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  • Jackie Gold Plate Charger


    Dress up the white plates that came with your catering service or venue with our Gold Plate Chargers!

    They come in a shade of gold, which gives just the right amount of shine and sparkle. These chargers will instantly transform a simple table setting into an elegant and vintage one, reminiscent of the Great Gatsby.

    Diameter is approximately 13″.

  • Belmont Plate Charger (Gold)


    Great for stylish events. Make your event design pop even more with Belmont Plate Chargers. They are made of glass available in CLEAR + Gold Beaded. Approximately 13″.

    Minimum amount order required: 85
    Requires separate delivery fees. Delivery & Pickup fees start at $350 up

  • Orion Gold Plate Charger


    Step up the level of your table setting by renting out our Orion Gold Plate Chargers.

    They come in a lovely matte gold finish that will provide your event with a few more hints of sophistication and elegance.

    Gold is the perfect colour to add accents to any colour that your wedding theme follows!

    Check out our selection of gold cutlery, as well, to find pieces that will complement these plate chargers! Approximately 13″.

  • Gold Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holder

    Lara Gold Mercury Glass Votive / Tealight Candle Holder


    Price is per piece. Cleaning fee is included. Fake candles include battery.

    If real candle is selected: we provide 7hr tea light candles (or 7hr votive candle if tea light is not available).

    You can easily achieve a softer and cozier ambience by incorporating candles into your wedding or event. However, do not just have your candles sitting on your tables as is. The melted wax will just go all over the place! Rent our Lara Gold Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holders to avoid the mess and maintain an elegant look. They work well as table centerpieces in combination with white and pink flowers or items.

  • gold candlestick holderscandlestick holders

    Lan Gold Candlesticks Holder Taper


    Pricing is per piece. Taper candles are absolute must-haves for any romantic setting. Combine them with stunning gold holders and you have got yourself a complete package. Our Lan Gold Candlestick Holders come in different styles and heights that collectively work well to achieve a mismatched look. They feature slim stems that add to their sense of elegance and sophistication. Although they already make a statement as is, you can always add embellishments to them to better fit your style. Decorative elements that can be wrapped around the stems are highly recommended.

    Clear Hurricane Covers: sizes vary from 12-18″H x 2.5″-3″ diameter

    SETUP GUIDELINE: click here

    * A professional decorator is highly suggested for this item preferably someone experienced with setting up candlestick holders. See photos in the product page or video to check how we usually set them up.
    * Tools needed: Sticky Tack, Stick-Um Candle Adhesive, Cutter (The Stick-Um can be purchased from Yummi Candles, or Amazon; The Sticky Tack can be purchased from Dollarama, Walmart or Michaels)
    * Some of the candles may be higher than the clear covers, you will need to chop the candles off from the top to ensure that the candles are within the clear covers.
    * Some of the clear hurricane covers may have smaller diameter than the candle holders’ bases. Use STICKY TACK strategically to make them stable. We usually cut the sticky tack in small pieces and add per side (2-3 sides, judge if the glass is already stable).
    * Add Stick-Um Candle Adhesive at the bottom of the candles and stick in the holder (so the candle is more stable)

    ====> WARNING:
    * Once these are setup, DO NOT move the table.
    * The setup time for these usually take time, e.g. 3 hour setup time with at least 3 people should be good enough (this is a suggestion ONLY – this still depends on the speed and experience of the person setting up).

  • Gold Chiavari Chairs Toronto

    Gold Chiavari Chair


    Go for a subtle hint of elegance with our Gold Chiavari Chairs. Each chair features the charming Chiavari chair design and is fully painted in a lovely shade of gold. They do not need any more accessories to make a statement but, of course, you can freely embellish them with flowers, greenery, or fabric sashes to better suit your style.

