Impress your significant other and make them feel loved with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses. What’s great about these red roses is how it not only signifies love and passion but also, beauty and courage. With this in mind, it’s no doubt a perfect gift for your loved ones and let them know they are special. Here, we rounded up these 5 Best Flower Shops to Buy Red Roses in Toronto.

5 Best Flower Shops to Buy Red Roses

1. Floral Bash

100 stems red roses bouquet toronto

Floral Bash is one of the best florists in Toronto for anything flower related. They prepare stunning bouquets that showcase their fantastic floral arrangement talent – no matter what combination and palette. But if you’re looking for a full-colour bouquet, they have those too. You can go big with their fifty to hundred stemmed red roses bouquet. They are known for their satisfying and excellent service towards their customers especially in providing fresh flowers that are beautifully arranged and designed bouquets or boxes.

2. Bloomen

bloomen flower shops to buy red roses

Sending a red rose to a person means you think of them and at the same time, lets them know of how you feel about them. Bloomen understands this and they got you red roses to grab and have it delivered. Moreover, this bouquet in red is a perfect gift to your partner, especially during a special celebration or event. The blooms they use are of fantastic quality since these are organic and sourced fresh from Ecuador and Colombia. Besides this, they also have locally grown flowers. 

3. Flower Company

flower company

Have little to no time? Don’t worry because Flower Company got you. As one of the best flower shops to buy red roses from, they actually also offer a same-day delivery option that caters to anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area. With their expertise in flower arranging and designing, the person who will receive the flowers will surely feel delighted. In case you want to add greeneries and other flower picks, they can sure whip up something special for you two.

4. Florida Flowers

Florida Flowers Red Roses

If you’re looking for a good flower shop for red roses in Toronto, Florida Flowers delivers quality arrangements made of the freshest flowers sourced locally and internationally. Their roses are fantastic and these sure make the receiver happy and contented. Going beyond the usual hand-tied bouquets, they also have the option to arrange it on a box, vase, and more. There are also options to mix it with other lovely blooms and greeneries as well.

5. Sweetpeas


Brighten up someone’s day with a lovely bouquet of flowers. Sweet Peas know this best and curate lovely blooms perfect for gift giving. Not only this, they offer different arrangements from hand-tied, boxed, and in a vase. They have a wide collection of flower choices that are mixed and matched to gorgeous bouquets. You can explore their standard bouquet with just greeneries and their premium bouquet with baby’s breath.

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