A & P’s Classic Black and White Wedding at The Manor

Okay, picture this: The Manor, with its huge 34,000 square feet of space spread across three rooms. It’s like the ultimate wedding playground, blending modern touches with the natural beauty of The Carrying Place Golf & Country Club. Seriously, it’s a vibe you won’t forget.

Tucked just 20 minutes north of Vaughan, The Manor is surrounded by lush greens and anchored by a picturesque pond. And let’s not forget the outdoor patio grounds – the perfect spot for outdoor ceremonies and evening fireworks. Talk about setting the stage for romance!

Floral Fabulousness

Now, let’s talk flowers. VintageBASH decked out The Manor with blooms in classic black and white, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to every nook and cranny. Bouquets, centrepieces – you name it, they nailed it.

Aisle Magic

As Amanda made her grand entrance, guided by subtle floral accents and flickering candles, it was like something out of a fairy tale. The aisle was pure magic, setting the scene for a ceremony to remember.

As Amanda and Patrick exchanged vows amidst the chic vibes of The Manor, it was a moment of pure love and happiness. VintageBASH, with their knack for decor and floral arrangements, put the finishing touches on their fairy tale. This wasn’t just a wedding – it was a modern-day love story, set against the backdrop of The Manor’s timeless charm.

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