    • Minimum amount order required: 100.
    • This product requires delivery + pickup services, extra fees will apply. Extra fees will be determined depending on the location and the amount of order. Starting from $750 (no guarantees until we get your order request).
    • Actual colours may vary (every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours).
    • Cushion colours: White or Ivory. Depending on availability.
  • Starbust Plate Charger (Gold, Silver)


    There is no better way to complete your guest tables than a bold and beautiful chargers.  These basic colours allow for it to match with a wide variety of themes and colours.  The perfect way to elevate your guest tables.

    Minimum amount order required: 85
    Requires separate delivery fees. Delivery & Pickup fees start at $350 up

    Starbust Luxury Plate Chargers for RENT.

    Available in Gold and  Silver. Approximately 13″.

  • Rim Gold Glass Charger Plates


    Add some elegance to your tabletop decor using these beautiful Gold Rim charger plates.

  • Rectangular TerrariumRectangular Terrarium Candle Holders

    Jasmine Rectangular Gold Terrarium Style


    Novel and delightful. That’s what terrarium centrepieces are!

    And if you’re looking to take this route for your event decor, the Jasmine Rectangular Terrarium is worth a look! Featuring a clear rectangular vase with gold trims, it makes for a wonderful piece to work with other design elements, from traditional to modern pieces!

    And available in two sizes, it lets you play around with spacing.

    Besides terrarium style, you can also use this versatile container as a regular vase for bigger flower arrangements.

    Product sizes: 3.5X5.5″ (small, great for pens, accessories), 6” x 10” (medium), 7” x 13.5” (large)

  • Andre Harlow Stand (Gold / White / Rose Gold)


    Need a stand for potted plants, floral runners, or round bouquets? The Andre Harlow Stand is what you need!

    Sturdy and stable, it offers good support for a range of floral arrangements, from aisle decors to table centrepieces. And available in two sizes, it lets you play around with space and height.

    It comes in three colour options to match the colour palette of your event. Great for traditional to modern-themed celebrations!

    Product sizes: 8” x 29.5”, 8” x 45”
    Opening at the top part: 5″
    Size of the plates we usually use: 6″
    Colours: rose gold, white, gold

  • Varied Gold Double Votive


  • gold votive candles hofland

    Lexie Gold Vintage Votive Candle Holders


    These are just a few of the many beautiful candle holders that we offer.

    Perfect for centrepieces and little decretive touches wherever you feel they are needed.

    Price is per piece. Cleaning fees included. Batteries included (for LED). Each ranges from 2-3″ diameter.We provide mix of heights if ordered multiple.

  • Gold TerrariumsGold Terrariums

    Mismatched Medium Geometric Gold Terrariums


    Pricing is per piece. You will be provided mixed sizes in either medium, small or extra small sizes. If you selected the option with candle, the candles that will be provided are either small pillar or tea light candles.

    Note: Most diameter inside ranges between 2″ to 4″. You may let us know your purpose of using this item so we can provide sizes accordingly (not guaranteed). Cleaning fees apply if they’re returned excessively dirty.

  • Gold Card Holder Table Number Holder

    Jaclyn Gold Card Holder Table Number Holder


    Our Jaclyn Gold Card Holder (weighted) features a minimalist design consisting of a semi-ball base and spiral top. Its simplicity allows it to work well with any kind of wedding or event, with or without complementary embellishments. It can easily be incorporated into your table centerpieces to hold your table numbers or be set on your other tables to indicate items.

  • Geometric Floral Centerpiece GoldGeometric Floral Centerpiece Gold

    Andy Geometric Gold Centrepiece


    Whether you are looking for a novel approach to flower decorating or searching for a way to make limited flowers look chic, this geometric centrepiece offers the perfect solution. Simply use it to frame a low-lying floral arrangement, and add some fairy lights or votive candles on the side. Voila, you get a charming and interesting centrepiece. Check out our different offerings with the Andy Geometric Centrepiece.

