There are four distinct seasons in Nova Scotia, so choosing the perfect season for your big day can be tricky. We have put together some tips to make it a little easier for you to make the right choice on the right season and the right type of venue for your wedding. 

1- Winter

Like the rest of Canada, Nova Scotia can be extremely cold and close to freezing. With the icy snowy times, our pick for wedding venue types would be Hotel weddings, Restaurant weddings, or Banquet Halls. As the temperature drops majestically, your guests will appreciate you not having them in the great outdoors to freeze.

Moreover, these types of venues require little to no effort in terms of beautifying the surroundings. Decorating the interiors of these venues is easy since they are already sophisticated and often luxurious. Also, all three of these venue types often offer great fine-dining/catering options. So, less work for you to do !


With the lifting of the blanket of white and the blooming of the flowers, Nova Scotia comes alive with color. With the warmer weather coming up, Spring is perfect for barn and farm venues, as well as wineries because they are half indoors and half outdoors.

Nova Scotia is rich in history and its great landscapes. Benefit from both with these types of venues. Barns will provide you that intimate togetherness feeling even if you have more than 100 guests. Plus, a roof over your head would be the safest choice in case there’s any surprise sprinkles or turbulent weather. After all, there’s a reason why the song “Spring Rain” is so popular.

Vineyards, on the other hand, can provide a romantic getaway vibe minus the destination travel. Barns and wineries often work together, meaning venues can offer packages that include both the barn and the vineyard/winery. Wineries are especially recommended to the wine-loving couples out there but we should warn you if you’re dreaming of mature grapes and lush vineyards; you’ll be majorly disappointed. Instead, opt for Autumn when it’s the top season for picture-perfect vineyards. Instead, focus on spring flowers and blooming nature, or better yet, pick wineries instead of vineyards. 

3- Summer

Nova Scotia is one of the maritime provinces of Canada, it’s the perfect summer spot as it is surrounded by the ocean. For our pick for the season; Try Nova Scotia’s lovely beaches or maybe embark on a ship/yacht if you prefer to be more involved with water. They both make one big memorable wedding.

In comparison to indoor weddings, beach weddings require less decoration and planning because beaches are pretty authentic on their own. After all, nature’s masterpieces shine even on their own. All you need is a few statement pieces and a great photographer. For example, you can incorporate nautical pieces or some boho decorations according to your taste. 

Also, a quick tip! For couples on a budget, the province has public beaches that are often used for weddings. Don’t forget to check them out.

4- Autumn

As the leaves fall and yellow and brown hues surround the trees, we know it’s time to cozy it up. Fall in Nova Scotia is often described as the best time of the year, because of its vibrant colors, harvest festivals, and spooky celebrations. However, fall can be tricky in terms of weather with its unpredictable nature. Nonetheless, it’s also one of the most picturesque seasons of all. 

Additionally, it holds a joker card when it comes to venue styles. All but summery venues are on the table. Due to the gorgeous scenery, we would definitely recommend one of the venues listed under spring, but it’s important to keep the weather in mind. Barns, vineyards, wineries, hotels, banquet halls… Take your pick.

Don’t forget that for wineries and vineyards; fall is also the harvest season. This can only mean one thing; wineries/vineyards will be high in demand so plan early! Considering autumn is one of the most popular seasons for weddings in Nova Scotia, it is a good idea to book your vendors earlier in the season, rather than later compared to the other seasons.

In conclusion, that brings us to the end of our advice on the types of seasonal venues in Nova Scotia. We hope you found it useful and that it inspired you to take a chance at the beautiful landscapes of the province. With that, we wish you the loveliest day!

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