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  • Geometric Floral Centerpiece GoldGeometric Floral Centerpiece Gold

    Andy Geometric Gold Centrepiece


    Whether you are looking for a novel approach to flower decorating or searching for a way to make limited flowers look chic, this geometric centrepiece offers the perfect solution. Simply use it to frame a low-lying floral arrangement, and add some fairy lights or votive candles on the side. Voila, you get a charming and interesting centrepiece. Check out our different offerings with the Andy Geometric Centrepiece.

    Product size: 10” x 10”

  • Tree Centerpiece WeddingRhys Wooden Centrepice

    Mia Tree Wooden Centrepiece Stand


    This stand is about as unique as it gets! Elegant, rustic and magical all in one, this stand will help match any wedding theme and any colour pallet that your heart desires.

    Perfectly sitting upon your guest tables, this centrepiece stand will help your beautiful floral arrangements stand tall!

    This piece is truly one of a kind and will help make your wedding one to remember.

    Stand Dimensions:
    36″ for the stand alone.
    Approximately 47” high with the floral arrangement.
    8.5” bottom diameter

    As for the arrangement, it should be additional 1.5′-2′.

    We can change the SILK arrangement colours to another colour (additional may apply).

  • bright bud vase arrangement

    Cara Bright Bud Vase Floral Arrangement


    Make your space pop with pretty bright bud vase arrangements in varying heights. Pricing is per piece.

  • Jade Jannah Peach Medium-Low Centrepiece


    Want to make less seem more? The Jade Jannah centrepiece offers the perfect solution!

    Featuring a pre-made centrepiece of medium-low vase and flowers, it makes for a charming decorative element. And with the right touch of gold and shine, it’s all at once posh, too.

    What a great way to rock the minimalist garden style! Place it side by side other golden decors for a luxurious look. Or, tone down your setup with less shiny pieces if you like.

    Make this charming centrepiece a part of your celebration!

  • Shara Starry Woodland Centrepiece


    You will get sets of 3 cylinders in 3 different heights vary from 6″, 8″, 12″, 16″ with string lights and 1 6ft green garland. Battery included.

  • Jade Wild Peach Faux Floral Centrepiece


    If you’re searching for a low-lying floral arrangement, the Jade Wild Peach Centrepiece is worth a look!

    A dainty combination of varied peach florals and greenery, this floral centrepiece is sure to sit prettily on the table and charm your guests. Resembling a collection of wild flowers and foliage, it easily lends a chic and carefree vibe to your celebration.

    Like the arrangement but wish to change some colours to match the motif of your event? We can do that, too!

    Make this charming centrepiece a part of your celebration today!

    Note: Colour change may incur an additional fee. We can also use any lower vases that fit the arrangement. Candles and table numbers not included.

  • Aria Silk Blush Floral Arrangement High Centrepiece


    Centrepieces are always the most important piece to any guest table. Leave your guests speechless with these gorgeous high vase centre pieces.

    Make your special night one to remember with beautiful decor to surround an amazing night.

    High floral centrepieces are a wonderful way to add depth, height and elegance to any table!

  • Lucy Burgundy Peach Silk Floral Arrangement Backdrop


    Pricing per 1 piece. The vase is 7.5″ wide (opening) and 17″ high.

    This is meant to be used as a backdrop – ONLY front side is arranged.

    Designed for indoor use
    Not recommended for outdoor use. Please be mindful of item placement in high traffic areas and if near open areas, unpredictable weather

    vase & plinths/stands may vary

  • clear trumpet peach centerpiece

    Jade Peach Floral Arrangement on Clear Trumpet Vase


    If you’re searching for a unique high flower arrangement, this wonderful Jade floral piece is worth a look!

    Featuring a bouquet of white and peach florals sitting on a clear trumpet vase, this dainty floral arrangement is sure to catch the fancy and curiosity of your guests. It’s chic, carefree, and dreamy all at once!

    And if you wish to change some colours to match the motif of your event, we can do that, too!

    Note: Colour change may incur an additional fee.

  • Margaux Lantern Faux Centrepiece


    Pricing is per piece. We can change the SILK arrangement colours to another colour (additional may apply).

  • Peach Fuzz White Floating Floral Arrangement


    Introducing our Peach Fuzz & White Floating Floral Arrangement – the epitome of modern elegance with a trendy twist. This arrangement seamlessly blends delicate white blossoms with soft peach accents, creating an effortlessly organic and on-trend centerpiece. Perfect for any occasion where you want to strike that balance between modern chic and a touch of nature. Whether it’s a special event, a stylish dinner, or just enhancing your space, this arrangement is here to elevate your decor game with its trendy, organic vibes.

    The pricing is based on 1 centrepiece (stand).

  • Summer Floral Colour-Blocking Arrangements


    Step up your summer vibes with our Summer Floral Colour-Blocking Arrangements. These vibrant and playful floral designs are all about adding a burst of energy to your space. Perfect for brightening up any room, your summer soirées, or just bringing some cheerful vibes to your day. Get ready to embrace the sunny season in style!

  • Floren Bud Vase Floral Arrangement


    Pricing is per piece.

  • dried flowers

    Dannie Bohemian Floral Arrangement

  • Jade Peach & White Greenery Centrepiece


    Going minimalist doesn’t have to be boring. A minimalist floral arrangement like the Jade High Silk Centrepiece is a testament to that!

    A pre-made centrepiece of silk florals and greenery in a tall vase, this peach and cream bouquet makes for a dainty decorative element for your guests’ table.

    Want to change some of the colours to match the motif of your event? We can do that, too!

    Note: Colour change may incur an additional fee.