Brand activation is a great way to engage consumers with your brand, but it cannot be easy to develop new and exciting ideas. Brands are always looking for ways to engage with their audiences and increase their popularity. One way to do that is by hosting various events.

brand activation ideas and examples

Events can be anything from a concert, a festival, or even a fireworks display. The possibilities are endless because there are so many different types of events that brands can host. They can be tailored to the brand’s target audience. Here are some of the most popular brand activation ideas that have worked in the past. 

25+ Most Popular Brand Activation Ideas & Examples

  1. Freebies

Sending well-designed presents with the firm’s logo and contact details is a tried-and-true brand activation strategy. Envelopes, notebooks, and calendars let people track time. Brand activation campaigns can also provide samples or catalogs.

  1. Freemium plans

The COVID-19 epidemic and oversaturated markets make freemium arrangements appealing, especially when the intended audience appreciates the product or service. Make paying for or upgrading to freemium plans simple to gain a foothold in the market.

  1. Live broadcasting 

Brand activation campaigns can use free SoundCloud or Instagram accounts. They can create live programs with several hundred thousand users and participants. So running a live program is a good idea, especially if a firm has fascinating public features or follows influencers and popular social media individuals.

  1. Be interactive

An interactive display is a great brand activation idea. Site-specific brand activations, p Pop-up stores, and restaurant and salon programs typically distribute samples and test products. Brands utilize numerous inventive methods to create a memorable interactive display.

  1. Flexible payment methods

Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option on your website or app is a good idea, just like accepting prepaid cards or credit cards. To be competitive, a new company needs to embrace alternative payment options.

  1. Go back to the basics

Many merchants and local stores use traditional marketing to promote their activities and services. Classic marketing tactics like paper leaflets and billboards to attract more clients could still work.

  1. Use graphics

Online sales were safer for many businesses. Screens are wonderful for business promotion. Modern brands employ high-quality visual content and other graphics to promote their products and services online and on social media.

  1. Loyalty rewards

Today’s technology lets businesses run big, engaging campaigns that loyal customers appreciate. Loyalty programs require prizes. The business-related award should attract contestants. Reward packages promote business products and services.

  1. Parties

Brand activation parties should always be memorable. Themed events improve corporate engagement. When planning a themed party for brand activation, brands mix formal, profitable elements with informal, pleasant elements. 

  1. Collaboration

Brand activation events let brands share resources and promote each other’s products. Similar to mobile and laptop makers who utilize Intel or AMD platform, some ice cream firms generate money by conspicuously putting a Nutella brand and chocolate in their ice creams.

  1. Free samples

It’s a lovely gesture of politeness and consideration to offer customers free product samples to get them interested in your brand.

  1. Brand experience

An organization’s unique selling proposition is its core brand experience. The essence of the brand should be made manifest in promotional activities.

  1. Highlight brand values

Brand activation is a fantastic approach to reaching more customers, but brand values depend on its actions. One of the oldest marketing methods is participating in local events. Free services on certain dates can attract more customers.

  1. Testimonials

Social media users rating and commenting on their experiences can boost a brand’s reputation. Many mobile apps collect CRM feedback via a dedicated user interface. It may help tech apps trend, but other brands may utilize customer feedback to show their success.

  1. Yearly events

These yearly gatherings provide a fantastic opportunity for various brands to activate their brand and reshape their image in the minds of their target audience by showcasing their products and services.  

  1. Pop-up stores

Pop-up stores are entertaining and engaging, making them ideal for chain restaurants and fast-food businesses. Pop-up stores and other site-specific brand activations help attract new customers. A new retailer appears on daily trips. They slow down to absorb and deliver the story.

  1. Element of surprise

One great and surprising feature is the presence of singers and musicians who perform an unforgettable songs at the event. Think of brand activation as a party where you’ll be entertaining some extremely influential people. Do everything you can to make them feel welcome and entertained.

  1. Influencers

Influencers and celebrities are always terrific brand activation ideas. Their followers will expand a brand activation campaign’s audience. Famous influencers and bloggers can help establish marketing and brand activation strategies.

  1. Funny brand activation events

Brand activation does not have to be a formal announcement or press release. They can be interesting and funny to give people what they want.

  1. Teamwork and people engagement

Brands offer free testing and feedback during parties to introduce new product lines or brand activation. This feedback ensures client satisfaction.

  1. Technology

Technology helps brands maximize returns. Startups and new tech brands need innovative technologies. Technology can automate clothing, design, cosmetics, and restaurant brands tasks.

  1. Brand events

Wearing and fashion firms routinely employ this notion to make consumers more curious about their new store or items. The major objective is to build and strengthen a close network of contacts.

  1. Get trendy

Monthly social media trends reflect people’s lifestyles and habits. Famous brands capitalize on trends by actively participating and showing their customers’ interests.

  1. Problem-solving method

Weight loss supplements use social media. Their social media clients tell their friends, who may become customers. Drip or variable-based content marketing can help track problems.

  1. Target audience’s interests

Every firm has a target market based on its products/services. If you intend to sell paint to young artists, utilize a large urban canvas with multiple pigment colors.

  1. Stand out

Every serious business strives to offer a unique brand experience. A stronger brand experience is needed to beat competitors.

Brand activations are the best way to create a lasting impression with your customers. They are also great for getting customer feedback and building customer loyalty. We hope you enjoyed our brand activation ideas from Vintage BASH!

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