Pampas grass has long been used in many events to add character and personality to arrangements. The secret of stylists and florists is now known to the general public and many have been looking to use it for their homes or their own personal DIY designs. Its neutral color and texture have made it a favorite in adding a certain flair to different spaces.

Are It is an understated piece of décor that is a great addition to any arrangement. Are you still wondering where to get pampas grass in Toronto? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered.

Best Shops to Buy Pampas Grass in Toronto (Ontario)

  1. Floral Bash

pampas dried flowers torontoPampas Grass Toronto

Floral Bash is all about flowers all day every day. They have an impressive inventory of blooms and dried flowers and greens. Get your pampas grass from them and add some more of their pretty flowers while you’re there.

  1. VintageBASH

vintageBASHpampas Where To Buy Dried Pampas Grass In Toronto?

VintageBASH has expanded its services to include styling, rentals, events, and now they also provide floral arrangements. They carry pampas grass, too. Contact them for your bundle/s and get started on your project asap!

  1. Pictus Goods

Screen Shot 2021 01 06 at 11.58.08 AM Where To Buy Dried Pampas Grass In Toronto?

Pictus Goods is an eco-conscious store that specializes in unstructured, bloom heavy, and a garden-style arrangement. They carry handmade gifts that include a wide inventory of dried and fresh flowers. You can find pampas grass, dried lavender, eucalyptus and so much more. Be sure to check out their website below.

  1. Hill’s Florist

acorn with dried flowers 1 Where To Buy Dried Pampas Grass In Toronto?

How can you go wrong with a company established as early as 1933? They carry flowers for all occasions, plants, gift baskets, and décor. Pampas grass? Of course, they have it too. You can ask them to incorporate this to your bouquet or get your own to adorn any space of your liking.

  1. Botanico

Screen Shot 2021 01 06 at 11.59.59 AM Where To Buy Dried Pampas Grass In Toronto?

Botanico is a wholesaler of all things floral. They have vases, mosses, floral arrangements, and modern dried florals. Check their website for products in stock. You can even relax and have a cup of coffee while you shop. There is no minimum purchase so drop by and get your pampas grass along with some other goodies from them.

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