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  • Acrylic Column Acrylic PedestalAcrylic pedestal floral wedding

    Jack Acrylic Clear Column Stand Pedestal


    We have the following sizes (of columns/pedestals/plinths): 10″ x 10″ x 6″ | 10″ x 10″ x 10″ | 10″ x 10″ x 23-24″ | 12″ x 12″ x 30″

  • Wooden Wine Barrels Whiskey For RentToronto Barrels

    Wooden Wine Barrels


    Our Wooden Wire Barrels can serve as lovely décor accessories to your rustic wedding or event. You can have your flower arrangements placed on top of them for that shabby chic ambiance. If you want to get a bit more creative, you can even use them to create your own unique food or dessert table! Whichever way you decide to use them, they are sure to give your venue that extra bit of country charm.

    Height: 35″-36″
    Diameter: 20″-21″ – PS: The photos are actual photos of the barrels. The tabletop is approximately 23.5″ wide x 95″.5 long.

    Note: Each barrel may look slightly different.

  • Boxwood Backdrop

    Abby 3-Tier Wooden Cupcake Stand


    Pricing is per piece.

    Complete your rustic look with our Abby 3-Tier Wooden Cupcake Stand. Each tier is made from a relatively thick wooden slab. It is an incredible way to dress up your dessert table without actually having to use a lot of decorations. The stands are very sturdy, and will not easily topple over regardless of how the cupcakes will be placed. And don’t worry, they are absolutely clean and safe to use for food!

    Each tier has a diameter of  8″  for the top, 13″ for the second and 15″ for the base.

  • Cassia Clear Cupcake Stand


    Dimensions Guide:

    5 TIER: based on approx 2″ diameter cupcake = 18-24 cupcakes

    • first tier (top) = 6″ = 2-3 cupcakes
    • 2nd tier = 7.5″ = 3-4 cupcakes
    • 3rd tier = 9″ = 4-5 cupcakes
    • 4th tier = 10″ = 4-5 cupcakes
    • 5th tier = 12″ = 5-6 cupcakes


    4 TIER: based on approx 2″ diameter cupcake = 16-20 cupcakes

    • first tier (top) = 6″ = 2-3 cupcakes
    • 2nd tier = 7.5″ = 3-4 cupcakes
    • 3rd tier = 9″ = 4-5 cupcakes
    • 4th tier = 10″ = 4-5 cupcakes


    The Cassia Clear Cupcake Stand is a wonderful item that you should rent especially if you want to focus everyone’s attention on your cupcakes. Each tier is made from a thin, but sturdy, circular piece of clear plastic. Once filled, it will look like a delicious stack of floating cupcakes. If you will be using it for a wedding, you can choose to just have a small wedding cake done and place it on the very top tier. Then, you can creatively fill the lower levels with matching cupcakes, which, in the end, will ultimately save you a lot of money.

  • 3-Tier Vintage Reversible Dessert Cupcake Stand (Gold)

    Hilary 3-Tier Gold Cupcake Stand


    This Hilary 3-Tier Gold Cupcake Stand is truly a dream come true!

    Its beautiful design allows for an elegant touch to any dessert table.  Its sparkling gold colour also allows it to match with a wide variety of colours, adding a touch of class.

    This piece is stunning and will allow for your guests to gravitate to the sweet treats that it will hold.

  • 13" White cake stand Rental

    Ali White Cake Stand 13″


    13″ Diameter White Cake Stand

  • Mia Shabby Ivory Server - Dessert Table - Cake Table Rental

    Mia Shabby Ivory Server – Dessert Table – Cake Table Rental


    Seriously, who wouldn’t love this Chic Shabby White Romantic French Wooden Server / Buffet – you can use it as your dessert or cake table. Pair it with some flower arrangements & drapery = perfection!

  • Araceli Wooden Slab


    Our Araceli Wooden Slab can be used in more ways than one. You can use it as a plate charger to complete your rustic table setting or as the base for your table centerpiece. If you do not want to overcrowd your guests’ tables with wooden pieces, you can simply use the slabs as cupcake stands for your dessert table, instead.

  • Wooden Slab Cake Stand

    Keira Round Wooden Slabs Cake Stand 17″


    Diameter: approx 16″-17″ with 1″ thickness. Pricing is per piece.

  • Bach Classic Black Cake Stand


    This 12 inch, classic, black cake stand is an excellent piece to let your desserts shine.

    Its simplistic design allows for it to be the perfect touch to any party!

  • Zayna Black Column Stand Pedestal


    These black column pedestals are bold, versatile and useful for just about anything.

    They are perfect to put any decor or design upon to make the pieces stand out.  They are also perfect for planting a wonderful floral arrangement on top of! Its dark and solid appearance is ideal to make flowers pop!

