10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto

Backdrops, whether you use them for your photo booth or for larger sections of your venue, play a big role in making average looking events into spectacular ones. With the right design, they can bring just the right amount of charm and drama to your special day. Many vendors offer different kinds of ready-made and custom backdrops that range from prints to fabric and floral arrangements. If you’re looking to have a personalized atmosphere, you may want to check out these Toronto-based design and décor companies who specialize in creating that and much more:

1. VintageBASH – Creative Backdrops

VintageBASH can create any custom backdrops whether you’re looking to add a unique touch to your studio, want to spruce up a trade show booth, or just want to bring more life and interest into your next event. Their custom-made backdrops help you create stunning displays that will wow any audience.

From lavish scenes and vibrant nature-inspired designs, to simple yet elegant neutral palettes and fine textures. They also have rental collections of creative backdrops can be customized to fit any color scheme or design motif.

2. Babylon Décor

Babylon 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from http://babylondecor.com/gallery/

Babylon Décor is one of GTA’s top wedding floral and décor specialists. They offer event décor, rentals, and floral design, event planning and coordination, wedding and special event limousines, and photo booths, among many other services. If you don’t want to deal with the stress of designing and decorating, you can avail of their backdrop package ($1,300) which already includes backdrop décor, head table décor, cake table décor, receiving table décor, crystal votive, and LED lighting.

Site: http://babylondecor.com/

3. Backdrops Canada

Backdrops Canada 1 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from http://backdropscanada.ca/shop/exclusive-collection/terri-leva-photography2/terri-leva-photography/multi-cream-glitter/

Backdrops Canada offers a wide variety of high-quality and versatile backdrops and floordrops at affordable prices. Their items are printed in Mississauga, Ontario and can be shipped to any city in Canada. They use matte-finished material to avoid getting any glares when taking photos and accept custom designs. If you will be having a backdrop sized 60” wide or less, you can expect to receive your order within 2-4 working days. For backdrops larger than 60” wide, the process will take about 4-5 working days.

Site: http://backdropscanada.ca/

4. Best Wedding Backdrops

Best Wedding Backdrops 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from https://www.bestweddingbackdrops.com/photo-and-ceremony-backdrops/

Best Wedding Backdrops offers a variety of photo, ceremony, and head table backdrops that can be customized according to your own style. They also have other specialty décor and dance floor decals to make your wedding a spectacular event. Their team consists of experts in the wedding décor industry and will gladly help you achieve your vision without going over your set budget.

Site: https://www.bestweddingbackdrops.com/

5. Dance Floor Décor

Dance Floor Decor 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from http://www.dancefloordecor.com/

Dance Floor Décor specializes in creating custom event décor that are in line with their client’s overall vision. Each event they handle is always different and resonates a sense of uniqueness and creativity. Their services include floor décor, furniture décor, custom spaces, backdrops, aisle runners, and corporate spaces. Regardless of your preferences in color, pattern, style, or theme, they will surely be able to meet your décor needs.

Site: http://www.dancefloordecor.com/

6. Finer Events Inc.

Finer Events 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from http://www.finerevents.com/backdrops/

Finer Events Inc. specializes in wedding and event design and décor services. They carry a variety of lighting, furniture, floral, and other décor items to create personalized themes. Their services include décor rental, custom backdrops, floral arrangements, photography, and much more.

Site: http://www.finerevents.com/

7. FOS Décor Center

FOS 1 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from http://www.fosdecor.com/draping-gallery

FOS Décor Center is among Canada’s top event design and décor companies. Their goal is to help their clients achieve unique and memorable events by providing excellent service and stunning décor items. They offer a wide selection of rental items as well as full-service design and décor for any kind of wedding. They specialize in chic and modern furniture rentals, designer linens, full-room and spot lighting, customized floral & centerpiece design, custom dance floors, room décor, and much more.

Site: http://www.fosdecor.com/

8. GTA Dance Floors

GTA Dance Floors e1488433942213 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from http://www.gtadancefloors.ca/backdrops-gallery/#prettyPhoto

GTA Dance Floors creates custom backdrops, monograms, and dance floors for weddings and special events. They have been working in the wedding industry for 3 years and have recently extended their services to also cater to their client’s stationery needs. You can receive an initial quote within a day upon your request through their site.

Site: http://www.gtadancefloors.ca/

9. Khazana Creations

Khazana 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from http://khazanacreations.com/gallery/anu-and-sravan-grand-victorian-reception/

Khazana Creations is best known for their refined sense of style that translates to modern, yet timeless, events. They are very meticulous when it comes to details and are dedicated to providing their clients with a stress-free planning process.

Site: http://khazanacreations.com/

10. Print Canada Store

Print Canada Store 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from https://www.printcanadastore.com/products/vineyard-personalized-photo-backdrop

Print Canada Store is one of Canada’s biggest and well-known event stores that offer gift, design, personalization, and printing services. They carry a variety of wedding and bridal products such as reception accessories, décor items, custom glassware, stationery, gifts, favors, and backdrops.

Site: https://www.printcanadastore.com/

11. Step and Repeat

Step and Repeat 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from https://www.facebook.com/pg/KickAssMedia/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10150458148414122

Step and Repeat is a full-service printing firm and print frame supplier operated by Kick Ass Media. They have produced a lot of backdrops for different affairs such as galas, corporate events, weddings, and signature occasions. To guarantee a glare and wrinkle-free finish, they only produce stretch fabric prints. They have no problem working with clients with no designs, a tight timeline, and a limited budget.

Site: http://stepandrepeat.ca/

11. Vintage Rentals & Events

Vintage Rentals 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from http://vintagerentals.ca/product/custom-painted-backdrops/

Vintage Rentals & Events offers a wide collection of furniture and accessories for rent. This includes beautiful items perfect for your ceremony space, dinner and reception, dessert table, cocktail area, table centerpieces, and lounge. They have various rustic and vintage chalkboards, some big enough to present your food/bar menu. If you want something larger, they also make custom chalkboards complete with your own unique chalk-painted design that work well as backdrops. They handle delivery and pick up of the rental pieces, with set-up and tear-down available for additional charges.

Site: http://vintagerentals.ca/

12. Weddings by Ardenian

Weddings by Ardenian 10+ Places to Buy Custom Backdrops in Toronto
Photo from https://www.weddingsbyardenian.com/wedding-backdrops-toronto

Your guests will be left in awe by the stunning floral arrangements of Weddings by Ardenian. They started as a small shop but are now one of the best wedding décor service companies in Canada. They offer fresh and artificial floral pieces, aisle and altar décor, backdrops, linens, vintage vases, and love seats, among many others. If you’re looking to transform a certain space of your venue into an elegant section, make sure to contact them through their site to discuss and have a backdrop customized for your day.

Site: https://www.weddingsbyardenian.com/

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