5 Best Shops for Boxed Roses in Toronto

Share the love and make any day extra special with the raved elegant and luxurious boxed roses. Roses in different colors and sizes are carefully-selected, treated and arranged into various boxes adding a twist to the usual classic rose bouquets. Another thing to love with these handcrafted boxed roses are it lasts up to even a full year while still maintaining its shape and texture. For last-minute flower orders, please call prior to placing your order.

To give you a headstart and help you find the best boxed roses for you, here’s a rundown of the five best shops for boxed roses in Toronto (Ontario):

1. Floral Bash

red roses flower boxPink Flower Box TorontoFlower Box TorontoChic Roses Flower Box

Make someone feel extra special when sent with Floral Bash‘s lovely boxed roses. It comes in three sizes and the blooms are carefully selected and put-together a creamy, soft, and sweet vibe. Their flower boxes are easy to customize. Just leave a note and they got you! You can also browse their other catalogue and add some sweets or a charcuterie box before checkout to make it more special. Floral Bash ensures all flower boxes they handcraft and deliver are of freshness and quality.

  • website: www.floralbash.ca/
  • location: North York, can delivery within Toronto and nearby areas

2. Vintage Bash


Catering to your flower needs, Vintage Bash offers different floral arrangements to choose from. Besides this, you can even let them know what you have in mind and they’ll make it happen. Their style is laidback, rustic, and shabby chic, perfect bohemian-themed events. They work with satin roses that are as good-looking as real, natural blooms.

  • website: www.vintagebash.ca/
  • location: North York, can delivery within Toronto and nearby areas

3. Ace of Roses

Ace of Roses Boxed Roses

Ace of Roses takes boxed roses into breathtaking and luxurious hand-crafted boxed creations that reflect how much love and thought was put into it. The blooms will last up to a year after going through a dehydration process that’ll help them keep the shape. It is a bit of a drawback though because the roses often do not get to keep their full natural scent and frown upon the use of artificial scent to keep the roses as natural as possible. Their arrangements may come different boxes and different arrangements—be it with an initial or a number to literal out of the box pieces. 

4. Austin Bloom Co.

Austin Bloom Co Boxed Flowers

Managed by a group of florists, Austin Bloom Co. offers premium floral arrangements that are sure to stand out. They offer boxed flower arrangements that appeal to different personalities, including one that is placed in dainty, pastel-coloured round boxes. Each box includes roses, carnations & greenery. Filler flowers are also used like stock flowers, snapdragon, etc., depending on availability. The flowers are set on a moist sponge and are shipped fresh, budding, and ready to bloom after 1 to 2 days.

5. Royal Flower

Royal Flower Boxed Roses

Royal Flower took boxing flowers seriously and ended up with striking and luxuriously arranged flowers in various premium boxes and designs. Each flower boxes last up to a year and comes in different designs and palette. They have regular square boxes and other shapes such as round and hearts. Also, they offer other box configurations that show how endless the possibilities are there for these. Though they only use roses, they work with real and 100% natural blooms that come in different colours and shades that are just perfect for playing around with.

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