Boxed roses are a thing lately in social media, and its popularity skyrocketed even more recently. This eventually led to flower shops expanding their offerings to have boxed floral arrangements that use various blooms. Each of these blooms is carefully selected and styled to deliver classic, elegant, and timeless boxed flowers that are perfect for any occasion and anyone.

Send a box or two to your loved one and make their day an extraordinary day. Go through the list below and discover the five best shops for boxed flowers in Toronto:

1.Floral Bash

Pink Peonies in a Gift Box

They have it all, in terms of flowers. Floral Bash prides itself in delivering fresh, lush, and stunning arrangements that will surely brighten anyone’s day, for that matter. They use different blooms and may open for collaboration with customers. Perfect for any day or occasion, they got you and your event needs. Browse through their floral arrangement offerings to see how passionate they are in their pieces. Don’t forget to leave a note before check out on what “feel” you want your boxed flowers to have and they’ll curate the best possible box for you.

2.Vintage Bash

Vintage Bash Floral Arrangement

They are a go-to for full event services, Vintage Bash also offers floral arrangements that not only gives off a rustic, bohemian feel. Each piece they help create are  most what the customer dreams of having. Be it in any possible configuration, even boxed flowers, they got you. To add, they use silk flowers and greeneries to balance out the whole piece, making each a beauty that will surely last. Like bringing a fairytale come true, they bring out our romantic side.

3.Berry Blush

Berry Blush Boxed Flowers

Berry Blush not only offers dainty boxed roses. They also offer exquisite flower arrangements that come in different boxes and sizes. It’s not hard to find something that you’ll like. Using premium and seasonal blooms, you can order the flower boxes online and select what you prefer in mind from their option. Feel free to choose which tone you prefer-be it pastels, neutral, or something bright and lively.

4.Angelina’s Box Flowers

Angelina's Box Flowers in Fresh Pink Cloud

Angelina’s Box Flowers is an online flower boutique that specialises in customised flower boxes. They rose more often in their pieces, but they eventually offered flower boxes with other premium blooms thrown in the mix. Offering different box forms and sizes, you can select best what fits your needs. They also have options if you want the box to be fuller. Besides offering fresh blooms in a box, they also style handpicked dried flowers for a lasting effect.

5.Fleur Du Luxe

Fleur Du Luxe Boxed Flowers Florist's Choice

A true luxury and like ray of sunshine to anyone, Fleur Du Luxe offer stunning boxed flowers that will leave you wanting not just one but maybe, all. They use fresh blooms that are handpicked daily ranging from roses, orchids, sunflowers, and even more, tulips. A flower fan’s dream come true; they also curate what they call a “florist’s choice” that incorporates the best selections in a single box.

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