One of the craziest but at the same time, graceful venues you could choose for a wedding is a barn. Nowadays, when there is a plethora of cosmopolitan and sleek places to organize your wedding, going vintage is probably the wisest and most astonishing thing to do. And the truth is, barn weddings bring out the best in vintage. If you are outgoing, energetic, and wild, you should definitely opt to have your big day planned out in a barn. Not only can you create a lavishing event, but the entire premises can look like a fairytale. Hence, here is how you can make your dreams come true and have an awesome Boho barn wedding.

1. Find your dream barn

You need a space where you won’t worry about getting ready, where you would have enough space for reception and entertainment, and where you could dance the night away. Most traditional barns locations don’t have a specific “getting ready” space, a place a bride and groom could spend some time apart to get ready before the vows. So try to find an “unconventional” barn that would have enough additional facilities for such things. To settle all the logistics around the wedding planning, you need to have a such place, hence search for a barn that comprises all the vital things you ought to have for your major day.

2. Tone down things

It’s a known fact that most wooden barns are not insulated eligibly. In order to prevent noise from reaching the neighboring arm, you need to find an adequately insulated barn. First, do your best to check the noise restrictions from the nearby farms, plus find an insulated pole barn to hire to deaden sound and noise not to bother the neighboring houses or vice versa. Next, check whether the noise comes from other external things such as tractors, livestock, or other farming equipment. Barns are usually located in a rural location, and you don’t want any noise-related mishaps to ruin your dream barn venue.

3. Don’t get stunned by costs

One of the things you need to avoid when planning a barn wedding is the hidden costs. When planning a stunning barn wedding you want to perfectly plan out everything prior to the grand day and not get shocked by various additional things. For instance, find and get portable bathrooms, install internal heating or air conditioning, and get all the amenities for the kitchen facilities such as renting a chair, glassware, cutlery, and crockery. Once you provide all the vital things by staying within your budget parameters, you would surely be able to plan out a perfect wedding without any hidden costs emerging. 

4. No room for bad weather

Rain is a big “no-no” for any wedding, but when you are planning a barn wedding, rain can undoubtedly ruin everything. The surrounding premises around the barn are usually “smelly” due to livestock or utterly muddy to the surrounding fields. Therefore, if you are planning an outdoor ceremony followed by an outdoor drink reception, you should ensure no raindrop ruins the venue’s location. The only way to ensure everything would end smoothly is to plan your barn wedding in the summer months.

5. Get all the “guidelines”

Barns are cozy, secluded little things, located far from the city lights. The one thing you want to avoid when planning a barn wedding is misguiding your guests. On the invitation, if possible, print out a map or exact directions to the barn so your guests won’t wander around in nearby wood. Remote country lanes and thick fields are not very illuminated, so try to place some road signs, lamps, and lanterns to guide your guests to the barn safely. You could incorporate plenty of marvelous lighting ideas such as festoons, solar lights, candles, etc. all of which would contribute to making your barn wedding look amazing.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned pieces of advice will make your dream barn wedding turn out to be a memorable adventure.

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