10 Best Done-For-You Courses

Online courses became increasingly popular all around the globe especially when the pandemic hit, forcing everyone to stay in their homes. While a lot lost their jobs, many invested their time to learn new skills and followed their true passion, as practically everything can be learned online. Many started working online in the comfort of their homes. Now, If you are considering this option, and do not know which course and where to learn it, here’s our list of best courses available online.

10 Best Done-For-You Courses

1. Inbound Marketing Course

inbound marketing course

By now, you probably know how wide the marketing aspect scope has. One of its core essentials is Inbound Marketing which is crucial to modern-day marketing. This basically teaches you how to attract consumers through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation, Lead generation, and utilization of Social media platforms to promote visibility then further drive sales. HubSpot is known to be powerful software and is used by many businesses regardless of scale. You can be Certified in Inbound Marketing, by enrolling here:

2. Viral Marketing and How To Craft Contagious Content Course

viral marketing done for you courses

With almost everyone using social media these days, you may have probably stumbled on some videos that made you subconsciously hooked then kept you watching until the end. Even some of those don’t even make any sense, But you still watched it anyway. Seems familiar? Some of these videos, however silly and pointless they can be, are specifically designed in a way to catch your attention. When this happens, you can definitely say you’re effective marketing professional. However, making tenfolds of people to watch them is another story. Viral or trending videos, pointless or not can be a great tool to widen your brand’s reach and of course, increase your sales. Countless businesses even invest in influencers with millions of followers just to be able to reach the visibility they desire. So, if you are curious and want to be an influencer yourself and make Viral videos, you need to check out Coursera.Org and enroll through this link:

3. Introduction to Social Media Strategy

done for you coursesWe may all be familiar with browsing through social media for personal pleasure, but if you have a business, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok, are perfect platforms for marketing. Now, the catch is, creating effective content, that drives traffic to your product, is not that easy. That’s why you need to unlock and maximize the full potential of social media. By doing so, you can get ahead of the competition and experience the success you’ve been trying to achieve! If you’re ready to get the numbers on a higher position, start learning social media strategy with skillshare.com now!

4. 5-Day Video Storytelling For Social Media

done for you coursesIt’s no secret that Videos are the most powerful and effective way to market anything on social media. But, as effective as they can be, the bigger challenge is how to get your message across and captivate your viewers’ attention. Videos for Social Media can be very technical but can also be very basic, all depending on your idea and your style. That’s why it’s necessary to gain knowledge in this aspect to ensure you maximize the potential of your capacity and business. Since a lot of industries have proven to gain beyond satisfying results with great storytelling, we think it’s only fitting to try this course out. Not only can this help you gain more sales, but can also offer you a new avenue for earnings – through Youtube or Facebook videos’ monetization! How cool, right? Check this link and be great in Video Storytelling:

5. Free Social Media Analytics Course

done for you coursesIn order to fully maximize the potential of social media, you need to understand and analyze your metrics. Studying these data and interpret them into a strategy will be the key to meeting your goals. Perfect for beginners and individuals who always crave new knowledge, you can surely learn a lot of things with Quintly’s analytics course. Offering the most vital and fundamental principles to effectively analyze data, this course will help you stand out and get ahead of the competition. Be it for branding, an agency or in the media, gaining at least basic knowledge in social media analytics is crucial. By having so, you can accomplish more and experience more positive results. If you’re ready to get started, check out Quintly’s free course on this link:

6. The Cold Email Masterclass

cold email course

Cold emails may be one of the underestimated marketing strategies but undeniably one of the most powerful when done right. Using the right techniques, you can connect effectively with prospective clients and grow your network. With MilkShake, you can learn all the effective principles to successfully fill a qualified prospect list that eventually will convert. Whether it’s to create more traffic, raise brand awareness or market and sell your services, cold emailing should always be considered. If you’ve been in a corporate job, you will definitely know how much emails are important to all kinds of industries. So can you just imagine the amount of reach you can gain if you take advantage of that? Don’t waste more time, check out their website if you want to know more:

7. How To Start A Dropshipping Business Course

done for you coursesDropshipping recently is one of the most popular businesses that gained the spotlight during the pandemic. As consumers are stuck in their homes, previously hesitant online shoppers were forced to try online shopping. Yes, forced, because pre-pandemic, people have a lot of trust issues on purchasing on the internet. Now that e-commerce is fast-growing, and security measures also getting tighter, consumers now somewhat have the peace of mind on doing transactions online. While many think that e-commerce is quite saturated, it is never too late to join the industry. As this new revolution is worldwide, there is unlimited potential, and the best part is, you don’t have to worry about the inventory or packaging. Learn more and explore dropshipping by checking out this link:

8. Coding Courses

coding courses

Everywhere we go, whatever we do, we are surrounded by computer programs. From shopping online to making bank transactions to playing your favorite online game, even video meetings are programmed. These are not possible without Coding. And what better way to be part of them is by learning how to create them in the first place. Codecamdey offers a lot of free coding courses. During the pandemic, as people are shifting to different industries, computer programming is one of the popular choices and people are seeing the need for more of it in the future. Coding is not easy, you must put on the hard work and hours but for many, this field is fun and most rewarding as you can put to use anything you code. Why not give it a try and check out this website:

9. Project Management

project management courseAre you having a lot more free time than usual? With the work-from-home setup, you realize that you can have more time to develop new skills that may help you in your current job. With Udemy, you can add a lot of skills to your credentials including project management. Their paid course provides video lessons, direct communication with your instructor, and a certificate of completion. Be skills ahead in your organization and earn that well-deserved promotion by signing up with Udemy with this link:

10. Introduction to Python Programming

introduction to Python done for you courses

Python is one of the most popular and widely used programming software in the world and is used for a multitude of applications. Being an expert on Python can be very rewarding, as big tech companies pay a lot for these skills. This company offers an extensive range of both paid and free courses to kickstart your career in coding and programming. With their courses, you are guaranteed to learn problems solving skills in the most practical and efficient way. Starting off with the basics, you’ll learn all the fundamental principles of Python coding, write programming language and more. So, if creating the most powerful apps or website, why not take the free introduction course by Udacity and see it may bring you?

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