15+ Creative Product Launch Event Ideas

Product launch events are important in introducing a company’s new product or service. These events build up the hype around a product and are an excellent way to showcase your product or service. Its goal is to get people talking about it, put the product/service in the spotlight, generate some early sales, and establish momentum.

This should be a given in any company. Once there is a new product that you are planning to launch, you should include a product launch event in its marketing strategy. Product launch events not only help increase the visibility of the company’s product but also increase the visibility of the company as well. Here are some creative product launch event ideas for your brand:

Social Media Posts 15+ Creative Product Launch Event Ideas

1. Social Media Teasers

Leverage your social media and release teasers through your accounts to build anticipation. Teasers can tickle the interests of people and it can lead the general public and media to speculate about what kind of product you’re launching. These teasers can create enough mystery for people to be interested and attend the event.

2. Create a countdown

Another way you can utilize your social media channels is for you to create a countdown. Platforms such as Instagram have a Story feature where you can create a countdown that your followers can use. You can ask your employees to share your countdown.

3. Create a hashtag for the event

Sharing under one hashtag builds buzz and helps you spread the news around. When people use the hashtag you’ve created for the product lunch, you can easily see how many people are talking about it. Having a hashtag makes User-Generated Content (UGC) easier to see with just one click.

4. Give behind-the-scenes sneak peeks

People like to feel that they are involved in something. A look behind-the-scenes feels exclusive and creates a connection with the audience. You can share pictures of the event planning process as well as upload pictures of the team getting ready for the event.

5. Provide a hands-on experience

As we’ve said, people love being involved. Letting them experience and try your product, instead of just letting them see it. You can also opt for online and hybrid events if the product you’re launching is software. Most of the time, people have reservations before buying products. Getting them to experience how it works can make them become loyal customers of your brand!

6. Hold a pre-event competition

Pre-event competitions can create buzz to get people to share in advance. Get creative, your prizes can include a ticket to your product launch event or a giveaway bag!

7. Ask your top customers what they want

Let your customers feel valued and heard. These are the people who have interacted with and purchased from your brand, when you bring them into your decision-making process, you show them how valuable they are to the company.

8. Tell a story

Stories get audience attention and increase brand engagement. Stories make your brand feel more human plus they are entertaining.

Networking Opportunities 15+ Creative Product Launch Event Ideas

9. Allow for networking opportunities

People like to meet others and have new contacts. When you let them know about confirmed expert guests you will be having during your product launch, they wouldn’t want to miss that opportunity! Not only do you help other professionals build their connections, but you also build yours too.

10. Get a celebrity to attend

Choose a brand-appropriate celebrity who has a similar audience as your brand. Inviting big names to attend your product launch events is a fast way to increase reach and product visibility.

11. Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships build plenty of hype and this help other brands reach another audience. You can invite them to your product launch events and opt for collaborations, too!

12. Consider virtual set-ups

Virtual product launches are successful, too! With virtual set-ups, you can reach as many as possible. If you don’t want to go purely virtual, you can also host a hybrid launch so that those who can’t attend in person can still experience the launch.

13. Give awesome swag

Give attendees something to take away from the event so they can talk about it to their colleagues.

14. Make use of videos

Teaser videos, educational product videos, and other types of videos about your product can be entertaining and draw interest from people.

15. Choose the appropriate venue

Make sure that you set the tone for the new products by picking the right venue, one which is related to the product.

16. Throw an after-party

Celebrate the success of your product launch event with colleagues and guests, further facilitating networking opportunities.

The right buzz can elevate your product, so make an effort with your product launch event. You don’t have to use all these tips, what matters is you choose one that fits your product and brand voice.

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