We’re sure you’re thinking of how to outlast flowers on your wedding day. And what better way to do that than by choosing silk flowers or artificial flower packages for your wedding day. While fresh flowers are extremely breathtaking and show the wonder of nature, opting for this new approach can help you save money and can be a great permanent alternative.

After all, with today’s technology, though they might only be imitations of miracles nature’ they still hold magic in their own way. To help you scour shops offering the best artificial flower packages, we have rounded them up for you. Read on our list to learn more.

1. VintageBash

Silk or artificial flower packages are also perfect for corporate displays. VintageBash offers flower arrangements that are hard to tell artificial flowers! These faux lovelies start off at $35.00 CAD for centerpiece arrangements and from $95.00 CAD for a grander one like the one shown. With their high-quality real-touch silk flowers, you won’t even notice the difference between real and imitation! Perfect for backdrops and arches, or anything you can imagine that requires a massive amount of flowers, opting for these can help you save up a lump sum of money! Visit their website to place an order.

  • website: www.vintagebash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

2. Magnolia Forever Florals

Magnolia Forever FloralsArtificial flower packages are perfect for brides who want to incorporate volumes of flowers on their wedding day. But using real ones can bleed out your pocket! Good thing silk flowers already exist. And with Magnolia Forever Florals’ service, your idea can definitely come to life. This shop offers custom-made silk arrangements that look nothing close to artificial. And as a result, you will still surely feel the magic on your wedding day. Perfect for backdrops, arches, centerpieces, and even combined with real florals – name it. creativity is the limit! This florist also offers full-sized trees, bushes, indoor and outdoor planters. All of these and more! Surely, this shop is a haven for events planners and stylists!

3. Flower Plus on Bayview

5 Best Shops to Buy Artificial Flower Packages for Weddings in Toronto

Are you in doubt to purchase silk arrangements? Look at the picture shown – would you believe it’s one of the artificial flower packages from Flower Plus on Bayview? The silk flower arrangements this shop offers are hyper-realistic, that’s why it’s perfect as displays for houses’ foyers for a more permanent alternative. Aside from silk florals, they also offer artificial succulents for a different and more unique display. The bespoke arrangements they offer start off at a price of $1200.00 CAD. Got you interested in silk arrangements? Stop by their website to see more!

4. Toronto Flower Gallery

Toronto Flower GalleryWhile real fresh flowers have incomparable beauty, they can be hard to maintain and can sometimes be pricey depending on season and availability. But all these disadvantages can be eliminated if you opt for artificial flower packages. Not only they do not call for a pricey cost, but they can also last on your table tops for years to come! Even wedding planners and designers use them for decorating the reception. So if you are doubting about getting silk arrangements for your home or office, you might want to reconsider. After all, you can always go back to the genuine ones for a more special day and occasions. Toronto Flower Gallery offers silk florals at a starting price of $14.99 CAD

5. Nelia’s Floral Design


Silk flowers are considered a breakthrough in the floral industry. With these artificial flower packages, clients get to have a choice of keepsake and gaze upon them forever without the need to up keeping them. So if you are a sentimental bride, opting for silk arrangements can be for you. Nelia’s Floral Designs offer uniquely arranged artificial flowers, incorporating fruits into their design. Starting off at $69.95 CAd, you can enjoy this sight for a lifetime! So visit their website now and spruce up your upcoming event or beautify that boring corner of your home!

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