15+ Best Gala Event Designers in Toronto

Uniqueness with class is what galas are supposed to be and we understand how designing the whole venue (besides all the planning behind the scenes) is a lot of work. Now, since galas tend to leave an impression, it’s ideal to work with a reputable event designer in the area to help you. We listed down 15+ Best Gala Event Designers in Toronto that you can check out and see if you’re a great fit!

15+ Best Gala Event Designers in Toronto

1. Vintage Bash

VintageBash ready to provide service in Mississauga

With a wide collection of props and furniture pieces, Vintage Bash can surely help you make your dream gala event come true without much stress from your end. Their skilled team can help you through recommendations of pieces that can help with the concept. Furthermore, they can also extend assistance in connecting you to other vendors too if needed.

2. WildBash Events

rental company in toronto

Say hello to WildBash Events and their stunning events. Catering to different social events, they have different packages you can explore to keep it all simple and allow their team to smoothly execute the event. Furthermore, specific details may also be communicated and implemented if feasible. Whatever you have in mind, they will try their best to deliver.

3. Total Entertainment Events

With an impressive track record in the industry, Total Entertainment Events sure got your back if you’re hosting a large-scale gala. They have various services available which you can put together depending on what you need. With them, they aim to be a one-stop-shop for their clients and elevate the experience of attendees.

4. Bliss Events

Bliss Events Gala Event Designers in Toronto

A long way from its humble start in 2003, Bliss Events built its reputation in wedding and event planning within Toronto. They are more than happy to extend gala event designer services which can help their clients stay blissful but still execute an astonishing event that’s aligned with what they want.

5. Rebecca Chan

Designing a wide variety of events in Toronto, Rebecca Chan is one of the best choices you can go for. They have a sophisticated flair which is apparent through every setup they deliver to their clients. This helped them create a reputation that attracts luxurious events from weddings to even social events like galas.

6. WPI Events

WPI Events Gala Event Designers in Toronto

Going in deep, WPI Events would ask about your intention and purpose for the gala — allowing them to incorporate the messaging from little to grand details. This allows you to have a more meaningful event which helps you achieve your objective. Furthermore, they are also flexible with a lot of connections with other vendors which can make sourcing and designing easier.

7. AT Design Agency

Experienced in the business, AT Design Agency ensures to deliver of a well-planned event that helps the client achieve their goals for the night. Whether it be a fundraising or a launch, they ensure to highlight the important things and incorporate details into the setup. Surely, this makes the gala event design as effective and unique as much as possible.

8. Debonair Corporate Event

Debonair Gala Event Designers in Toronto

Offering gala event designing services, Debonair Corporate Event sure got your back. They understand that each social event has intention and ensure that this is implemented throughout the planning. At the same time, they also creatively come up with a program and setup that’s remarkable not only for the client but the audience too.

9. Mad Bash

Going out of the box, Mad Bash promises to deliver game-changing events that are impressively remarkable for guests. They come up with creative design and execution to elevate the overall experience for everyone. Moreover, they also showcase several brands and venues they worked with which can help you easily trust that they’ll deliver.

10. Fusion Events

Fusion Gala Event Designers

Quick on their feet, Fusion Events is one of Toronto’s finest gala event designers that you can find. They have an impressive experience in event planning which can ensure that they got everything under control. Furthermore, they also have entertainment options which you can add in between segments to keep the audience engaged.

11. Kauna Events

Mainly designing weddings, Kauna Events also accommodate social events that are true to her elegant brand. They execute minimalist yet sophisticated events which led to happy brides in the process. Furthermore, they also have an impressive customer relationship strategy which the previous clients commend them for.

12. Posh Events

Posh Events Gala Event Designers in Toronto

Helping clients bring their dreams to life, Posh Events ensure that every event they deliver is nothing but lavish. They believe that it’s best to go big than go home. Furthermore, they extend services that help event hosts in planning, designing, and event coordinating gala events on the day itself.

13. Lexington & Co

With astonishing gala event designs, Lexington & Co is a great fit for elegant events. Offering events planning, they also extend specific services such as designing and coordination. Depending on what you want, they can craft lavish setups that will be the talk of the town soon after.

14. Watson & Co

Watsons & Co Gala Event Designers in Toronto

Watson & Co is one of the best gala event designers in Toronto that you can consider. They specifically focus on proposals and wedding events but can also accommodate gala and other social events when needed. Furthermore, they have different packages to explore depending on what the client may need.

15. R5 Event

A full-service event design company, R5 Event can help you plan your gala event and execute whatever you have in mind. Moreover, they also have rental furniture and props to help you with your setup. Besides this, they are quite flexible since they can cater to any event without much fuss.


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