12 Ultimate Ways to Save on Your Wedding

We’re all dreamers and we bet your dream wedding can be a bit more extravagant – beyond what your wedding budget can be stretched with. But that’s okay! You can still make necessary compromises and adjustments to ensure that you get your own dream wedding (even just close to it). Since we have a working budget, there’s more to save if you pay attention to some details. With that in mind, we rounded up 12 ultimate ways to save on your wedding so you can be wise and maximize expenses.

12 Ultimate Ways to Save on Your Wedding

1. Consider Other Days Of The Week

Depending on your location, other days of the week can cost you a lot less than having your wedding during the “peak days.” While it’s nice to have the date set convenient to everyone (weekends) but if the expense will outweigh this factor, maybe it’s time to check other days of the week. This is not only applicable for the wedding ceremony venue (churches tend to be booked more during peak days), but also for event venues for your reception.

2. Be Smart with Your Invitation Cards

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While it pays off the have a stunning invitation card, you should still be considering how to save from the high designing and printing cost. With that in mind, you can first just have an amazing layout and have it printed flat – with no frills. This will make so much difference for a large bulk of wedding invitation orders.

You can also make significant savings by carefully choosing a cardstock that feels and looks thick enough. You can have the inserts printed on a bit thinner paper material. This is a great tip if you’re opting to have mini booklets. Taking this further, you can also ultimately avoid those fancy (but stunning!) envelope liners on the edges.

3. A Mix of Practicality and Quirk: Use Postcards for RSVP Cards

Compared to traditional reply cards that need a separate envelope and other postal requirements, you can save a bit more with the use of postcards. It is straightforward and it also usually has cheaper postcard stamps and mail fees. Furthermore, the postcard can be something fresh and fun that your guests would surely love.

4. The Early Bird Catches The Worm: Save on Printing Fees

Since we’re already printing things out, you can also save a few more bucks by having your day of wedding cardstock and stationery finalized and printed along with the invitations. Most printing partners offer to discount for bulk printing so this is something you can consider altogether.

5. Get Fewer Pens and Hire Fewer Stationers

If you have good handwriting, you can even save up a lot more if you’re going to DIY assembling all your invitations and writing addresses. Don’t be too afraid to take charge of this. More than the cost savings, doing so adds more personality to your invitations and mails. Make a schedule to spread out the bulk so you can still get other things done and on schedule.

6. Shop early and watch for sale events

Be on the lookout for your wedding dress and everything you may need ahead of time. This will help you altogether avoid rush fees and adjustment fees for fitting in the wedding dress you found last minute. Also, there is so much room to anticipate sale events.

7. Look For Budding Photographers and Caterers

Seek out budding caterers and photographers who are just starting out but with potential. You can find them on social media with rates that are appealing compared to those established caterers and photographers. If you’re opting for this, a wedding photography checklist and a menu plan will come in handy. Also, you can save staffing costs by having a buffet setup!

8. Bulk Up On Your Blooms or Go Green

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For flowers, you can save a lot less with the usual seasonal flowers but you can get further discounts by bulking up your order in several flower selections. But if you aren’t keen on the extra expense still for blooms, you can still have a few and go big on the greenery. This still looks great with a more romantic and natural rustic vibe. You can also even opt for minimalist bouquets with fewer details – a more elegant take and cheaper option.

9. Repurpose your Wedding Ceremony Florals and Decor

Since there will be a cocktail hour, grab that chance to repurpose your wedding ceremony florals and decor to the reception area. This will be a great idea especially since you have a similar motif all across. It’s very important to discuss this with your wedding coordinators to avoid mishaps on the day itself. Also, candles are great options too. It looks amazing and they are great mood setters.

Taking this further, you can even cut a significant cost by having your wedding ceremony and reception area in one location. The area may even have furniture you can rent and set up for the lounge instead of purchasing everything for one-time use.

10. Go for a Modest Table Setting but with a Statement Goblet

Going fancy on your table setting arrangement can take a toll on your budget. Go with a more simple set up but make your goblet the accent. Make it so that it would stand out and be the highlight of the table setting. It can be textured or fun with colours.

11. Hire College Musicians

A great way to save on your wedding is also through nitpicking your entertainment. You’ll be surprised how many college musicians out there are great performers. Since they are also doing this part-time, they often have lower rates compared to professional musicians. Definitely worth it for a night.

12. Go Minimalist and Make Your Special drink limited edition

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The trend for minimalism is a great concept you can play around with. You can go with a small cake or stay trendy with naked cakes! All will still taste amazing aesthetic that would be the talk of the town. A few accents also will save you cost from going overboard.

For cocktails and drinks, you can have your signature drink to be limited edition. This adds a sense of excitement and also, manages the expectations of guests. You can save more by offering cheaper drinks after the signature drinks run out.


Though these may be small things but remember that it all adds up in the end. Saving a dollar per person goes a long way with a hundred attendees (that’s a hundred dollars)! Take charge of your wedding and be wiser with these amazing tips to save on your wedding.

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