10 Best Apps and Websites to Create Business Contracts

In modern marketing, no matter how huge your idea or great your product is, it is essential to capture that perfect first impression. That’s when apps and websites help in creating business contracts for different industries. With professional and skillful individuals, you can keep your prospective client watching or reading what you have to offer. Although proposals and contracts are just parts of the first stage, having a beautiful, detail-focused and digestible version is essential. So, to make sure you set your best foot forward, check out the list below of the 10 best apps and websites for contract creations.

10 Best Apps and Websites to Create Business Contracts

1. Formstack

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Formstack, formerly known as WebMerge, is one of the most popular document generation solutions right now. Most organizations choose Formstack because of affordability, security and ease of use. Known for being very user-friendly – you can easily build any forms from scratch, but also have the option to choose from built-in templates. Form customization, by adding your company logo and colors are also very easy. There are also 18 field types to choose from. The convenience doesn’t stop there. With 60+ integrations like Google and AWS, the possibilities are endless. Now, you can send your beautifully created forms and get digitally signed by your clients through email or text message. Learn more by trying out their 14-day free trial on their website:

2. ContractBook

contract creationManaging contracts and documents is never easy especially with handling lots of clients. These are essential in practically all kinds and businesses and help keep you run your business smoothly avoiding any sort of trouble. Here’s where Contractbook comes in. In their platform, you can create, sign, store and manage your contracts all in one place. They are also known for having a template library prepared by professional lawyers, along with other convenient features.

3. Better Proposals

apps and websites to create business contractsWith Better Proposals, you are confident that your proposal is professional, modern, eye-catching, and engaging. They offer templates that don’t look like templates as each is professionally designed, with over 200 customizable templates in their library, with a wide range of industries in mind. Also, legally binding digital signatures make it both convenient and secure for both parties. Better Proposals help you secure and close deals faster by sending and managing your documents. Lastly, another feature they offer is a tracking feature where you get actively notified every time your proposal is opened, printed or signed.

4. DocuSign

website and app for proposalSmall business with big vision? DocuSign can help from e-signatures to proposal and contract creation, implementation and management. This software can also help you with full CLM system so you get an extensive access to affordable contract management system. It allows you to create customized contract emails with your personalized logo and themes. Established in 2003, DocuSign has been widely used for its simple yet fully functional features that offers end to end solutions for businesses. Among the features it offers are completely reusable templates, smart forms with custom formulas, real-time comment notifications, content repository, recipient reminders and so much more. With these, heavy work flows can be performed with less stress, allowing you to reserve energy for other business factors that also need attention.

5. PandaDoc

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Founded in 2011, PandaDoc is an affordable yet one-stop-shop solution for businesses, especially in creating business contracts. It offers 24/7 customer support, unlimited documents storage, e-signatures and so much more. With its functional tools such as content and contract diary, payment processing, e-signature, contract dupilation and probably more. In addition to that, PandaDoc offers flexible payment methods for those who think your supposed contractor is asking bit too much. To top it all off, you can get unlimited legal bonding of signatures and accept payments for free.

6. Concord

proposal creationWith over 500,000 organizations that trusted Concord, you can definitely bet on their services. Established in 2014, It provides a simple yet functional design, allowing numerous businesses to stay on top of their game. It’s so intuitive that it looks similar to Google  Moreover, This software delivers transparent pricing depending on the number of your users. It can help you with live editing, auto smart fields, storage for templates, smart fields, built-in e signature function, OPC and more.

7. Agiloft

apps and website for business contract creationIf you want an extensive range of customization, then you might want to try Agiloft. This software offers custom-made contracts that are completely code-free. This means you can take advantage of the less complicated work, allowing you to get momentum quickly. Founded way back in 1991, Agiloft has been one of the reputable software for customized contract creation and management. It can seamlessly integrate with your existing ecosystem so you don’t have to worry about shuffling everything. This cloud-based host can help businesses with free online training, contract print templates, e-signature, content repository, clause library and more.

8. ContractWorks

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Proposals and contracts are some of the most important elements in any business. With that, ContractWorks ensure to translate and your strengths into a document. More than just a paper, contracts persuade conversations. When you have a great one, you can expect a seamless closing time and less nerve-racking moments. Aside from that, you will also know when to start engaging and how to keep the interest going. These are all possible if you have the right contract in your hand.

9. Bonsai

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Are you running a freelancer agency and in need of an app or website to create business contracts? Bonsai is an intuitive app perfect for freelancers and many other industries. This app offers over 40 free templates that can surely help you close that sale. It also takes pride in an automated system, stripping its clients off of redundant duties and processes. This way, you can oversee your business itself and provide you with more room for other aspects of your business. Bonsai can integrate with your existing ecosystem so you’re guaranteed a streamlined experience. In fact, it has been trusted by over 250,000 independent workers and small enterprises.

10. Proposify

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Prosopify will allow to save time and get to the closing time right away. To accomplish this, they utilise well-detailed proposals and contracts to guarantee a black and white state between you and your client. From buttons to drop-down fields, you can conveniently build your form according to your client’s preferences. This software will show your brand confidence through cohesive and convincing templates for contracts and documents. Aside from being one of the reliable apps and websites to create business contracts, Prosopify is powerful allowing you to sync all your existing data and integrate it with your current ones. It also helps in tracking and managing contracts that result in more closed deals.

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