15 Fun Bridal Shower Games and Activities

The best thing about bridal showers is, it’s an event where everyone can have fun. It makes the bride feel special while the entire party enjoys too. Are you planning a shower for your sister or a dear friend? Take it a notch higher by incorporating games that aren’t only fun but meaningful as well. Here’s a list of 15 games and activities that are guaranteed to keep your guests on their toes!

1. Guess The Members of the Bridal Party

bridal shower games

Photo: Rennai Hoefer

Baby pictures are adorable, but it’s usually hard to identify which is which.  In this game, place pictures of the bridal party, bride and groom included, and have your guests place their bets in guessing each photo. Each one will have their own papers with their names on it to write their answers on. The one that gets the most correct matches, wins! This game is not only fun but also a wonderful way to reminisce through old memories.

2. Guess That Movie

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Get a list of the bride and groom’s favorite movies and tell them to choose the most iconic lines from those films. Print out some movie posters and have the guests match the line to the movie. The choices are endless, from Disney, romance, action, to sci-fi. The table that gets the most matches in the shortest amount of time wins. A fun idea to incorporate would be to get film-related prizes for this game.

3. Words of Wisdom to the Bride

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We invite someone to a bridal shower because they hold a special part in the bride’s life. Leave a lasting mark on the soon-to-wed friend. You can pass the mic around and give short, uplifting messages or you can write them down. This is a beautiful token that the couple can remember for years to come.

4. How Well do Your Guests Know You?

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Image: Pinterest by Bertina Mair

How well do your guests really know the bride? Find out in this unique and personal game.  Give each table 10-15 minutes to put their heads together and see how well they really know the bride by filling out this card.  The table with the most correct answers wins! Personal games are always more fun and make the bride-to-be feel extra special.

5. Ring Hunt

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Image: Pinterest by Deer Pearl Flowers

Get your guests on their feet with this fun game. Set a time to get your guests hunting for the hidden rings, or make an announcement at the start of the party so they can look for the ring throughout the course of the bridal shower. Whoever or whatever table has the most rings by the end wins!

6. Find Your Match

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Image: Pinterest by Hello Rose Paperie

Printable: etsy.com

Not everyone in the bridal shower knows each other and chances are, those that do will sit together in groups. This game will get your guests up and mingling with each other, even those that they don’t know. Print cards and distribute them so they can find someone who matches each description.  Whoever gets their entire card filled first wins! This is an excellent way to break the ice so everyone can socialize and have fun.

7. Bridal Bucket List

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Idea: Pinterest – Bridal Shower Bucket List 

Tell the guests to add creative ideas to a bin to build a bucket list for the newlyweds! Allow them to take part in the couple’s future by leaving behind ideas to check off the list for years to come.

8. Guess How Many Kisses

15 Fun Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Image: Say I Do Printable’s

Printable: etsy.com

A little twist on a classic game! Get your guests to guess how many chocolates are in the jar.  Winner gets to win the entire jar of goodies.

9.  Guess the Cake

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Image: Say I do Printable’s

Printable: etsy.com

The saying goes, “life’s too short to say no to cake.” And we definitely agree! Print out this questionnaire and let the guests answer the questions by following the clues on this sheet. The person or table with the most correct answers wins!

10. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

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Image: bridalshower101.com

A classic game, but add a twist! Instead of having the guests design a classic wedding dress, ask them to make a couture wedding gown using tissue paper but make sure that it can make the cover of Vogue! Give them 10-20 minutes for this task and then let the bride choose which design she likes best.

11. Guess the Dress

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Image: Blushed Design on etsy.com

The bride’s wedding dress is a well-kept secret! Let the guests sketch out what they think the dress will look like. The person with the closest looking sketch wins!

12.  Scratch and Win

15 Fun Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Image: etsy.com

Sometimes, the best way to win is through luck! Order little wedding-themed scratch cards for your guests to play a classic scratch-to-win game.

13. Tissue Paper Bouquet

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Image: instructables.com

Here is a fun activity that will get the entire table involved! Now instead of making a wedding dress, each table should design a tissue paper wedding bouquet. The bride will choose her favorite and that design wins.

14. Recipe Collection

recipe alyssa renee photography 15 Fun Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Image: Alyssa Renee Photography

Everyone has a favorite recipe to make. Let the guests write their favorite recipes and put them in a bin. It’s like gifting the bride with a mini-cookbook with handed down recipes from her dearest family and friends!

15. Vows? HELP

invitations by tiffany etsy 15 Fun Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Image: Invitations by Tiffany on etsy.com

Vows may be tricky to write. Let the guests help the bride figure out what to say. Let them fill in the blanks with the paper provided. Who knows, this may really help her stitch out her speech on her special day.

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