50 Best Professional Painting Companies in Toronto

You’ll never know how difficult painting your walls is until you’re facing 150 shades of white paint. Not to mention, the amount of time and energy you’ll be spending just to finish the painting project. Whether it’s for your interior or exterior, there are a lot of painting contractors in Toronto that can help you find the right shade and texture to complement and add more value to your space.

Whether you’re a realtor who wants your listing to stand out or a homeowner who just wants to liven your space, you can rely on professional painters that you can find in Vaughan, Mississauga, Newmarket, Kleinburg, and GTA when it comes to elevating your property’s value and appeal.

We have rounded up 50 of the best professional painting companies across Toronto and GTA to help you decide which painting contractors to hire.

50 Best Professional Painting Companies in Toronto and GTA

Home Painters

Glowing Staging

Home painting by Glow Staging

Make a statement with bold paint or stick to the classic neutrals. It doesn’t matter what your choice is. Glow Staging has the expertise to transform your property into a luxurious space. This company takes pride in its strategic planning to satisfyingly execute the look you’ve been wanting for your property. Be it for your bathroom or living room, they wouldn’t miss an inch in flawlessly painting your walls. For this reason, as well as their great eye for design, you’re sure to expect a well-revamped space that you will never want to leave.

1. Glow Staging
2. Apolo Painting & Decorating
3. Reliable Pro Painting
4. Home Painters Toronto
5. The Painting Company
6. Ecopainting Inc.
7. ARC Painting
8. The Custom Paint Company
9. Binaj Painting
10. Perfection Painters

Commercial Space Painters

photo studio toronto

Commercial painting project by 416 Handyman

One way to leave a lasting impression on your customers is by having your business space painted professionally. There are a lot of reputable painting contractors across Toronto that can help you stand out among your competitors. 416 Handyman is one of the best companies that can help you boost off your business potential. With this team’s skills and talent, the commercial space you have will definitely turn heads.

This team can also help you in giving any type of office a painting that will surely make the employees at ease. Whether you want a fun and creative look or a traditional and formal style, they got you covered. Having worked with venues and other businesses, 416 Handyman is surely one of the painting contractors that has proven their reputation and great workmanship.

1. 416 Handyman
2. Wow 1 Day Painting
3. Paint Squires Inc.
4. GTA Commercial Painting
5.  Industry Painting Ltd.
6. Peregrine Painting
7. CertaPro
8. Proper Color Painting
9. Five Star Painting
10. Taskworks Inc

Exterior Painting Contractors

royal painters exterior paintingExterior painting job by Royal Home Painters

The exterior of our homes takes the heaviest toll for every season and weather change. That’s why the facade of our property needs the most care to maintain its beauty and glory. Royal Home Painters is one of the painting contractors in Toronto that has been helping property owners restore and maintain the curbside appeal of any property. Whether you’re a realtor who wants to make a wow statement or a home owner who just wants to preserve your property’s architectural perfection, this team has got you covered.

1. Royal Home Painters
2. JAL Painting & Renovation 
3. CPR24 Restoration
4. Demiri Painting & Decorating
5. Perfection Painters
6. JXF Painting Service
7. Theiner H Painting & Decorating Ltd
8. Upscale Residential Painters
9. Strictly Residential Professional Painting Services
10. Guelph Painters

Real Estate Staging Painters

Millers painting

Millers Painting’s project for a real estate property

Spotlessly painted walls are essential to help your potential clients envision themselves in the property your selling. Perfectly painted walls can give the space character and appeal that will often lead to a successful sale. So if you are a real estate agent looking for a painting contractor, Miller’s Painting could be your partner. This painting will help you achieve the look you’re going for and collaborates with you to incorporate their expertise and your vision. Small details matter to them and with that, you’re sure to expect a flawless painting job from them – be it for the interior or exterior of the property. Truly, proving themselves best among their painting contractors neighbor competitors.

1. Millers Painting
2. Emerald Professional Painters
3. Executive Touch Painters
4. Greenwood Painting Inc.
5. Tri City Painters
6. Encore Painting Ltd.
7. Lince’s Painting
8.  European Painters
9. Alpha Painting
10. Muddy Girl Taping Plastering Painting

Home Staging Painting Contractors

new tone Home Staging Painting Contractors

Home Staging Painting by New Tone Painting Inc.

Are you a homeowner planning to list your property soon? Then you might want to redesign it to add value and help potential buyers picture themselves living in it. New Stone Painting Inc. has been one of the go-to painting companies of homeowners and realtors when it comes to restoring and maintaining their homes and properties. They have worked with countless clients that are all satisfied with their job. They have a knack for aesthetics that is handy to pull off the look you’re trying to achieve. So if you’re ready to get on the journey, feel free to connect and schedule an appointment with them.

1. New Tone Painting Inc.
2. European Painters
3. PEC Property Sisters
4. First Impressions Interior Decorating & Home Staging
5. Grant Painting Group
6. Precision Painting
7. AWhall Painting
8.  Fran Woodhurst Painting
9. Quality Painting
10. The Custom Paint Company

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