    Product size: 10” x 10”

  • Table number

    Tera Umbra Gold Frames


    With or without photos, our Tera Umbra Gold Frames are sure to make your event extra elegant. Each frame features a simple gold border complete with a stunning geometric design structure at the back that acts as its support. You can place them just about anywhere and are great for bringing in some modern accents into your rustic or vintage style décor. They come in 5×7 and 4×6 sizes, so please don’t forget to indicate which ones you want to rent out when placing your order.

    PS: Please note that the frame on the left side is NOT available any more.

    CUSTOM STATIONERY: We can create with your own wordings and choose a decor of your choice and print for you. We use either card stock or photo paper. Max 2 template revision then additional $50 per hour.

    WITH YOUR PHOTO: You will send us your photo in high resolution and we’ll print for you.

  • Sharpie Gold Lantern


  • Rose Gold Votive

    Lara Rose Gold Votive / Tea Light Candle Holders


    Price is per piece. Cleaning fee is included. Fake candles include battery.

    If real candle is selected: we provide 7hr tea light candles (or 7hr votive candle if tea light is not available).

  • Loisa Gold Pillar Candle Holder


    Pricing is per piece. We provide 2 varying heights if you order multiple amounts (candles vary in 2 heights as well).

  • Tall Gold Centerpiece

    Ashlyn Tall Gold Centerpiece

  • Chantelle Hurricane Bowl


    Opening: 6″-6.5″ diameter, 4.75H

  • Gold Wooden LanternLantern Decor

    Arriane Gold Wooden Lantern


    IMPORTANT: The size & appearance of each lantern may slightly vary but the overall style is similar. The roof is spray painted with Gold & the style of the body looks rustic and some with bits of metals. Please check the provided link to view the photos of other styles.

    Height: 14-16″ (add about 1.5-2″ for the holders – if there are any)
    Body Diameter: 5-6″
    Bottom Part Diameter: 5-6.5″

    GOLD & Easily achieve a rustic and vintage style wedding or event by renting out a bunch of our Ava Gold Wooden Lanterns. It has all the details of the vintage lantern but uses wood instead of the usual metal. They are just as sturdy as our other lanterns and can be used as table centerpieces or as hanging ornaments. Its wood has a lovely aged look that provides a wonderful contrast to its gold upper portion. To give it a romantic vibe, don’t be afraid to mix in a few flowers and greenery.

  • Merry Bright Gold Terrarium


  • Ash White Gold Lantern


    Our Ash White Gold Lantern pleasantly makes use of white and gold finishes to create a charming lantern that works well for any events. Its neutral color comes alive when combined with flowers and lush greenery. You can use it as a table centerpiece or as a hanging ornament you can place in various sections throughout your venue. This one comes with LED candles and batteries.

    The LED candle is irremovable.

  • Mercury Trumphet Vases

    Charlotte Gold Trumpet Pilsner Mercury Vase 23-24″


    The opening may vary a bit, approximately 3.5-4″ for the opening and 23-24″ high. Using floral arrangements for your table centerpieces can be quite tricky especially when it comes to choosing the vases to hold them in. Gold is never a bad option for any wedding or event, regardless of style or theme. Our Charlotte Gold Trumpet Pilsner Mercury Vases feature a lovely shade of gold and a crackled mercury finish. Each vase measures 23-24 inches in height, which is great for bringing attention to your floral arrangement without having to put them right in front of your guests’ faces. Given its trumpet shape, we recommend having a few tea light candles or string lights around its base.

  • Biltmore Harlow Stand

    Kara Floating Wild Arrangement


    The perfect centrepiece does exist!

    This Kara Floating Wild Arrangement is classic, elegant and matches perfectly with any wedding theme that your heart desires.

    Its beautiful arrangement including a variety of white flowers sitting upon a bed of elegant greenery allows for a show stopping, bold centrepiece.

    Sit these arrangements upon a high centrepiece stand to create a wonderful tall and airy guest table.

    The photos shown contains 2 centrepieces using Biltmore Gold Stand + Artificial Flowers. The pricing is based on 1 centrepiece. Dimension of the stand is 19.75″X 5.5″X 31.5″.

