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  • Geometric Floral Centerpiece GoldGeometric Floral Centerpiece Gold

    Andy Geometric Gold Centrepiece


    Whether you are looking for a novel approach to flower decorating or searching for a way to make limited flowers look chic, this geometric centrepiece offers the perfect solution. Simply use it to frame a low-lying floral arrangement, and add some fairy lights or votive candles on the side. Voila, you get a charming and interesting centrepiece. Check out our different offerings with the Andy Geometric Centrepiece.

    Product size: 10” x 10”

  • White Cherry Blossom Centrepiece

    Dulce White Cherry Blossoms Silk Centrepiece


    Each centrepiece includes 15 stems of blossoms.

    Want to have everything set, including the flowers, days before the event? These silk flowers are the way to go!

    Natural-looking but non-wilting, this white cherry blossom centrepiece offers you a fuss-free way to meet your decoration needs. Set it up the night before or earlier, so you’ll never have to worry about your silk blossoms losing their ‘freshness’.

    And coming with a tall vase of the colour of your choice, your flower decoration needs have just been conveniently covered for you.

    Product size: 23’-24’ tall (vase), 42’-48’ tall (total setup)

  • Alice Wild Faux Floral Arrangement


    Floral arrangements are a your way of adding colour, style and beautiful accents to any space in your wedding!

    This Alice Wild Faux Floral Arrangement (previously called Armina) screams elegance and class.  It the perfect arrangement as it matches with a variety of wedding themes and colours! White flowers, including faux white roses, accented with wild and leafy greenery are a match made in heaven!

    Adding exciting and bold floral arrangements to your centrepieces will help make your guest tables shine and allow your entire wedding theme to come together.

    Notes: The base is included.

  • White Cherry Blossom Trees

    Dulce White Blossom Tree


    Pricing is per piece. Looking for the perfect decor to celebrate your special milestone with? You can never go wrong with our cherry blossom tree!

    Known for its fleeting blooms that are gone after only two weeks, the cherry blossom embodies the brilliance, fragility, and transience of every moment.

    Looking natural, our faux white cherry blossom tree captures the essence of the real tree and stays ‘fresh’ and immaculate white the whole time.

    Get one or more of this exquisite beauty, and create an ethereal feel for your event that’s bound to be remembered for a lifetime!

    Height Height per tree is approx 6’ high and approx 8.5’ high if riser is added.

    Shades of trees will vary.

  • Nikki Pretty Pink Aisle Marker


    Make each and every row you walk past on your big day special with these beautiful aisle markers.

    Remember your every step from your special walk down the aisle with these classic, detailed aisle markers.

    It is your special day, make it one to remember with elegant detailing.

    Price per marker. This is faux/silk flowers.

  • Biltmore Harlow Stand

    Kara Floating Wild Arrangement


    The perfect centrepiece does exist!

    This Kara Floating Wild Arrangement is classic, elegant and matches perfectly with any wedding theme that your heart desires.

    Its beautiful arrangement including a variety of white flowers sitting upon a bed of elegant greenery allows for a show stopping, bold centrepiece.

    Sit these arrangements upon a high centrepiece stand to create a wonderful tall and airy guest table.

    The photos shown contains 2 centrepieces using Biltmore Gold Stand + Artificial Flowers. The pricing is based on 1 centrepiece. Dimension of the stand is 19.75″X 5.5″X 31.5″.

  • Blush Flower Arrangement Silk Wedding

    Biara Blush & Pink Floral Faux Arrangement Centrepiece

  • White Silk Flower Arrangement

    Achel Silk White Floral Arrangement


    without the table number

  • Tree Centerpiece WeddingRhys Wooden Centrepice

    Mia Tree Wooden Centrepiece Stand


    This stand is about as unique as it gets! Elegant, rustic and magical all in one, this stand will help match any wedding theme and any colour pallet that your heart desires.

    Perfectly sitting upon your guest tables, this centrepiece stand will help your beautiful floral arrangements stand tall!

