10 Best Companies for Bohemian Dried Decor and Floral For Weddings in Toronto

Are you perhaps dreaming of a bohemian wedding but not sure where to go? Bring out those photos you were keeping on Pinterest because here are 10 of the most promising companies that can help make that dream wedding of yours come true! Without much ado, check out this list:

Best Companies for Bohemian Dried Decor and Floral For Weddings in Toronto

1.Vintage Bash

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Of course, the best in the area, Vintage Bash, not only offers excellent decors fitting to their clients. They are actually a full-service events planner you can put your trust in. If you haven’t seen their portfolio yet, you’re missing out. They handled breathtaking and lovely events in the past. Let their fantastic team know what you want. Their forte actually aligns with a bohemian chic, so there’s that! Besides this, they also have fixtures for rental that you may utilize. Name whatever you need, be it arches, columns, even swings! They have it.

2.Floral Bash

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The team behind Floral Bash is terrific at what they do! A genuinely reliable florist in Toronto, they curate sophisticated blooms that brightens up the room.  Easily customizable and experienced in working with premium blooms, they are definitely a premiering florist in town. Share your heart’s true desires with them and let their talented team work their magic like Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

3.Classy Affairs

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The only affair that it’s okay to get involved with—Classy Affairs is run by three women who are equally devoted to all things wonderful and turning dreams into reality. Encouraging their clients to share their deepest dreams for this once-in-a-lifetime event, they work on bringing this to life. Their team is not only excellent event planners but are also seasoned floral and event designers. Anything you might need, they got you! They have several bohemian decors in their portfolio you can check out.

4.Blush + Bowties

Blush and Bowties Modern Boho Wedding Decor

Loved by the blushing brides, Blush + Bowties specializes in creating the perfect wedding for their clients. Their sets are not only visually appealing and aesthetic but also rich in story. As these events are about the couple, they curate the perfect celebration possible to showcase their character and taste. This is the reason why all their ideas are refreshing and unique. If you go through their portfolio, you can see they’ve done several bohemian wedding decor and styles within and outside Toronto, but it’s always a bit different and unique in their own way compared to each other.

5.Flowers Time

Flowers Time Boho Wedding Style

Any bohemian wedding theme would not be complete with flowers. Well, what wedding does not have flowers anyway? Flowers Time knows that, so they offer separate packages from events planning even to do the decors for your big day! Out of the four major themes they work with, shabby chic and organic will go best if you’re looking at bohemian style. Should you are considering going grand, they can even prepare arches and aisle flowers for you. Go through their portfolio. They won’t disappoint!

6.Pink Poppi

Pink Poppi Bohemian Decor

If you’re thinking of having elaborate boho floral arrangements and decor for your wedding, Pink Poppi is one of the premier event design and rental companies in the area. They cater to almost any theme but really appreciate what they do and look at their portfolio. It’s always refreshing, and they’re not afraid to mix few things up and steer away from the mainstream. This definitely leaves stunning and unconventional wedding decors for their clients.

6.Botany Flowers

Botany Flowers Boho Barn Wedding Decor

They’ve done tasteful decors for bohemian-style weddings, and it’s not hard to love them. Botany Flowers work on incorporating flowers into these celebrations, telling different stories at a time. Each detail added and each flower thrown into the mix helps put more definition on the whole picture. Their arrangements will sure leave your guests in awe.

7.Wild North Weddings

Wild North Weddings Bohemian Style

Always leaving bold statements, from their floral arrangements to the bridal bouquet. Wild North Flowers still and no-doubt is a go-to, especially for bohemian dried decors in Toronto. They incorporate stories into their arrangements through fun blooms and greeneries. Check out their website and see with your own eyes how creative their florists are through the fun puns for their lovely floral arrangements.

8. The Flower 597

The Flower 597 Bohemian Wedding

The Flower 597 styles flower arrangements that are captivating and remarkable. They managed to build their reputation among couples by preparing decor that is not grand or fancy but instead depicting natural flowers blooming in their own space. They are never seeming detached from the whole setup, and they are easily the go-to designers of several event organizers in Toronto.

9.Petals & Oak

Petals & Oak Arch Bohemian Wedding

Making your dream wedding come true, Peter & Oak is a great choice too. Fifteen years already in the business and still counting! They are committed to providing spectacular service that’ll make your wedding magical. Easy to talk to, you can let them know of what you have in mind. Be it bohemian style, they got you. Keen in detail, their team makes sure that they deliver a fresh, creative, and memorable setup that’ll be the talk of the town for the next few days.

10.Coriander Girl

Coriander Girl Bohemian Wedding Floral

Currently in the transition to a new manager, but we don’t need to worry as Coriander Girl will always be what they’re known best for. Famous for garden-style arrangements, they are also perfect to work with on bohemian decor and floral arrangements.  Their breathtaking and tasteful floral arrangements will sure accentuate any space and leave a good impression on your guests. Let them know what you need, and they’ll make it to your preference.

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