    These pieces match with just about anything.

    We have the following sizes (of columns/pedestals/plinths): 12″ x 28″ | 13″ x 39″

  • Cassandra Wooden Cake Stand


    No rustic wedding or event is complete without the use of wooden décor items or accessories. The Braylon Wooden Cake Stand is a charming piece that will bring more attention to that cake you have been dying to see in person. The stand is entirely made of wood, so you will not have to worry about it not being sturdy. The diameter is approximately 12.5″, and the height is approximately 3″.

  • Amore Gold Glass Box Terrarium

    Amore Gold Glass Box Terrarium

  • Dana Huge Wooden Cake Stand (Wood Slice)


    This Huge Wooden Cake Stand will make a perfect foundation for your wedding cake. Its wood is white in color and is a great contrast against vivid nature tones. Depending on the feel you want to achieve, you can add different embellishments to it such as flowers and foliage. Just make sure to not overdecorate it to avoid overpowering your wedding cake’s allure.

  • Gold Bar Cart

    Pat Gold Cart Bar


    Theres nothing we love more than a gorgeous furniture accent piece!

    This piece is light, airy, versatile and absolutely perfect for weddings.

    Gold in colour with glass shelves allow for this piece to be both minimalistic and bold at the same time, making it the perfect piece to match with a wide variety of wedding themes.

    *Please note that the bar cart is not suitable to be a mobile cart. Before putting on any items on the cart, the cart itself must be placed at it’s designated spot.

  • White Distressed Table

    Shara White Distressed Table


    The sweetest little table that anyone could as for!

    This adorable table is ideal for a sweets table! Topped with wonderful cakes, pies, cookies and more, this table is perfect to help satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Its simplistic and distressed design combined with its white colour allows it to be the perfect piece for any wedding theme.

    Use this table for just about anything to make whatever you place on top of it pop!

    Height: 30″
    Length: 5′
    Width: 3′

  • Hadid White Cake Stand Elegant


    This 12 inch, elegant, white cake stand is the perfect touch to any event.

    Its sleek design matches a variety of themes and is excellent for, but not limited to, raising special event cakes and cupcakes.

    Help make your special events pop with elegant decor.

  • Ella Distressed White Vanity Server Table

    Ella Distressed White Vanity Server Table


    White wedding elegance alert!

    This piece is not only unique and beautiful, but also extremely versatile. As a simplistic furniture piece, this piece is useful for just about anything.

    From being a wonderful accent piece to an elegant set up or as a twist on a traditional greeting table, this table can be used for just about anything!

    Approximate Dimension: 148 Length x 51 Width x 101 Height

  • Catriona Gold Accessory Holder


    Pricing is per piece.

  • Karol Wooden Cake Stand

    Bey Wooden Cake Stand

  • Helen Gold Cake StandHelen Gold Beaded Cake Stand

    Helen Gold Beaded Cake Stand

  • Ara Gold Round Cake Stand Plateau


    This 18 inch stand is perfect for cakes, cupcakes or any other desserts!

    This classic gold stand is ideal for weddings or other special events.

    An elegant touch to any special day.

  • Brooker Cake Stand

    Brooker Cake Stand


    13” x 4.5”
    12″ diameter of the marble

  • Susan White Column Stand Pedestal

  • Cindy Large Medium Apothecary Jar


    Do not settle for regular giant bowls to hold your sweets and snacks at your dessert table. Consider renting out our Large Medium Apothecary Jars, instead, to make things look more attractive. They feature clear glass and come complete with glass lids. Each jar works well on its own but you can easily give it more charm by wrapping lace, burlap, or other decorative strings around its throat.

  • Asteria Marble Polyresin Column Stand Pedestal

  • Flower CartWhite Flower Cart White Candy Cart Toronto

    Maggie White Candy Sweet Cart · Flower Cart


    Putting together a birthday bash for your little one? Getting ready for a baptismal party? Make it an instant hit with this candy cart! With its plain white canvas, this creative dessert table is ready for styling, matching a range of kiddie themes. This versatile cart is ready to indulge grown-ups, too, and show up in adult affairs!Need help getting your candy cart event-ready? Let us know and we can take care of the front decal sign and/or the floral roof accent.

    If you choose the following options:

    • Decal Sign: Pricing is based on up to 2 lines
    • Floral Design: Basic floral design (no complicated)


  • Wood Slabs

    Kamira Wooden Slabs Cake Stand


    18″ long x 7″ wide x 1″ thickness

  • Ara Silver Round Cake Stand Plateau


    This beautiful 16 inch stand is perfect for cakes, cupcakes and desserts.

    Its elegant style allows for it to be ideal for weddings and parties.

    A classic touch to any dessert table!