    This piece is truly one of a kind and will help make your wedding one to remember.

    Stand Dimensions:
    36″ for the stand alone.
    Approximately 47” high with the floral arrangement.
    8.5” bottom diameter

    As for the arrangement, it should be additional 1.5′-2′.

    We can change the SILK arrangement colours to another colour (additional may apply).

  • Greenery Centerpiece Garden Wedding garden style centerpiece green white wedding

    Atie Garden Faux Flower Arrangement


    Not a fan of high centrepieces? Or want to mix your overall centrepieces with high and low arrangements? Here’s a perfect one for you! Floral accent colours can be changed.

    The table number is rented separately.

  • wild tropical summer centerpiece safari jungleTropical Centerpieces Wedding Jungle Safari

    Dan Tropical Wild Centrepiece


    Having a summer tropica/jungle or even a safari themed event? Here’s a perfect centrepiece idea for you filled with varying tropical leaves!

  • Kylie Lavender Flower Arrangement

  • Burgundy Flower Wedding

    Anasia Flower Arrangement Centrepiece


    Silk floral arrangement for RENT; Lots of greenery and mix of red + white flowers. Orange flowers could be taken out. The vases we use for this is our Chloe or Chantelle.

  • Cherry Blossom Centerpiece

    Dulce Blush Pink Cherry Blossoms Silk Centrepiece


    Height is approximately 40″. The pink blossom shades vary (blush pink, light blush, light pink).

  • Greenery with candles

    Harper Faux Greenery with Candles Centrepiece


    Pricing is per centerpiece set (3 candle holders with candles + greenery – you will have to set up the greenery if you’re picking up).

    We give variety of sizes between 6″,8″,12″ or 16″.

  • Tall centerpiece garden style wedding

    Khloe White & Greenery Silk Centrepiece


    Combination of white & off-white & greeneries using Clear Trumpet Vase.

  • Hera Winter Wonderland Centrepiece (High)


    Breathtakingly immaculate, immaculately breathtaking…That’s the Hera Winter Wonderland Centerpiece!

    A bouquet of white, sheer blooms framed by frozen pine needles gives this centrepiece an otherworldly look. And with the bouquet set high on top of a silver vase, the ensemble looks like a delicate ice sculpture.

    Position this goddess along the walls or on the tables to set the tone for an ethereal Christmas or white-themed celebration. One that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

  • Greenery GarlandRustic Setup Backdrop Wooden Arch

    Stella Silk Greenery Garland Runner


    This is usually good for 6′-8′ long table if you want to achieve the similar style in the photo. The colours of the flowers can be changed to BLUSH, PURPLE/LILAC, PEACH, LIGHT BLUE, BLUSH, PINK, BURGUNDY, RED, WHITE/IVORY.

  • Asunta Artificial Floral Arrangement


    This is meant to be used as a backdrop – ONLY front side is arranged. Pricing per 1 piece. The vase is 7.5″ wide (opening) and 17″ high.

  • Amanda Gold Lantern Greenery Centrepiece


    centerpiece arrangement only; table number is rented separately

  • Jade Jannah Medium-Low Centrepiece


    Want to make less seem more? The Jade Jannah centrepiece offers the perfect solution!

    Featuring a pre-made centrepiece of medium-low vase and flowers, it makes for a charming decorative element. And with the right touch of gold and shine, it’s all at once posh, too.

    What a great way to rock the minimalist garden style! Place it side by side other golden decors for a luxurious look. Or, tone down your setup with less shiny pieces if you like.

    Make this charming centrepiece a part of your celebration!

  • Greenery Wedding Floral Runner Head Table Floral Garland Sweet Heart Table

    Atie Artificial Floral Runner


    Here’s a beautiful garden style faux floral runner ideal for head tables. Feel free to change colours to your liking.

    PS: Only the runner is included. Backdrop can be ordered separately.

  • Jade Wild Peach Faux Floral Centrepiece


    If you’re searching for a low-lying floral arrangement, the Jade Wild Peach Centrepiece is worth a look!