  • Le Persian Distressed Gold Candle Holder


    Beautiful candle accents. An excellent and elegant touch to any table.

    Price is per piece. Cleaning fees included. Batteries included (for LED). We provide mix of heights if ordered multiple.

  • Kane Gold Terrarium Trio


  • Chloe Mercury Vase

    Chloe Vintage Mercury Vase


    Available in GOLD or SILVER.

  • Manzanita treeManzanita tree

    Becca Gold Manzanita Tree (Wishing Tree)


    Whether you are looking for a unique way to collect guests’ well wishes or searching for a decorative item to go with a laid-back theme, the Becca Gold Manzanita Tree is worth a look!

    This spiral tree fits perfectly not only in vintage, shabby chic, or rustic themes but other styles as well.

    Towering at 30 inches high and sporting upward branches, it’s great to put beside other decor elements to play with height and texture.

    Candles are rented separately.

  • biltmore stand gold

    Andel Gold Biltmore Stand


    Need a floating floral arrangement for your event? The Andel Gold Biltmore Stand is right for you!

    Sturdy and stable, this stand supports various floral arrangements, from table centrepieces to aisle decors. And with its two-tiered design, you can place votive candles and curios at the bottom.

    And coming in a muted gold colour, this stand blends perfectly with a range of decorative elements, from vintage and rustic to shabby chic and Bohemian.

    Product size: 19.75″X 5.5″X 31.5″
    top part opening: approximately 4 and 3/4 inch (Width) and 19 and 3/4 inch (length).

  • Champagne Sequin Table Runner

    Rose Gold Sequin Table Runner


    Spice up your table setting by renting out our Rose Gold Sequin Table Runner. Each runner measures approximately 12”-16” x 108”.

  • Qay Display Easel Floor Stand


    Size vary a bit. Height is 62-66″, depth is 2.5″-3″ and extends up to 32″ horizontally.  What better way to present your welcome message than by having it propped up on a lovely easel! Our Qay Display Easel Floor Stand is made of metal and features a minimalist vintage design. It can easily hold large pieces such as photo frames, menu boards, signs, and seating charts. Some of our Gold easels have White distressed spots on them.

  • Cassidy Cedar Gold Terrarium Centrepiece


    Bring the warmth of the hearth to the table with the Cassidy Cedar Gold Terrarium Centerpiece.

    Featuring a gold-framed terrarium at the heart of a green and gold wreath, the centrepiece is a handsome reminder of the coziness of home and of special intimate celebrations.

    Want to quickly proceed to other items in your checklist? Rent the centrepiece with a real pillar candle or a battery-operated light for a quick and stress-free setup.

    Note: if you have a bulk order, we may use mismatched terrariums.

  • Gold Sequin Table Runner

  • Angel Classic Gold & Greenery Centrepiece


    price per set of 2 x Lan Gold Candlesticks Holder Taper with Real Candle & Clear Hurricane Cover, 2 x Loisa Gold Pillar Candle Holder with Real Pillar Candle & Clear Hurricane Cover, 2 x Varied Gold Double Votive, and Greenery with Florals or Gold Accents.

  • Divine Gold Candleholder

  • Blush Gold Sette French Style Love Seat

    Lauren Blush Gold Settee French Loveseat


    Approximate Dimension: 25 width x 66 length x 37 height

  • Bird Cages Centerpieces

    Tara Champagne Gold Bird Cage


    The Octagonal Bird Cage measures 18″ in height and 4″ each side. The Cylindrical Bird Cage measures 18″ in height and 7″ for the diameter (base).

    PS: Since these are a unique item, we rent them in mix styles (cylinder & octagonal) and paint colour may vary

  • Queenie Small Gold Easel Stand (Mismatched Styles)


    Our Queenie Gold Easel Stand (we have the similar one in multiple amount in mismatched styles) is made from metal and features a minimalist design. It is quite sturdy and can be used to hold chalkboards, prints, and picture frames. We also recommend renting a bunch of them and using them as simple table centerpieces. You can easily place printed table numbers on them and add a few flowers, greenery, or candles for a soft touch.

