10+ Airbnb Interior Professional Decorating Companies in Toronto & GTA

Imagine a plush sofa draped in lush velvet under the warm glow of Edison bulbs, surrounded by indoor plants that scream urban jungle. It’s the kind of place where your guests can’t help but snap and share, fueling your occupancy rates and those heart-eye emoji reviews. Toronto has a unique Airbnb scene that’s as diverse as its culinary offerings. But what truly sets your Airbnb listing apart and makes it the talk of the town? It’s the magic of Airbnb interior professional decorating companies who know precisely how to transform a space into a cozy, chic, and Insta-ready haven.

And we’ve rounded up the best Airbnb interior professional decorating companies in Toronto and the GTA to streamline your search.

1. VintageBASH 

VintageBASH, your reliable Airbnb interior designers and decorators, pays meticulous attention to every detail that enhances the aesthetic and allure of your holiday home or rental property. From stylish living areas to well-organized kitchens and cozy bedrooms, they ensure your Airbnb captivates guests and enhances occupancy rates.

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2. Glow Staging 

Glow Staging has a knack for transforming every room into a captivating spread fit for the pages of top Airbnb magazines. They expertly craft each space, from stunning Scandinavian hallways and charming living rooms to well-organized kitchens and cozy bedrooms, ensuring your guests always feel welcomed.

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3. MasterHost 

From comprehensive remodeling to setting up and decorating your space, MasterHost provides a stress-free, end-to-end solution. With their expert touch, you can focus on your Airbnb business while they work on their design and decorating, ensuring your property stands out and attracts more guests.

4. SB Design 

At SB Design, they handle every aspect of the design and decoration process with finesse, regardless of the project’s scale. They invest the effort in finding the ideal products and space-maximizing solutions to deliver jaw-dropping results. Moreover, they make your Airbnb interior makeover a cost-effective success.

5. Flip Haus 

Specialising in enhancing Airbnb rental investment, Flip Haus offers well-styled, picture-perfect, and comfortable Airbnb designs and decorations that not only attract guests but also elevate your property’s overall appeal. Their keen eye for aesthetics and practicality ensures your investment looks great and performs exceptionally well in the hospitality industry.

6. Ama Studio 

Ama Studio will help you with renovations, furnishings, or styling to maximize revenue and occupancy rates. They deliver impeccable designs that impress your guests, resulting in fantastic reviews. Their package includes material, furniture, and decor sourcing within your budget, along with those picture-perfect finishing touches.

7. Sunrae Stays 

With the know-how to make your Airbnb space aesthetically pleasing, Sunrae Stays sets your property apart from the competition. Their expert team takes the reins, crafting a guest-friendly setup that ensures your property is raking in top dollar. Besides the trendy décor, they deliver practical layout tips.

8. GTA Fine Interiors 

As one of the most trusted Airbnb interior professional decorators, GTA Fine Interiors fosters a deep connection between your property and potential buyers. They can highlight your Airbnb property’s most fantastic features, using their expert decorating techniques to maximize functionality, elevate aesthetics, and create a sense of spaciousness.

9. Hope Designs 

Hope Designs understands interior decorating is more than just arranging furniture and painting walls. It’s a comprehensive process that begins with a solid plan, considering your unique tastes, needs, lifestyle, and budget. If you’re seeking the expertise of a skilled Interior Decorator, they’re the ones to turn to. 

10. Furnishr 

Furnishr knows that an Airbnb rental is not just about quality interior design with premium furniture and decor; it’s also about the little things that make a guest’s stay truly enjoyable. They create custom design and decor packages tailored to your style, space, and budget. Just select your design and decor, and they’ll have your space fully furnished in a single day.

11. Airbee Designs 

Want to turn your Airbnb space rental into a showstopper? Airbee Designs can maximize your space for comfort, functionality, and aesthetics, ensuring your property is Instagram-worthy. Say goodbye to dated decor, attract more guests, and increase bookings with their expert interior design and decorating services.

12. Stylishome

Stylishome’s smart and creative design and décor solutions aren’t just about making your space look good; they’re about maximizing its potential. Whether it’s boosting nightly rates or earning raving online reviews, you’ll be all set to welcome your guests and start cashing in on your property’s full potential.

13. La Vie Staging & Design Co. 

Creating Airbnb spaces that captivate and delight guests, La Vie Staging & Design Co. ensures your property stands out in the short-term rental market. Whether through smart, multifunctional design or decorating services, they are dedicated to making your Airbnb space both stylish and profitable.

Before you rush off to revamp your Airbnb listing, here’s a little pro tip: Embrace your own style. These Airbnb interior professional decorating companies may be the masters of their craft, but your space should still reflect your personality and vibes.

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