Event activation is important as it is concerned with the whole process of your event marketing. Companies do event activation because it helps create and leave long-lasting positive effects on those who attend your event. Here are some best event activation ideas you can practice this 2022:

1.     Create and consistently update your social media account

Social media accounts show social proof and allow for audience engagement. You can raise awareness for your brand advocacy through social media and create marketing campaigns.

2.     Take advantage of hashtags

Hashtag campaigns offer great value to the social media accounts of companies. You can create special brand hashtags for your customers to use.

3.     Make use of QR codes

QR codes can be generated and posted on your social media. You can use QR codes to get feedback from your followers and your event attendees. QR codes are a convenient way to generate reviews.

4.     Tell a story

Storytelling is still relevant. Present a relatable narrative to your customers and weave your story around audience problems and what your company does to address those problems.

5.     Live stream your events

With social media, you can reach more people. Livestreaming your events increases reach and engagement. Those who cannot attend in person can opt to watch your live stream and encourage them to interact with your brand.

6.     Generate a buzz

It has now become easy to generate buzz through the use of social media. Create a pre-event buzz by posting countdown reminders, opportunities for pre-orders, and special hashtags related to the event.

7.     Prepare photobooths

Photobooths in events will never get old. This is an engaging and enjoyable bit in every event. The added memorabilia of the printed photo entice the guests to patronize it, too.

8.     Participate in trends

It is all about the trends now! Being prepared means that you are actively researching and looking out for trends in your industry. These are important because it shows the voice of the people. Various companies have teams that focus on trend research so that they can incorporate the trends in their brand. This is a special way to develop closeness to the customers as well.

9.     Partner with influencers

Influencers who are invited to special events often give you free promotions. With just one Instagram story of their outfit of the day which they will be wearing to attend your event, they can garner a lot of attention. Partnering with influencers for events help you in expanding your audience, too.

10.  Try VR experiences

Virtual Reality in events makes for an amazing experience for attendees. Allow them to have VR immersive experiences and let your event stand out from the rest!

11.  Accept virtual payment methods

With the rise of cryptocurrency and cashless payments, you should let your attendees have this option during events. Do some research beforehand and tap into your finance team to let you know how you can properly execute this.

12.  Show off your partners and sponsors

When you have partners and sponsors, you will also have collaborative work. Share these with your audience and invite the partner companies and sponsors to your events. People love collaboration, and especially love it when an event they attend has opportunities to interact with other brands.

13.  Contemplate putting up pop-up stores

A pop-up store is a great way of expanding your reach. When you station a pop-up store in a specific area, it can pique the interest of passersby. People like trying new things and pop-up stores are fun and engaging and help increase customer network!

14.  Research competitors and provide different brand experiences

Researching your competitors help you decide on how to improve your customer’s brand experiences. Providing unique experiences for them helps you gain an advantage over your rivals.

15.  Develop loyalty programs

Loyalty programs that allow your customers to receive rewards encourage them to become regular and long-time customers. The reward you choose should be tempting so that they will want to try it.

16.  Do giveaways

Giveaways give customers an exceptional experience. You can also do giveaways to offer your products to your audience for free in exchange for their promotion.

Incorporate these event activation ideas and expand your brand reach and awareness! Leave a good impression on your audience as your business grows.

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