  • Dannie Rose Gold Table Numbers


    These adorable little table numbers are sure to impress.

    Rose Gold is in, so why not embrace the trend with these beautiful table top numbers. These wonderful 4″ by 4″ and 4″ by 6″ umbra frames look stunning paired or on their own. Pricing is per piece.

    Wow your guests with your decor!

  • 3-Tier Vintage Reversible Dessert Cupcake Stand (Gold)

    Hilary 3-Tier Gold Cupcake Stand


    This Hilary 3-Tier Gold Cupcake Stand is truly a dream come true!

    Its beautiful design allows for an elegant touch to any dessert table.  Its sparkling gold colour also allows it to match with a wide variety of colours, adding a touch of class.

    This piece is stunning and will allow for your guests to gravitate to the sweet treats that it will hold.

  • Gold Vintage Cake Stand

    Hadid Gold Cake Stand Vintage

  • Tokyo Name Card Holder


    Gold Metal Card Holder
    The holder stands cards size is about 1.5 x 35 x 35 mm

  • Bam Short Copper Arch (Avail in Rose Gold, Gold & White)


    Copper arch is available in Rose Gold/Copper, Gold, White. Diameter is 1/2″ or 3/4″ (depending on availability – still the same output). For indoor use only. We can also design and print a seating chart or welcome sign using either foam board or clear acrylic. Body font is available in white ink. Floral print can be added in a coloured semi-transparent for extra $20. Please select your options below.

  • Gold Satin Table Runner


    Embellish your tables with just the right amount of shine with our Gold Satin Table Runners. Each runner comes in a 12” x 108” size and is guaranteed to give any table that extra wow factor. If you want to tone it down a bit, we suggest using white or light-colored tabletop items and centerpieces. Adding some flowers and greenery will also work well to create a romantic look.

  • Seating Chart Copper Arch

    Bach Copper Arch (Avail in Rose Gold, Gold & White)


    Copper arch is available in Gold, White or Rose Gold/Copper. Please select your options below. Diameter is 1/2″ or 3/4″ (depending on availability – still the same output). For indoor use only. Seating Chart is separately ordered here: click here

  • Christina Gold Tall Cylinder Mercury Vase 20″


    Turn your lovely white or pastel colored floral arrangements into statement table centerpieces by holding them in our Christina Gold Tall Cylinder Mercury Vases. Each vase features a gold finish with a crackled mercury texture that radiates a sense of elegance and sophistication. They measure 20 inches in height so your flowers will be given the appreciation they deserve without having to be right within eye level of your guests. Presenting them as they are works for a minimalist style but you can also surround each vase with string lights or a few tea light candles for more romance.

  • Amore Gold Glass Box Terrarium

    Amore Gold Glass Box Terrarium

  • Gold Bar Cart

    Pat Gold Cart Bar


    Theres nothing we love more than a gorgeous furniture accent piece!

    This piece is light, airy, versatile and absolutely perfect for weddings.

    Gold in colour with glass shelves allow for this piece to be both minimalistic and bold at the same time, making it the perfect piece to match with a wide variety of wedding themes.

    *Please note that the bar cart is not suitable to be a mobile cart. Before putting on any items on the cart, the cart itself must be placed at it’s designated spot.

  • Estelle Gold Vintage Vase


    One of the key elements to achieving a Gatsby theme is making use of golf items. Our Estelle Gold Vintage Vase is sure to complete your overall event decoration and can be used for different things. You can embellish it with pearl strings, lace material, and other accessories to create a stunning decorative piece or you can use it to hold sweets at your dessert section. The choice is up to you!

  • Amanda Gold Lantern Greenery Centrepiece


    centerpiece arrangement only; table number is rented separately

  • Rose Gold Votive Candle Holder

    Lexal Rose Gold Vintage Votive Candle Holder


    These are just a few of the many beautiful candle holders that we offer.

