15+ Best Brand Activation Event Planners in Toronto

Depending on the brand’s objective, brand activation can help a business generate more awareness and traffic. Since this includes the management of time, effort, and resources, the best way to manage and pull off something remarkable is through working with professional planners. Here, we rounded up 15+ Best Brand Activation Event Planners in Toronto that you can work with.

Brand Activation Event Planners in Toronto

1. VintageBash

Not only accommodating social event clients, but VintageBash also works with brands in terms of brand activation and experiential marketing initiatives. They extend planning services along with decoration and implementation on the big day. Moreover, they also ensure the delivery of measurable results based on the brand’s objective.

website: https://www.vintagebash.ca/

2. WildBash Events

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WildBash Events is one of Toronto’s best in terms of brand event collaborations. They work best with brands that match their sophisticated and elegant aesthetic. Furthermore, they ensure that the brand core is implemented into the design.

3. Brand Glow Up

A full-service creative marketing agency in Toronto, Brand Glow Up works on elevating its client’s brands through effective initiatives. They put into consideration the objectives of the brand and plan how to execute an impressively helpful set-up in-store.

4. Impact

Intending to leave a mark, Impact helps brands come up with a brand activation effort that’s aligned with their objectives. Moreover, their services include offline and online virtual events too. For large-scale events, they can also help you with tradeshows and conference assistance — in planning and execution.

5. Astound Group

Astound Brand Experiential Toronto

An experiential marketing expert in Toronto, Astound Group aims to help businesses through effective storytelling and alignment of communication strategy towards their goals. This brand activation event planner helped many brands in the past and is still passionate to help more potential clients.

6. Marigold Collaborative

Marigold Collaborative is one of the best brand activation event planners you can consider in Toronto. They help with hosting corporate events and planning brand activations. Their amazing track record sure allows them to be meticulous and implement their best practices to smoothen the execution of the initiative.

7. Massive

Delivering tailor-fitted experiential marketing executions to their clients, Massive starts with getting to know the brand first — its story and objectives. From there, they start to work backwards from the launch date and plot actions to take accordingly.

8. Pop Events

Pop Events Brand Activation Toronto

More than events, Pop Events is a good company you can consider. They have an amazing track record that their clients left them positive feedback to attract more clients. Furthermore, they also have quite a catalogue of additions you can implement to the activation such as photobooth, staffing, etc.

9. Laura Olsen Events

With a sophisticated website, Laura Olsen Events help luxurious brands most of the time. They have quite an impressive library of successful past corporate events and marketing executions which has benefited the brands to reach their objectives.

10. Big HQ

Big HQ is one of the finest brand activation event planners in Toronto. They aim to deliver high-quality events that meet the high standards of clients and deliver the results they dream of achieving. More than typical events, they intend to leave a mark and design events that are unique and creative.

11. AT Design Agency

Acaderma Brand Activation Event Designer Toronto

Offering assistance to events, AT Design Agency accommodates corporate events as well as brand activation initiatives. They understand that first impressions are everything so you can expect their extreme attention to detail. Each setup is designed in consideration of the brand core and is assured to be unique.

12. Tigris Events

Tigris Events is a brand activation event planner that you can consider for your next marketing initiative. They help their clients come up with events and activities that not only express their brand’s core but also resonate with the audience. Furthermore, they also can help with staffing and decorating if needed.

13. Branded Cities

With a thorough understanding of the importance of events, Branded Cities helped brands shape the public’s perception of them and encourage conversion since 1999. They are true experts in OOH initiatives which allowed brands to maximize marketing opportunities once the target market is out of their homes.

14. Taylor Reid

Taylor Reid Brand Activation Toronto

Taylor Reid is one of the best brand activation event planners in the area. They help brands set up their objectives and craft an experiential marketing effort that will help them achieve this. Furthermore, they also focus on storytelling and crafting content that’s aligned with this too.

15. Mavrck

Offering a wide catalogue of event and marketing solutions, Mavrck aim to help brands achieve their goals. They extend assistance in planning and executing game-changing events that help brands stand out and communicate their message.


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