15+ Creative Theme Ideas for Gala Events

Gala events are usually seen as sophisticated and elegant parties. The first step to having the perfect party or event is deciding on a theme that fits the event. Let’s take a look at creative theme ideas you can use for your gala events. Four key elements of an event are the Theme, Attire, Decoration, and Venue.

The Oscars

First on the list is a staple in any theme choices. Attire for this theme can be theatrical costumes or black-tie formal. Decoration for an Oscars-themed event can be a red carpet at the entrance with table Hollywood prop centerpieces such as Oscar statues or clapboards. The venue should have a stage with a podium to finish off the Oscars feel.

A Day in Hawaii

With this luau theme, the attire of your guests can be vacation fits, bright colors, or summer looks. Decorate your tables with summer-themed centerpieces, offer leis to your guests, and use straw umbrellas for your drinks! Your venue should ideally be near a body of water and sad, if possible.


Travel back in time and go back to the era of kings, queens, and knights. With medieval costumes or silver and gold colors for the attire, you can surely achieve that medieval-themed feel. Add coats of arms, prop armaments, and pieces from the medieval period as decoration, along with a venue that is spacious and can allow for ballroom dancing.


One of the classic themes as well, Masquerade allows for live music such as a string quartet to achieve the desired atmosphere. Attire can be a black tie with optional masks, red carpet decoration, and a venue with romantic lighting.


Christmas-themed gala events are a classic. Here you can take donations for gifts and ask your guests to have Christmas colors or black tie wear as their attire. Decorate with real or fake trees as table centerpieces or use empty presents as props scattered all around. It is optional, but you can opt for a venue with a fireplace.

Ancient Rome

Incorporate that into your theme as you make an effort to pull this off. Attire will be togas, sandals, gladiators, or anything that exudes the elegance of gods and goddesses. You can decorate the place by putting up Colosseum backdrops, putting up large pillars, and using centerpieces tied to Roman culture. The venue should have a scenic view of white flowers and tablecloths. 

Wine Tasting

Partner with some local wine vendors for this event! This is a great way to conduct gala events as the guests can feel the elegance while there can be silent auctions going on. Ask them to have formal wear or a black tie as their attire. Decorations can be wine gifts as centerpieces. Give your guests wine-tasting items such as grading sheets and buckets to spit wine. The venue should be dimly lit.


Vegas-themed events could have a venue that has Vegas archways. The attire that guests can wear can revolve around casino colors such as red and black. You can decorate the place with card game-inspired centerpieces and card tables around the area.


Sports-themed events are great for fundraisers and gala events. It can have a comfortable feel with sports jerseys and casual wear as attire. You can also choose a local team or a specific sports motif for the decoration and align the venue with the specific sport you choose.

Deep Sea

Decorate your venue with seashell props, and fish bowl centerpieces with sand to achieve that under-the-sea look! Ask your guests to wear a variety of deep blue hues for the attire. For the venue, you can simulate the ocean feel by using a projector that shows waves. Some even opt for function halls with aquariums.


Stay away from the cliché and have a grown-up version of a fairytale-themed event. Your guests can have king, queen, prince, and princess costumes for their attire. Decorations begin with royal invitations and you can set up in your venue a castle background for banquet-style dining.


With an auction-themed event, you can have festive décor or whatever style you prefer. What matters here is that the venue has a stage that you can set up for the within-budget items for auction. Guests can opt for smart casual attires.

Black and White

Another classic theme is black and white with the formal black-tie requirement as attire. You can decorate the house with streamers and a black tablecloth in dim lit and stylish venue.


Have musical performances done during the gala event and have your guest attire as formal wear. The venue should have a stage lavishly decorated with decors such as black drapes and white lights.

Grand Gala

Last but not the least, the grand gala theme fits perfectly with a black-tie attire. With décor such as top hats and feathered masks as table centerpieces and bizarre lighting around an elegant and spacious venue, you are sure to have a successful event!

Having the perfect theme to match your event is just the first step. Plan your event with us at VintageBash!

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