15+ Brand Activation Photo Booth Companies in Toronto

Planning a brand activation but not sure what else to add to make it even more fun? Check out fantastic photo booth companies in Toronto that can help elevate your brand event experience while staying consistent with your vision.

15+ Brand Activation Photo Booth Companies in Toronto

1. RAD Photobooth

RAD Photo Booth Toronto

Make any event fun and memorable with RAD Photobooth. They extend professional photo booth services with customizable frames. You can include your branding in the template and ensure that each of your guests has one before they leave the event. Their photo booth includes backdrops, video and boomerang shooting, and others.

2. My Selfie Mirror

Extending a creative execution for photo booths, My Selfie Mirror uses a make-shift mirror that also functions as an interactive camera. Not only that this is enjoyable, but this also encourages shy guests to get the courage to participate since this won’t need a hands-on attendant.

3. MDRN Photo Booth Company

MDRN Photo Booth Company is one of the best brand activation photo booth companies you can work with. They go above and beyond capturing memories but also encourages bonding moment towards the guests. More than just a photo booth, they can also implement your branding guidelines into the prints and ensure that this can boost awareness like no other.

4. SDE Weddings

SDE Weddings Brand Activation Photo Booth Companies in Toronto

Catering not only for weddings but to corporate clients too, SDE Weddings is a go-to for luxurious photo booth setups for brands. They have a sophisticated flair that feminine and high-end brands would appreciate. Surely, the entire set-up can also be customized and the branding core can be implemented in prints, props, and others.

5. Abbey Road Entertainment

Abbey Road Entertainment is one of the finest brand activation photo booth companies you can tap. They not only extend this but also can help brands with full-scale event planning and execution. There are also other entertainment add-ons that you can add to elevate the event further.

6. Polar Ice Photo Booth

Catering to social and corporate events within Toronto, Polar Ice Photo Booth aims to help their clients provide a sense of entertainment and give their guests tangible memories they can bring home. Perfect for brands, they can also implement branding elements to create a positive memory and association towards the brand.

7. Page Activations

Page ActivationsBrand Activation Photo Booth Companies in Toronto

Going big through their innovative and impactful photo booth and experiential initiatives for brands, Page Activations sure helps brands achieve their marketing goals. From increasing brand awareness to initiating traffic to sales conversion, they sure got your back.

8. Party Booth

Party Booth is another of Toronto’s go-to brand activation photo booth companies. They worked with a roster of large-scale companies over the years but are still open to working with budding brands within the city. Furthermore, they extend a luxurious set-up that’s true to the brand. Moreover, they also ensure that their team are accommodating and supportive of the brand’s objective.

9. Snaptique

With a retro feel, Snaptique takes on more unique outdoor photo booth options for brands. They extend packages which they can review and see which fits their intention more. Since this is mainly geared toward outdoor experiential activities, brands can map out more touchpoints and increase brand awareness even to non-attendees.

10. Event Booth

Aiming to provide simple yet effective photo booths to their corporate clients, Event Booth gets to know their partners and strategizes what possible touchpoints brands can use to maximize their presence. Besides the essential features, they also have add-ons clients can explore for more optimal execution.

11. Fun2

Fun2 Brand Activation Photo Booth Companies in Toronto

Started as a photographer, Fun2 explored the photo booth business in 2016. They worked with several clients and brands over the years which allowed them to streamline the process and also recommend how the client can achieve their goals. Besides photo booths, they also extend support in planning experiential marketing initiatives too.

12. Focus Booth

Quite straightforward, Focus Booth extends photo booth services for social and corporate clients. They provide 3 hours of photo booth service which includes the setup and printing of photos. Besides this, a digital download option is also extended so guests can get a copy of their photos and post them online.

13. 6ix Photo Booths

With several photo booth options, 6ix Photo Booths understand that there is no one way of successfully bringing in a photo booth to a brand activation event. Options can be explored along with the implementation of brand elements into the materials.

14. LOL Photobooth

LOL Photobooth Toronto

More than extending photography services, LOL Photobooth also accepts photo booth bookings for brand and corporate events. More than just a photography company, they also wow us with their newest SpinnerCam 360 which comes with a LED-lit platform and soft triangle lighting.

15. The Photo Bus Booth

Perfect for outdoor activities, The Photo Bus Booth features a Volkswagen Bus that adds an add nostalgic charm and beauty to any event. Guests can have their photos taken and get printouts in just a few minutes.


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