10+ Best Wedding Planning Checklists and Templates

Wedding planning is both exciting and overwhelming. Whether you’re planning to do it yourself or get a planner, we strongly recommend still using a personal wedding planning checklists and templates. This will help you see where you are at a given point, giving a sense of direction for you and your partner as well.

Also, excellent in keeping the wedding planning aligned to set schedule and budget. After all, a wedding’s success depends significantly on the couple’s journey, whether stressful or a smooth-sailing journey. We rounded up the ten best wedding planning checklists and templates you can find help on the internet. Some are free, while some cost few bucks. Check out the list below and discover which one works best for you and your partner!

Best Wedding Planning Checklists and Templates

1. Plan in Love

Ultimate Wedding Planning Workbook 10+ Best Wedding Planning Checklists and Templates
Digital Wedding Planner Spreadsheet 3 10+ Best Wedding Planning Checklists and Templates
Wedding Mood Board Templates 1 10+ Best Wedding Planning Checklists and Templates

Get the full checklist here.

Say goodbye to wedding planning woes and truly plan with love and inspiration through the help of Plan in Love. This membership-based template resource go-to is helmed by Kyra and Kyla — who are both backed by their over 8 years of experience in events. Furthermore, these templates are easily customizable to fit whatever concept you’re going for. Even without graphic design skills, the templates come with detailed instructions on how to make them yours! Never compromise quality just to save up money. Here, your subscription entitles you to also meet fellow brides and wedding pros to help you on your journey.

2.The Knot

Get the full checklist here.

The Knot is a fantastic wedding resource for couples. They have pre-made wedding planning checklists and templates you can follow through. To add, you can also customize these and insert some of your quirks and random to-dos unique to your big day. Perfect for couples planning a year before or even with few months left, their list will keep you on track. You can also access the checklist online besides having it printed out. The best thing about this is it’s free!

3.Junebug Weddings

Junebug Wedding Planning Checklist and Template

Get the full checklist here.

Junebug Weddings have enjoyable and interactive wedding planning checklists and templates. They intend for the couple to have some fun while accomplishing each to-do. Further, they leave so much room for the couple’s personality to come out with their checklist. Making it simple and memorable, Junebug Weddings assure that.

4.Magnet Street

Get the full checklist here.

Worrying at feeling overwhelmed, Magnet Street got you covered! They have a helpful wedding planning checklists and templates that you can refer to. Each phase even has punny yet encouraging taglines that will keep you inspired. From small details to big decisions, this free list will help you make the best wedding ever!

5.Studio Creative Things

Studio Creative Things Wedding Planning Checklists and Templates

Get the complete checklist here.

Studio Creative Things grace us with their chic and thorough wedding planning checklists and templates. If these won’t get you inspired to have a classy and stunning wedding, we don’t know what will! One of the best finds you’ll find on the internet comes in 44 pages of helpful checklists and templates. Also, these are free! You just need to subscribe to their email list and receive it in your inbox after a minute or two.

6.Ladywood Estate

Get the full checklist here.

A fantastic wedding planner on their own, Ladywood Estate shares fusion wedding planning checklists and templates you can work with. As we all know, Asian weddings have several additional steps you and your partner need to go through (in case you’re having a fusion wedding). Besides this, you can browse through their website and find excellent free resources for other stuff such as invitations, decors, etc.

7.She Knows

She Knows

Get the full checklist here.

With cute wedding planning checklists and templates, She Knows truly knows what’s you need the most. Quick and easy to follow wedding planning to-do that starts twelve months before your big day. These are also free and printable!


Get the full checklist here.

Plan it your way. Brides encourage you to take the challenge of planning the wedding of your dreams. They have an in-depth checklist to work with, and each comes with a quick elaboration that’ll sure help you navigate few things and make decisions. Besides this, they also remind us to find the beauty in this journey and look at it as half full. After all, it’s the adventure – life’s ups and downs – that makes these milestones even more worth celebrating.

9.Vintage Bash

burgundy yellow 10+ Best Wedding Planning Checklists and Templates

Check out their blog here.

Vintage Bash is a full-service events planning company in Toronto. They brought breathtaking and charming weddings to life – check out their website. Though they don’t have a wedding checklist to help you with (yet), they have a blog that you can use as a resource on your wedding planning journey. It covers a topic that starts from engagement up to your actual wedding day. Further, if you’re looking at vendors and tips, they’re perfect!

10.Martha Stewart

Get the full checklist here.

A no-brainer, Martha Stewart remains an icon and go-to for people planning a celebration – whether it big or small. She sets standards and shares tips for successful events. Luckily, she shares a quite comprehensive free and printable wedding planning checklist and template you can work with. In it, she added wedding vendors and budget templates. Further, her to-dos start from twelve months down to your special day. Martha Stewart again brings order to chaos, preventing a potential wedding disaster.

11. Peppermint & Co. Ltd.

Peppermint & Co. Ltd.

Get the full checklist here.

Featured in several media in Canada and the United States, Peppermint & Co. Ltd. is quite known in the wedding planning scene. They offered a free guide for all the brides out there thinking of planning their own wedding. The wedding binder (as they call it) includes a budget planner, vendor list and directory, guest lists, and more. Further, these are printable, so you can easily leave notes. Helpful in getting it all together, they offer one of the best wedding planning checklists and templates on the internet.

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