Due to COVID-19, we are limiting any physical interactions to protect both our employees and clients. With that said, we are providing two safe different options to set an appointment with us below:

Option #1: Skype or Facetime appointment.

Option #2: In-Person Appointment: If you really want to see your items, you can still come to our office but no staff will be able to physically assist (we will be at another room).

We will leave your preferred items for you to see, and all other items in the showroom (subject to availability). We will label them with your name. We will open the door 5 minutes prior to your appointment.

Please bring gloves for extra protection.

We request not to exceed beyond your scheduled time as there might be another client coming right after your appointment.

If you have any questions or issues, please call 647-860-7401.

All further consultations and bookings can be done online or over phone, we can sign a contract online and payment can be done via e-transfer or cheque.