10 Best Backyard Wedding Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

For people looking at intimate weddings, it’s always a good idea to not go far and have it in your own backyard. With a bunch of resources online and readily available and reliable wedding planners and coordinators in Toronto, you’ll always find something that works for what you need. Be it just vendors for your DIY wedding or you decided to work with available wedding packages in Toronto.

Now, without prolonging the wait, we present ten of the best backyard wedding packages that cater not only in Toronto but in the whole of Ontario as well. Usually full packages, there are also segmented packages where couples can go ahead and choose which works best for them. Check out this list and discover what suits you best.

Best Backyard Wedding Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

1.Vintage Bash

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Of course, the best comes first. Vintage Bash is a crowd-favourite for everything bohemian, rustic, and romantic. With their flair for chic garden style, they are indeed a popular choice, especially for backyard weddings. Check out their amazing portfolio and prepare to be amused with their natural and down-to-earth decor.

Besides this, their team is also reliable in handling wedding programs so they got you covered. That is only if you avail of their full-service. With that, you can just sit still and relax. There’s no need to stress out anymore with their superb team.

2.Toronto Pop Up Weddings

Popping up everywhere, Toronto Pop Up Weddings make their client’s big days possible wherever and whenever. Ensuring that they pull it off with grace and excellence, they put into consideration the budget and what their clients have in mind.

Indeed joyously inclusive, they make sure that the couple takes part in the collaboration and their guests will also feel part of this milestone. You can make sure that your wedding is in good hands with their team through their well-thought plans.

3.Bellamy Loft

Bellamy Loft

Another favourite company that offers comprehensive backyard wedding packages in Toronto, Bellamy Loft is for you. Actually a venue, they expanded their service in full-service events planning as well. Gifted in terms of decor and creative ideas, they are a great team to work with. The bonus point is they knew the place well.

But beyond this, they also cater to micro weddings outdoor. You can even make use of their readily available furniture you can rent and not stress out on getting a separate vendor for such tiny details. Such bliss to work with!

4.A Dream Wedding

Bringing to life your dream wedding, A Dream Wedding believes that you deserve the best. With that, they move a step at a time with impeccable attention to each detail assuring that you get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime milestone. Committing to beauty and simplicity, they have wedding packages you can work with.

Customize it however you want with whatever you just need. For your intimate wedding, we recommend their Maui package that basically covers everything essential allowing you to focus more on what’s important.

5.Wildbash Events

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Making their name as another excellent wedding planner in Toronto. Wildbash Events offer exceptional packages that allow you to maximize your budget and also, make sure to have a breathtaking and fabulous wedding (or any social event). Their streak with gorgeous events is exceptional!

Check out their website to learn more about them. Beyond this, they also have readily available partner vendors and a track record for styling. Surely, they also assist in setting up pre-event and tearing down post-event.

6.Lexy Marie

Planning a wedding comes easy with Lexy Marie. They have a range of wedding packages to choose from that include on-site weddings to destinations. Also, you can have their wedding packages and hold them in your own backyard.

Create memories and make your big day even closer to your heart by surrounding you both with the things and people you love. Book a discovery call with their team and see if you’re a perfect fit!

7.Love by Lynzie

Love by Lynzie

Love by Lynzie graced many weddings with her gift for everything gorgeous and classy. She incorporates modern touches to typical traditional wedding concepts making each unique. With her knack for putting colours together, she manages to deliver an event that not only tells the couple’s story but alive too.

Taking care of the nitty-gritty to-dos, Love by Lynzie assures you that you no longer have to worry about anything for your big day. Your wedding’s success is something they put first always.

8.Blush + Bowties

Understanding the dynamics of the couple, Blush + Bowties delivers soft and romantic weddings. Also with warm accents, the general atmosphere is inviting and cozy. They have backyard wedding packages in Toronto to choose from and feel their subtle approach. Like something delicate, their events are treated with care and curated to express the couple’s story.

If you’re into the intricate details and make sure that everything is polished and just perfect, they’re perfect for your big day. Have the best wedding ever and not stress out even a bit.

9.Rebecca Chan

Rebecca Chan Backyard Wedding Packages in Toronto

Rebecca Chan delivers excellent weddings. Never failing whether indoor or backyard wedding, they handle each with class. Featured in several media and publications, they continue to impress local and international couples.

No need to stress out and let their team take charge on your wedding day. Whether be it intimate or lavish, they are indeed flexible enough to adapt and make everything special for you two.

10.Rainbow Chan

For Asian and fusion weddings, Rainbow Chan is for you. Known for the lovely weddings they helped bring to life, each is prepared to showcase elegance and sophistication. At the same time emphasizing the couple’s story and personality. Book her for their backyard wedding packages in Toronto.

Choose from their three packages each covers how involved they will be in your big day. Be it just for consultation, coordination, or even full-service planning, they got you covered.

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