10 Best Backyard Wedding Decor Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

Who says backyard weddings aren’t cute? Rustic and garden-style weddings beg to differ! Taking advantage of what you have – be it your landscaping, house accents, or just space – you can save so much compared to renting a venue. Though most couples are afraid to try, fearing it may seem tacky for the guests but any well-planned event assures success!

Don’t be afraid and test the water now. You’ll find ten of the best backyard wedding decor packages in Toronto here. Each has its own impressive catalogue of decor that will surely go along with whatever motif you have in mind.

Best Backyard Wedding Decor Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

1.Vintage Bash

Vintage Bash 5 10 Best Backyard Wedding Decor Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

If there is a perfect wedding decor place for anything chic and rustic, it’s Vintage Bash! Perfect especially for outdoor and backyard weddings, they have comprehensive selections of furniture and fixtures to choose from! Besides this, they also have superb centrepieces, table runners that will surely accentuate your backyard and take it to a whole new level.

Offering wedding setup packages, you can even go ahead and hire their fantastic team to take charge of the decoration and everything included. Check out their website to learn more about their previous clients and what they can do for you!

2.Balloons Bash

Another bash for you! Balloons Bash is just splendid. They are the number top company offering wedding decor packages specializing in balloons. Perfect for any events – from corporate to social events and down to grandiose backyard weddings! Their balloon and floral arches will sure pop out and impress your guests. Given that these are balloons, you can easily mix and match colour palettes depending on your wedding mood board.

3.Vintage Tea Party Rentals

Vintage Tea Party

Vintage Tea Party Rentals is another go-to backyard wedding decor rental company in Toronto. They have everything vintage from dinnerware, table decor, table linen, and more. Should you be looking to have an afternoon tea party, a luncheon, or even a full buffet-style wedding. Covering both bone china and fine china, they sure know their wares.

4.Weddings by Ardenian

One of the best backyard wedding decor companies in Toronto, Weddings by Ardenian never fails to impress us with their superb events. Each piece of furniture and equipment is curated for a classy, elegant, and sophisticated appeal which holistically contributes to the whole rustic yet chic approach couples are usually after. Featured both online and in print, they managed to wow their clients and industry leaders since 2001.

5.Marquee Letters Rental

Marquee Lettering

Straightforward and something that stands out, Marquee Letters Rental offers marquee decors that range from letters and numbers that light up to marquee tables. As these are white, it’s easier to fit them into any motif. Besides these, they also have flower walls and balloon decors available. Candy cart, pedestals, and dessert table are also available. They also have a photo booth you can also check out. All perfect add-ons if you have a bit more space in your backyard wedding.

6.Floral Walls

Huge backdrops are a thing for backyard weddings as these are not only helpful in keeping the unspeakable out of sight but also to create a centre stage for the wedding ceremony. Ideally behind the couple, this backdrop may come in different styles and surprisingly, you can even have it filled with flowers! Floral Walls got you with their gorgeous selections! Though not made of real flowers (imagine how many each wall would need) but are of satin flowers that almost look real. Colours may be aligned to your set palette. Another thing great about this decor is how well it goes with the greeneries.

7.Mapleleaf Decorations

Mapleleaf Decor

Established in 1999, Mapleleaf Decorations continued to grace weddings with its luxury decor selections. Ranging from classy centrepieces and dinnerware to huge curtains and drapes. Feel free to go over their portfolio and check out the packages they offer. They divided it into different bite-size options for flexibility. After all, they believe that all weddings are different and should be in line with the couple’s vision.

8.Toronto Paper Lanterns

Another good concept to work with for backyard wedding decor is paper lanterns! Toronto Paper Lanterns offers various lanterns in all colours and sizes. Prepare to mix and match! Hang it over the whole backyard for a fun atmosphere during daylight. At night, you can light them up and change the atmosphere to more cozy and intimate.

9.Wedding Belles

Wedding Belles

Wedding Belles is one of the go-to backyard wedding decor companies. Though they aren’t offering each for rental ala carte, they offer comprehensive packages you can let them take charge of the whole space. Covering the furniture, fixtures, and accents, they do a great job that sure reflects how satisfied their clients are through their impressive portfolio.

10.Babylon Decor

Leading not only in decor but as a florist too, Babylon Decor helped many couples bring their vision to life. With their flair for timeless, garden-style backyard wedding decor, you’re sure that what they put out goes well with what you have. Their packages are comprehensive. Covering each detail separately, you can easily customize what service you need and make the most out of your budget.

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