Furniture: King & Queen Chairs

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  • King and Queen Chair Whitefancy bride and groom chair wedding

    Bride & Groom White Chairs Individual (King & Queen Tufted)


    When choosing the seats for your head table, make sure to not sacrifice you and your partner’s comfort for the sake of aesthetics. But do not settle for tacky pieces, as well! Our Bride & Groom White Chairs will serve as nice retreats from all the excitement and festivities. The seats are made of white leather and feature lovely crystals. Pricing is based on 1 chair. Delivery and pickup are extra. Photography by

    Top Length: 26.50″
    Bottom Length: 26″
    Height: 49.50″
    Width: 25″

  • White Love Seat Sofa For Rent Toronto

    Bride & Groom White Loveseat (King & Queen)


    Make things a bit cozier for you and your partner by renting out our Bride & Groom White Loveseat. Other than providing a comfortable haven, the seat will give your wedding that extra touch of elegance. The tufted piece makes use of white leather and Swarovski crystals, making it a nice statement item with a minimalist design. Delivery and pickup are additional.

    Top Length: 49.5″
    Height: 54″
    Width: 24″
    Seating height: 19.5″

  • Vintage Wicker Peacock Chair Rental

    Vintage Wicker Peacock Chair


    Comes with a cushion if requested. This peacock chair doesn’t come with greenery by default.

    Spice up your event with this beautiful and rustic Peacock chair.

    Only 1 quantity for each style

  • Blush Vintage Chairs Bride and Groom

    Blush Vintage French Bergere Chairs


    Spice up your event or project with these beautiful Blush French Louis Bergère Chairs.

    Approximate Dimension: 24 length x 22 width x 36 height