Backyard weddings are a thing nowadays. Not only is it’s practical and convenient, but you can also save a lot of money (and stress-less) with it. If you already have a quite spacious backyard to work with and now looking at how to work with what you have, we recommend it’s first best to create a pinboard to visualize the wedding you want. By doing so, you can easily visualize what you want for your own backyard wedding.

This will surely guide you in choosing which vendor to go for in terms of decor, flowers, and even rentals. In this list, we rounded up ten of the best backyard wedding rentals in Toronto that you can check out! It aims to cater to the different motif and we hope you’ll find one that suits what you need best!

Best Backyard Wedding Rental Packages in Toronto (Ontario)

1. Vintage Bash

With their bohemian, rustic, and garden-style pieces, you’ll surely find everything they have perfect for your backyard wedding. Vintage Bash has quite a comprehensive and indeed impressive catalogue of furniture and decors you can work with. Coming in different sizes and colours, you can easily find what’s best for your big day.

Besides this, they also deliver for the rentals which are definitely convenient. You can also even book them for floral centrepieces as they have a florist in their amazing team. Such a delight to work with, you can check out their website and see how magical their previous events are.

2.Varsity Tents

When Varisty Tents said that they got you covered, they mean business. They offer onsite consultation to their clients and they recommend tents and more for the special occasion. With their one-stop-shop approach, they cater not only tents, but also chairs, tables and linens to flooring, lighting, and power. Since 1988, they came a long way in the event rentals industry and they sure have helpful insights in hosting a backyard wedding and making it a success.

3.Toronto Event Rentals

Toronto Event Rentals

A go-to for backyard weddings, Toronto Event Rentals has everything. From curtains and fixtures to grand decors such as lightings and staging. With them, you can be as flexible as you can give that your backyard can accommodate. A favourite we have from their roster of products is their string light rentals that can give your backyard a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Further, you can even rent plants and trees so you can landscape as well and bring your backyard to a whole new level.

4.All Cargos

All Cargos have worked with several clients over the years. They cater to events of all sizes from corporate and social events to weddings. Offering not only a canopy, but they also have various lighting and furniture rentals available for backyard weddings. Besides this, another commendable thing about them is how hands-on they are. From free inspection, delivery and set-up, down to procurement and site clean up. With their team, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

5.Gervais Rentals

Gervais Rentals

Talk about having it all, Gervais Rentals got everything you may need for an event. They have furniture, fixtures, and even cooking equipment! Whatever event you plan to host, they will be more than happy to cater and make it as successful as possible. Partnering with several wedding planners already just proves how reliable their company is already.

6.Higgins Event Rentals

Higgins Event Rentals promises an easy, elegant, and stress-free way to host an event – even backyard weddings. Perfect for the DIY couple, you can get almost everything you need from them. Tents, furniture, fixtures, and more. Name it and they probably have it. Besides this, they also have cooking and catering equipment ideal is you will be preparing your own dishes. As promising as they can be, you can check out their website to judge for yourself and learn more about the services they offer.

7.Lovely Weddings and Events

Lovely Weddings and Events

With their pop-up weddings and events, Lovely Weddings and Events make backyard superb weddings possible. They offer different packages to choose from inclusive of event and decor rentals. Full-packaged already, you can just smile and relax as they got everything you might need for a happy and successful wedding already.

8.Weddings by Ardenian

Weddings by Ardenian is another good backyard wedding rentals company in Toronto. They have a comprehensive selection of furniture and fixtures that surely suit whatever event you have in mind. Feel free to mix and match and gracefully execute an elegant garden-style wedding. With their help, it’s easier to pull off backyard weddings and impress your guests!

9.Event Rental Group

Event Rental Group

For backyard wedding rentals, Event Rental Group is perfect for you. Check out their classy and sophisticated website to learn more about their general aesthetic. With attention to detail, each furniture and equipment rentals they have are of impressive quality. It’s easy to avail of their service. You can just go through three steps: pick the items, confirm the order, and schedule delivery.

10.Confetti Event Rentals

Not just confetti, Confetti Event Rentals is so much more. With a quite comprehensive selection of rentals for any events be it a corporate or social event to even lavish weddings! Also flexible, it comes in various sizes that’ll be perfect if you’re looking at flexibility in terms of what your space can accommodate.

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