Props: Bird Cage

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  • Bird Cages Centerpieces

    Tara Champagne Gold Bird Cage


    The Octagonal Bird Cage measures 18″ in height and 4″ each side. The Cylindrical Bird Cage measures 18″ in height and 7″ for the diameter (base).

    PS: Since these are a unique item, we rent them in mix styles (cylinder & octagonal) and paint colour may vary

  • White Bird Cage

    Natalie White Bird Cage


    If you’re looking for a unique card box, consider renting our Natalie White Bird Cage. It comes in full white and features a lovely floral design. Your guests can easily slip in their cards through the spaces between the bird cage’s thin bars or they can lift the dome section by removing the lock from the bottom half. You can embellish it with a few flowers or greenery for a more romantic look.