10+ Best Wedding Décor Workshops in Toronto

Toronto, the city of dreams, is not just about CN Towers and streetcar rides; it’s also the ultimate spot to tie the knot. So, get your Pinterest boards ready because we’ve rounded up the 10+ Best Wedding Décor Workshops in Toronto that’ll turn your DIY wedding ideas into Instagram-worthy realities.

And hey, who said wedding planning can’t be as fun as swiping right on your forever plus one? Also, if you wish to be a wedding decorator or florist, these workshops will guide you through the maze of wedding décor techniques and trends.

1. V Flower School Quick Workshops 

Perfect for anyone looking to infuse their celebrations with personalized, artistic touches, V Flower School Quick Workshops are meticulously curated for today’s fast-paced world, ideal for hobbyists, creatives, and those keen on exploring wedding décor and floral artistry.

2. VintageBASH x Fleur School Wedding Floral Design Course 

Ready to ignite your floral passion? VintageBASH‘s exclusive Floral Design Course and workshop are presented in collaboration with Fleur School. As you join this program, you can unleash your creativity and learn the intricacies of floral design, ensuring your wedding decor reflects your unique style.

3. Toronto Flower School TFS Fast Track Intense 

Toronto Flower School’s wedding décor workshop comes with two series. Whether it’s termed a hanging installment or a floral chandelier, you can seize the hands-on opportunity to craft these ethereal masterpieces and bring a touch of pure beauty to your wedding decor.

4. Caprice Design Floral Workshops 

Tailored for both beginners and experienced florists, Caprice Design workshops offer a unique opportunity to channel a passion for flowers and cultivate floral design skills. You can discover the joy of transforming blooms into captivating wedding decor, regardless of your expertise level.

5. Toronto Flower School Start Up with Design 

Want to unleash your creativity and build a solid foundation for crafting eye-catching wedding décor? This Toronto Flower School workshop is ideal for beginners and those seeking to elevate their floristry skills. Beyond the beautiful arrangements, gain newfound confidence in floral design and learn easy-to-follow tips for floral care, ensuring your creations last long after the workshop.

6. Bloom School Floral Design Series 

Bloom School Floral Design Series is a multi-volume, intensive online learning program tailored to creating exquisite flowers and designs for events and weddings. This comprehensive course not only imparts the skills to craft captivating floral arrangements but also provides the standard industry knowledge needed to kickstart a rewarding career in Floral Design.

7. Dereves Studio Centerpieces Friday 

Join Dereves Studio for a delightful wedding décor adventure. It’s an evening of joy, laughter, and playing with flowers. Under the expert guidance of our lead designer, you’ll craft a seasonal, whimsical, and eco-friendly centerpiece in a design or vase of your choice.

8. Plantita Bloom Bar Experience 

Do you crave a vibrant burst of colour for your wedding décor or envision a more delicate and elegant bouquet? The Bloom Bar Experience at Plantita is a perfect workshop for you. Revel in the freedom to customize your floral arrangements, aligning them with your unique style and desired floral mood.

9. The Flower #Project Centerpiece Workshop 

This 1 to 1.5-hour experience at The Flower #Project promises a personalized touch, where you’ll work closely with the florist in a one-on-one session (for single purchases) or exclusively with your group (for purchases of 2 to 4 individuals). Unveil your creative prowess as you craft a stunning Oasis Arrangement, perfect for elevating your wedding decor with the beauty of seasonal blooms.

10. Platita Dried Flower Arrangement Workshop 

Want to incorporate some gorgeous dried flowers into your wedding décor? Don’t miss attending Plantita’s Dried Flower Arrangement Workshop. This wedding décor workshop unravels the fundamentals of floral design, equipping you with all the essentials to create a fabulous arrangement. 

11. Delight Floral & Design Floral Workshops

Crafted for both the flower enthusiast and the seasoned florist seeking skill refinement, floral workshops at Delight Floral & Design provide an inclusive space for individuals with varying levels of floral passion. Are you an ordinary lover of flowers, an experienced florist, or a soon-to-be bride? These workshops will inspire and elevate your floral artistry.

12. Make Lemonade Private Flower Arranging Workshops

Now, you can experience the charm of wedding decor at Make Lemonade with fresh, local, in-season flowers curated in your chosen color scheme. Each guest will receive a unique vase to take home, adorned with blooms that reflect your selected palette. Snips for designing are provided during the workshop, and for an additional fee, they can be taken home.

From trendy tablescapes to floral wonders, these workshops are the “GPS” to guide you through the maze of wedding decor with style and finesse. They’re beyond decorations; they create an atmosphere that mirrors your unique style and personality. 


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