    Perfect for centrepieces and little decretive touches wherever you feel they are needed.

    Price is per piece. Cleaning fees included. Batteries included (for LED). Each ranges from 2-3″ diameter.We provide mix of heights if ordered multiple.

  • Jade Jannah Peach Medium-Low Centrepiece


    Want to make less seem more? The Jade Jannah centrepiece offers the perfect solution!

    Featuring a pre-made centrepiece of medium-low vase and flowers, it makes for a charming decorative element. And with the right touch of gold and shine, it’s all at once posh, too.

    What a great way to rock the minimalist garden style! Place it side by side other golden decors for a luxurious look. Or, tone down your setup with less shiny pieces if you like.

    Make this charming centrepiece a part of your celebration!

  • Ciara Gold Cake Stand 14″


    This Ciara Gold Cake Stand is the perfect cake stand for any wedding.

    Its simplistic and classic gold colours allows for it to match any cake that will be there to celebrate your event with!

    Its smooth and chic look allows for it to be bold, but let the cake be the real star of the show! Let your cake sit on a wonderful, show stopping cake stand like this.

    14” diameter x 13.5”H

  • Large Gold Terrarium

    Akira Large Gold Glass Terrarium


    Good for receiving table (or as card box). The small terrarium at the back is NOT included (for sizing purposes only).

  • Gold Side Accent Side Table

    Beri Gold Side End Side Tables


    Pricing is per set of 2.

    Taller- approx. 23.5″ tall and 10″ wide
    Shorter- approx. 30.5″ tall and 12″ wide

  • Hexagon Arch

    Hexagon Hoop Backdrop Arch


    Modish and fashionable, the unique hexagon floral arch is a beauty! You can make it chic by opting for no sign or you can add a hip flair to your venue if you get the complete set-up.

    Size is approx 6-6.5′

    NOTE: Pricing is for one-sided faux floral. If you order fresh floral, the pricing is based on the same amount as in the photo. Pampas grass are not fresh.

    Designed for indoor use
    *If item is to be used outdoors, outdoor tools are required. Please be mindful of item placement due to unpredictable weather

  • Catriona Gold Accessory Holder


    Pricing is per piece.

  • Love Is Sweet Sign

    Ara Love is Sweet Sign (Blush & Gold)

  • Stefanie Antique Gold Ladder


    This beautiful Antique Gold Ladder features a faded finish and is an absolutely lovely addition to any rustic event. It is a 4-step ladder which is just the right height to get the attention of your guests but not have them feel as though they would need to stay clear of it in case it topples over. Its steps are wide enough for items to be placed on them. We suggest adding some flowers and greenery to it to achieve a chic feel.

  • Estella Maven Gold Vase


    Achieve a modern look with our Estella Maven Gold Vase. It features a geometric design and comes in a metallic gold color. You can use it to hold long-stemmed floral arrangements. We recommend using soft or pastel-colored flowers to serve as a nice contrast to the vase. For a whimsical look, you can surround it with string lights or tea light candles.

    Comes with 2 sizes:
    4″ x 8″
    3″ x 11″

  • Ara Gold Round Cake Stand Plateau


    This 18 inch stand is perfect for cakes, cupcakes or any other desserts!

    This classic gold stand is ideal for weddings or other special events.

    An elegant touch to any special day.

  • Soledad Mirrored Gold Rimmed Tray

  • Helen Gold Cake StandHelen Gold Beaded Cake Stand

    Helen Gold Beaded Cake Stand

  • Gold Mini Box

    Amore Mini Gold Glass Box

  • Rose Gold Sequin Backdrop

    Vash Rose Gold Sequin Backdrop


    Forget those computer printed backdrops and rent out our sequin backdrops, instead! Each of our backdrops make use of actual sequins to give your wedding or event the attention it deserves. Our Vash Rose Gold Sequin Backdrop is a great rental item you can use for your photo booth, as your head table backdrop, or as a wall section accent. It comes in a lovely shade of rose gold that borders on being copper. If you do not want to go for a loud gold color but still the luxurious ambience that often comes with it, this piece is highly recommended for you!

