Photo Collage

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  • wooden seating chart

    Aster Rustic Wooden Seating Chart


    The pricing is based on per piece basis. The maximum table numbers it can hold is 21 and if you have more tables, rent 2. Stationery dimension may vary depending on the number of tables.

    Length : 32”
    Height : 24”

    Without border (to be followed when adding stationery):
    Length : 31”
    Height : 22”

    Size between the ropes:
    approx 6-7”

    Standard stationery/photo sizes:
    For up to 15 tables: approximately 4×6″ (5 per row)
    For 16-21 tables: we recommend 3.5×5.5″ (6-7 per row)

  • Nicholas White Seating Chart Frame


    Our Andy White Seating Chart Frame brilliantly uses white rectangular picture frames to create a seemingly abstract yet collective piece of art. It consists of twelve sections, which you can easily use to represent each table, but, of course, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your creativity. Or, as it is made of picture frames, you can use it to hold treasured photos, instead! Frame size: 4×6

    Note: frames only, no glass cover

  • Tarie Photo Collage Decor White Board


    To welcome your guests into your wedding or special event, rent out our Tarie Photo Collage Décor White Board! It has just the right amount of rustic and vintage charm and will give you tons of space for creativity. We recommend filling it with loads and loads of overlapping photos for a haphazard but satisfying look. The board is 29 & 1/2 tall and 23 & 1/2 wide.