5 Flower Shop to Buy Blue Roses in Toronto

There’s something about blue roses that we can’t really help but admire. Maybe it’s the existence of something unnatural, its unusual colour for a rose, given that we’re so used with reds, whites, and yellows. Like a touch of fairytale fantasy in real life, we’re gifted with such exceptional beauty. It signifies many things, but what we love most about these blue roses is it represents impossibility yet its mere existence proves that there is hope. Hope for love, hope for anything that may bloom.

As roses have always been a favourite, these blue roses are handy to add a twist to any bouquets. We get that they are indeed rare, and we’d love to help you find shops that offer these blooms. Here’s a rundown of five flower shops in Toronto that offers blue roses. Go through each one, and we won’t be surprised if you’ll want one for yourself.

1. Floral Bash

Blue Roses Toronto
Brighten up today with vibrant blue roses from Floral Bash. Assured that each bloom is fresh and handpicked carefully, each piece they arrange infers not only beauty but also quality. Easy to customize, let them know what you prefer and need, and they’ll curate you the best bouquet fitted to you. Besides this, you may easily browse in their current catalogue to find one that inspires you and build your best blue roses arrangement yet from that. They allow curbside pickup if preferred, but delivery is done daily.

  • website: www.floralbash.ca/
  • location: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5B, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

2. Karen’s Flower Shop

” target=”_blank”>Karen's Flower Shop Blue Roses Delivery and Pickup

Their flower business wouldn’t last for more than 50 years if they’re no good. Karen’s Flower Shop’s extensive experience in curating bouquets for any day or occasion sure makes it easy to put our confidence in them. Besides their impressive portfolio, they also take pride in using various fresh roses and premium blooms. Included in this are the blue roses. Opt to make it extra special. You may send it in a vase and with add-ons such as plush bears, greeting cards, etc. Delivering daily, they also allow curbside pickup depending on your preference.

3.Flower Company

Flower Company Blue Roses for Delivery and Pickup

Flower Company offers floral arrangements with various roses and other blooms. It’s not surprising that they, too, have these magnificent blue roses. They named the arrangement the “Extreme Blue Hues Fiesta Rose Bouquet,” which consists of a dozen of farm-fresh blue-dyed roses that are as vibrant as real blue roses can get (if there’s any). This will surely make any occasion or just any day special. They can deliver daily, but you can also drop by to pick up your order. Just let them know!

4.GTA Flower Delivery

GTA Flower Delivery Double Dozen Delivery

Offering not just one but also the option to have two dozens of these lovely blue roses, GTA Flower Delivery sure got you and fulfill your flower needs! Their extensive offerings online are as impressive as is. They offer add-ons you may avail such as an adorable plush bear, chocolates, and even balloons ensuring that the recipient is happier than they can ever be. Dedicated to making any day special, this shop delivers daily and allows curbside pickup too.

5.Toronto Floral Gallery

Toronto Flower Gallery Blue Roses Bouquet

Supporting local farmers, the flowers they use are sourced daily in Ontario. Toronto Floral Gallery offers various options for blue roses. They have dozen of just the roses, but you may also go through their other arrangements that include those rare blue roses. Select if you prefer to have it hand-tied or in a vase. Their arrangements are thoughtfully put together and highlights the beauty and colour of the blooms. Promises that they provide the best quality, price, and customer service. They deliver in covered areas and accommodates curbside pickup, too, depending on customer preference.

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