  • Gold Sequin Backdrop For Rent

    Vanessa Gold Sequin (Shimmering) Backdrop


    A little sparkle never hurt anyone! Our Gold Sequin (Shimmer) Backdrop is absolutely perfect for any event and will make your photo booth look effortlessly elegant and chic on its own. For a softer and more balanced look, the Gold Sequin Backdrop works well with light-colored or muted embellishments. It is approximately 8 ft x 8 ft in size which is more than enough for up to 10 people to pose in front of.

    IMPORTANT: The props are not included in the pricing. The purpose of the main photo is to show you how you can use it. The 3rd photo is what you are getting. To achieve the whole setup, you need about 3 set of gold backdrops and rent the props separately. Scroll down below and check the “FREQUENTLY BOUGHT TOGETHER” to add them to your cart.

  • Angelica Rose Gold Geometric Terrarium Open Style


    You can use as a centrepiece or hang on a backdrop.

  • Advice for the MR & MRS

    Ara Advice for the New Mr & Mrs Sign (Blush & Gold)

  • Great Gatsby Welcome Sign


    A captivating blend of vintage elegance and Art Deco charm. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite sign is the perfect way to set the tone for your Gatsby-themed event.

    With its striking design, our Welcome Sign will make a grand statement at the entrance, evoking the allure and opulence of the iconic Great Gatsby era.

    Welcome your guests in style and make a lasting impression with this timeless piece of decor.

    Approximate size: 24in x 36in

  • Gold Gala Centerpiece

    Dorothy Gold Terrarium Centrepiece


    This Gold Gala centrepiece (gold leaves garland around a Gold terrarium and faux pillar candle) would be perfect for Gold-themed events such as gala, corporate, social or christmas, holiday events.

    each set includes gold terrarium with LED Candle, leaves garland, and 3 gold votives

    *terrarium and votives may come in varying styles

  • Cara Solid Gold Cylinder Vase 8″


    If you are planning to get white or pastel colored floral arrangements for your table centerpieces, you will not regret presenting them in our Cara Solid Gold Cylinder Vases. They provide a great contrast to the softness of your flowers and will undoubtedly help you achieve a balanced look. Each vase measures 8 inches in height, which is perfect for casual and charming table settings.

  • Gold Sequin Tablecloth


    Adding gold touches to your rustic or vintage event will instantly give it that extra wow factor. You can choose to mix them in through small props and tabletop items, or you can go all out and rent our Gold Sequin Tablecloth! We recommend using it for your head table to instantly get your guests attention. If you are afraid it might be too sparkly, it can easily be muted down by the use of blush-colored décor pieces or flowers.

  • Lumi Gold Candle Set


  • Christmas Garland Berry Gold


    Pricing is per 1′ if you order only garland. Per 2′ with the gold decor accents.

  • Cedar Garland Greenery Gold Leaves


    Pricing is per 1′.

  • rose gold backdrop drape

    Lawrence Rose Gold Drapery · Fabric Backdrop

    From: $65.00

    Pricing is per panel. Per 1′, we recommend using at least 1 panel. You don’t want to use the exact dimension or it will look too flat and see through. Each panel is approx 60-80″ wide and can go up to 12′ high (you can use this on lower backdrop height and hide the rest at the back). Stand is rented separately.

  • Sign Guest Globe

    Ara Sign Our Guest Globe Sign (Blush & Gold)


    Having a guest globe for your event? Make sure guests don’t miss out on the fun with this pretty sign!

    Rendered in sweet palette of blush and gold, the Ara Sign Our Guest Globe Sign makes for a lovely and fitting accessory for range of wedding themes, including rustic and shabby chic. Best of all, it gets the job done in soliciting wonderful love notes from guests.

