to read about some of their decorating tips!

Site: http://www.anighttoremember.ca/

2. Bird and Bee Vintage

Bird and Bee 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/birdandbeevintage/

The Bird & Bee Vintage Rental Co. has a ton of unique, antique and vintage pieces available for rent. They have crates, jars, windows, luggage, small and large décor items, tableware, arbors, and absolutely everything else you will need for your wedding’s final touches. You can visit The Paris Wincey Mills Co. in Ontario to see a few of their items in person.

Site: http://birdandbeevintage.com/

3. Cate & Co Vintage Rentals

Cate and Co 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from http://www.cateandcodesigns.com/portfolio

Cate & Co Vintage Rentals and Styling specializes in designing vintage, rustic, and romantic style items and events. They have a wide variety of furniture and décor items that come from the 1800s such as telephones, books, birch arbors, crates, mason jars, chandeliers, furniture, and other decorative items.

Site: http://www.cateandcodesigns.com/

4. DT Décor Rental

DT 1 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/dtfloraldecor/photos/a.426963918498.221454.39089123498/10154363982788499/?type=3

DT Décor Rental is dedicated to all things décor-related and shapes their goals based on their clients’ personalities and preferences. They regularly update their stock to keep in line with current trends. Their rental collection includes table settings, themed backdrops and head table backdrops, tables and stands, lighting, trees and flowers, furniture, tabletop items, centerpieces, linens, and much more. They refer to their sequin fabrics as caviar fabrics, which are available in over 10 colors.

Site: https://www.dtdecorrental.com/

5. Lemon Truffle Designs

Lemon Truffle 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from http://www.lemontruffle.com/

Lemon Truffle Designs specializes in event planning, designing, and decorating services for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and other occasions. Their goal is to make your special day a reflection of your style and personality for a spectacular experience that soon won’t be forgotten. They also offer rental services for their rustic, vintage, and chic décor items.

Site: http://www.lemontruffle.com/services/

6. Marvelle Events

Marvelle Events 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/marvelleevents/

Marvelle Events is owned by Laura and Dan Forbes, a team of 15 years with a combined 30-year experience in the event industry. The company only started a rental service in 2012 but has since become one of Canada’s renowned firms with a unique selection of over 2,000 items. They have been featured in several wedding news and reviews sites and continue to live up to their title as one of the largest design and décor companies in Ontario that specialize in rustic and vintage-style items. Their full catalog can only be accessed by a password, which you can request by contacting them through their site. They have burlap runners for rent, under their small props category. They also have DJ and event planning services.

Site: http://marvelleevents.ca/

7. Mclean-Sherwood

Mclean Sherwood 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/137371969675400/photos/a.153618844717379.40594.137371969675400/1294339900645262/?type=3&theater

Mclean-Sherwood Party Rental originally focused on chain saws and wheelbarrows instead of event décor items during 1979. Now, they’ve gotten rid of all the light duty equipment and filled their inventory with china, chairs and tables, furniture, novelty items, and vintage rentals. They have boxes, chalkboards, doors & windows, floor décor, tabletop décor, furniture, and tables.

Site: https://www.mcleansherwood.com/

8. Pearl Décor & Events

Pearl Decor 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from http://www.pearldecor.com/contact/

Pearl Décor & Events offers planning and decorating services for engagements, weddings, and other special occasions. You can call them for a free 30-minute consultation provided by their lead event coordinator, Candice Cole. For DIY events, they have several rental items such as chairs and tables, linens, backdrops, and props.

Site: http://www.pearldecor.com/

9. Rustica Tabletop

Rustica 1 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from http://rusticatabletop.com/post/132166669761/rusticatabletop

Rustica Tabletop offers a variety of modern and antique props and tile boards guaranteed to give your guests Instagram-worthy photos. Their existing tile boards are available in wood, marble, stone, and metal finishes but you can have one custom made to fit your event. They also have a wonderful selection of unique tableware that ranges from simple to Victorian styles.

Site: http://rusticatabletop.com/

10. The Ultimate Wedding Project

The Ultimate Wedding Project 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from http://theultimateweddingproject.com/flower-stands/

The Ultimate Wedding Project is a wedding, social, and corporate event rental company based in Milton. They specialize in candelabras, feather centerpieces, glass vases, crystal chairs, charger plates, and plexiglass pedestals but also have many other items available. You can book an appointment to visit their store through their site.

Site: http://theultimateweddingproject.com/

11. Vintage Rentals & Events

Vintage Rentals 1 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/pg/vintagerentalsandevents/photos/?ref=page_internal

Vintage Rentals & Events offers a wide collection of furniture and accessories for rent. This includes beautiful items perfect for your ceremony space, dinner and reception, dessert table, cocktail area, table centerpieces, and lounge. They also make custom chalkboards, complete with your own unique chalk-painted design, that work well as backdrops. They handle delivery and pick up of the rental pieces, with set-up and tear-down available for additional charges.

Site: http://vintagerentals.ca/

12. Warehouse 84

Warehouse 10+ Best Vintage Rentals For Weddings in Milton
Photo from http://warehouse84.ca/

Warehouse 84 is a well-known rental company that carries a variety of one-of-a-kind vintage and rustic items such as frames, crates, sofas, tables, luggage, and backdrops. They have a required minimum order amounting to a total of $300, but surely you will have no problem reaching that quota, with all of their charming and lovely pieces.

Site: http://warehouse84.ca/

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