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  • Ivory Chiffon RunnersWhite Sheer Chiffon Drape Backdrop

    Jannah Off-White (Almost White) Silk Soft Runner


    12′, some are 13′ long.

  • Vicki Natural Burlap Table Runners


    Dimensions and there is 2 variety of style but the shortest dimension is 12″ x 108″. Table runners are great for creating a sense of continuity and flow. Our Natural Burlap Table Runners are lined with lace and are perfect for rustic-style weddings. Since it has neutral colors, we suggest that you use centerpieces with pastel shades or vivid nature tones. Unique items such as pails, mason jars, or books also work well with burlap and lace in achieving an eccentric look.

  • White Table

    White Table Cloth


    Go for a clean and well-put together look by renting out our White Table Cloths. Each piece will easily cover your tables from top to bottom. White may seem too simple, but its simplicity will give you tons of opportunity to get creative. Depending on what vibe you want to create, you can decorate it with different tabletop accessories and centerpieces such as floral arrangements, vases, candle holders, frames, and wooden items. The possibilities are endless!

  • Burgundy Satin Table Runner


    The Burgundy Satin Table Runner is an absolute must-have if you want to create a timeless, romantic look. It comes in a rich, wine color that will instantly give any table that sophisticated charm. You can accessorize it with some wooden accessories or greenery to achieve a rustic vintage style. It comes in a 12” x 108” size.

  • Gold Sequin Table Runner

  • Navy Blue Satin Table Runner


    The Navy Blue Satin Table Runner is an absolute must-have accent piece for each of your tables. It comes in a 12” x 108” size featuring a solid deep blue color and goes great with white, gold, and yellow tabletop accessories or centerpieces. You can also opt for crystal or glass vases and votives for a minimalist and sophisticated look.

  • Tiffany Satin Table Runner


    If you are going for a look that is cool on the eyes, consider renting our Tiffany Satin Table Runners. Each runner is sized at 12” x 108” and comes in a lovely shade of aqua blue. Complete the look by using equally cool tabletop accessories or centerpieces such as crystal vases, votives, and white ceramics.

  • Gold Satin Table Runner


    Embellish your tables with just the right amount of shine with our Gold Satin Table Runners. Each runner comes in a 12” x 108” size and is guaranteed to give any table that extra wow factor. If you want to tone it down a bit, we suggest using white or light-colored tabletop items and centerpieces. Adding some flowers and greenery will also work well to create a romantic look.

  • Champagne Sequin Tablecloth

    Champagne Sequin Tablecloth


    If you are going for a romantic look but are starting to think that your event décor is becoming too soft on the eyes, consider renting our Champagne Sequin Tablecloth! It comes in a lovely shade of rose gold and will provide you with that right amount of sparkle you have been looking for!

  • White Satin Table Runner


    Normally, table runners come in a vivid color as an accent to the typical white table cloth. If you want to go for something a bit cleverer, consider renting our White Satin Table Runners. White on white may be too simple but if played right, can create a stunning minimalist look. The shimmery material of the runner will help draw attention from your tablecloth to your table centerpieces. We recommend going for colorful floral arrangements or for accessories that carry your wedding or event’s color scheme. Each runner comes in a 12” x 108” size.

  • Pink Satin Table Runner


    The Pink Satin Table Runner comes in a lovely shade of baby pink. You can instantly give your tables a charming chic vibe by having these 12” x 108” pieces run along the center. To complete the look, we recommend going for ceramic tabletop accessories or gold table centerpieces. You can also choose to go for some more blush details by topping it off with lovely floral arrangements, instead.

  • White Tulle Table Skirt


    Give your head table some fluff with our White Tulle Table Skirt! It is perfect for rectangular tables and will cover your table’s surface and a few inches on each side with a white satin material followed by layers of white tulle. It can easily be decorated with accessories to better suit your style. You can embellish it with burlap and flowers for a rustic vibe or with string lights for a romantic and whimsical look.

    117″W X 29″H (usually good for front of 6’L rectangle table w/ partial cloth on the sides). Per panel is approximately 35-38″.

  • Black Satin Runner


    The Black Satin Runner comes in a plain all-black color, guaranteed to give a nice contrast to the usual white tablecloths provided at venues. They also work well with other colors, of course, and is an elegant way to incorporate black into your event without making the overall look seem too dark. It comes in a 12” x 108” size.

  • Gold Sequin Tablecloth


    Adding gold touches to your rustic or vintage event will instantly give it that extra wow factor. You can choose to mix them in through small props and tabletop items, or you can go all out and rent our Gold Sequin Tablecloth! We recommend using it for your head table to instantly get your guests attention. If you are afraid it might be too sparkly, it can easily be muted down by the use of blush-colored décor pieces or flowers.

  • Rose Gold Caviar Tablecloth


    Available in 90″ x 156″ Rectangle or 132″ Round

  • Rose Gold Sequin Tablecloth


    If you want to add some sparkle into your venue but gold is a bit too Gatsby-ish for you, consider renting our Rose Gold Sequin Tablecloth. It comes in a lovely blush shade with copper undertones. You can use it to draw attention to your head table or you can rent out a whole bunch of them to cover all tables at your event. Top it off with simple and minimalist tableware and tabletop accessories to create a nice contrast. Make sure to let us know what size you need when you place your order!

  • Silver Satin Table Runner


    Subtle and sophisticated, the Silver Satin Table Runner is the perfect accent piece for each of your tables. It comes in a nice gray color and is sized at 12” x 108”. Given its slightly dark but neutral color, you can choose to mix in a few white or pastel colored flowers or accessories to balance it out. We recommend using the colors cream and blush, as well as some crystal or glass items.

  • Silver Sequin Tablecloth


    Our Silver Sequin Tablecloth is a must-have for weddings and events of any style. With its use of a neutral base color and shimmery material, your event will be given a timeless and elegant vibe. You can decorate it in different ways depending on what mood you want to create. For a vintage feel, you can embellish it with pearls, pastel flowers, and some greenery. For something a bit more modern, you can opt for crystal tabletop accessories and candles.