    Get everyone to send you off with well-wishes with the help of this wonderful reminder!

  • Rose Gold Caviar Tablecloth


    Available in 90″ x 156″ Rectangle or 132″ Round

  • Rose Gold Sequin Tablecloth


    If you want to add some sparkle into your venue but gold is a bit too Gatsby-ish for you, consider renting our Rose Gold Sequin Tablecloth. It comes in a lovely blush shade with copper undertones. You can use it to draw attention to your head table or you can rent out a whole bunch of them to cover all tables at your event. Top it off with simple and minimalist tableware and tabletop accessories to create a nice contrast. Make sure to let us know what size you need when you place your order!

  • gold champagne christmas

    Mariah Gold & White Centerpiece


    Keep it classy with this Gold & Champagne centerpiece. Designed for Holiday/Christmas events, and Gala! Pricing includes mistmatched terrariums with LED candles, wreath arrangement filled with Christmas balls and picks.

  • Rose Gold Cake Stand

    Hadid Rose Gold Cake Stand Vintage


    Diameter: 12 inches

  • Helen Gold Beaded Cake Stand

    Gold Beaded Cake Stand

  • Gold Mr Mrs

    Mr & Mrs Gold Wooden Letters


    Complete you head table décor by renting out our Mr & Mrs Gold Wooden Letters. Each letter is made separate from the others so you can easily arrange them in any which way you want. The letters are all made of wood and are coated in a lovely gold matte finish to provide you with just the right amount of shimmer. They are about an inch thick and are sturdy enough to stand on almost any surface. You can also use them as props for other sections of your wedding.

  • Great Gatsby Seating Chart


    This exquisite Seating Chart is meticulously designed to add a touch of opulence to your Gatsby-themed event.

    Our seating chart is not only visually stunning but also highly functional, allowing you to effortlessly guide your guests to their assigned seats with a touch of old-world sophistication.

    Elevate your event decor and create an unforgettable seating arrangement with this timeless piece inspired by the iconic Great Gatsby era. Contact us today for information about customizing!

    Approximate size:
    Standard Size (up to 300 guests): 22in x 33in to 30in x 45in
    Long Format (within 400 to 500 guests): 24in x 65in – Hanging Style with Two Holes

  • Gold Circular Arch

    Cassidy Faux Gold & Green Round Arch


    Pricing is for one-sided faux floral

    Designed for indoor use
    *If item is to be used outdoors, outdoor tools are required. Please be mindful of item placement due to unpredictable weather

    Guide to setting up outdoor: click here.

  • Celine Geometric Gold Centrepiece


    Easily add a touch of glam to your rustic decors with the Celine Geometric Gold Centrepiece.Featuring a wooden base and green foliage ensemble inflected by golden leaves and a geometric frame, the centerpiece is sweetness and sophistication all at once! And with a string of fairy lights binding the elements together, it throws in some magic and romance in the air, too. Simple yet chic, the centrepiece is perfect for intimate celebrations that are truly special.

  • Champagne Sequin BackdropChampagne Sequin Backdrop

    Vae Champagne Sequin Backdrop


    Each of our sequin backdrops available for rent is not printed to mimic the shimmer actual sequins create under event lighting. Instead, all our backdrops feature thousands of sequins to give your wedding or event that authentic touch of glitz and glam. Our Vae Champagne Sequin Backdrop comes in a lovely shade of gold with pink or dirty rose undertones. It is the perfect item to rent out if you want to go for a sophisticated chic style.

  • & Gold Sign Ampersand

    Em Ampersand (AND) Gold Sign


    Our Em Ampersand (AND) Gold Sign features a simple and modern “&” symbol situated on top of a black base. It is a wonderful décor item to have on top of your registration table or head table for that instant sense of sophisticated fun! You can also hang printed table numbers on its protruded horizontal section and surround it with dainty candles or lovely flowers to create a unique centerpiece.