    A dainty combination of varied peach florals and greenery, this floral centrepiece is sure to sit prettily on the table and charm your guests. Resembling a collection of wild flowers and foliage, it easily lends a chic and carefree vibe to your celebration.

    Like the arrangement but wish to change some colours to match the motif of your event? We can do that, too!

    Make this charming centrepiece a part of your celebration today!

    Note: Colour change may incur an additional fee. We can also use any lower vases that fit the arrangement. Candles and table numbers not included.

  • Dulce Pinky White Cherry Blossom Tree


    What better way to brighten up your life, and your event, than a beautiful, unique and romantic cherry blossom tree?!

    This Dulce Pinky White Cherry Blossom Tree is a wonderful piece for any event that you may be planning! Cherry blossoms are known for being one of the most romantic flowers out there, and by including them in your wedding, you are adding the perfect elegant touch of romance to make your event stand out.

    Set the perfect mood for your wedding, add a touch of flair to any space that needs it and even use as a wonderful area for photos. This piece is sure to make any event oh so sweet!

    Product size:
    Tree only: approx 6′ high
    Tree with riser: approx 8.5′ high (riser is approx 2.5′ high)


  • Fake Silk Flower Bouquet For Rent

    Karina White & Greenery Fake Silk Flower Bouquet

  • Blush & White Centerpiece For Rent Silk

    Kyra Blush & White Silk Floral Arrangement

  • Blush Floral Arch U

    Alana Blush U Floral Arch


    This beautiful blush & pink floral arch backdrop rental would be perfect for a wedding and any event. Floral accent colours can be changed. Extra charges may apply for delivery, setup, and pickup services (to be determined after placing your order request).

    Guide to setting up outdoor: click here

  • Slate Blue Wedding Centerpiece

    Catriona Slate Blu Floral Arrangement

  • Jade Wild Garden Style Backdrop


    Going for a minimalistic garden look? The Jade Wild Garden Backdrop is a sure fit to your event theme!

    Featuring a wide and double-arch design, this arch makes for a stable indoor arch. And with a number of add-on products and services available, all you might have to do is enjoy it on the day of the event.

    On top of your arch, you can have the drapery, customized sign on a clear 3mm acrylic board, and silk flowers (as shown in the picture with the option to change the peach blossoms) to go with it.

    And should you like to get only the frame, that’s fine too! The arch conveniently disassembles into six parts, so you can transport it with ease in a standard-sized vehicle.

  • Aria Silk Blush Floral Arrangement High Centrepiece


    Centrepieces are always the most important piece to any guest table. Leave your guests speechless with these gorgeous high vase centre pieces.

    Make your special night one to remember with beautiful decor to surround an amazing night.

    High floral centrepieces are a wonderful way to add depth, height and elegance to any table!

  • Harlow Stand Backdrop

    Ally Harlow Wild Faux Backdrop


    Get trendy with this pretty harlow stand backdrop! Easy to setup too. You can easily set them up by stacking them together.

    We can change the colours of the floral to match your theme, and the colour of the harlow stand as well (more than 2 colour change may apply extra fees).

    Note: Delivery, setup, and pickup services available for extra charge.

    Need a floral runner to match it? Check this out.

    NOTE: You would need heavy bases if you’re using this for outdoor, or you need to tie them against a heavy duty wall. The gap in between is usually 5′ or 60″ apart when you put them together. The height is approx 75″ high.

  • Jessa Wild Silk Greenery High Centrepieces


    Simplistic centrepieces allow for you to do the decorating.

    This simplistic piece matches perfectly with any colours and themes that your wedding will have.

    Decorate this piece with flowers, colours and ribbons the way you want to perfectly match your dream wedding.

  • Lucy Burgundy Peach Silk Floral Arrangement Backdrop


    Pricing per 1 piece. The vase is 7.5″ wide (opening) and 17″ high. This is meant to be used as a backdrop – ONLY front side is arranged.