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  • LED Candles

    Lorna Pillar LED Candle (Per Piece) – Indoor Use Only


    Pricing is per piece. Battery is included (good for 1 night per order only). Sizes are 3″ x 4″, 3″ x 5″, 3″ x 6″. Real wax. Indoor use only.

  • Lindsay Flameless LED Tea Lights (Candles)


    Surrounding your table centerpieces, photos, or other décor items with candles will add a romantic touch to your wedding or event. However, having any flame, big or small, at an indoor or outdoor venue can be quite risky. If they accidentally topple over, you could end up with ruined linens or, worse, an utter disaster. There is also a chance that your guests’ clothing or hair may brush against the flames which could easily catch on fire. Save yourself from the stress and rent out our Lindsay Flameless LED Tea Lights, instead!

  • Le Persian Distressed Gold Candle Holder


    Beautiful candle accents. An excellent and elegant touch to any table.

    Price is per piece. Cleaning fees included. Batteries included (for LED). We provide mix of heights if ordered multiple.

  • Quin Hanging Clear Candle Holder


    Effortlessly add a surreal and magical feel to your event with the Quin Hanging Candle Holder.

    Featuring a votive vase in clear glass, it lets you achieve that suspended lights effect without breaking a sweat. And with its protective round design, your candle efficiently shines bright all night through.

    Besides real tea light candles, you may also opt for battery-operated ones. Either can be provided by us. And because we like saving you the trouble of buying and cutting the wires to set them up, you can get yours with a four-foot long clear wire, too.

    Product sizes: 1″-2″ (diameter)