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  • Jackie Gold Plate Charger


    Dress up the white plates that came with your catering service or venue with our Gold Plate Chargers!

    They come in a shade of gold, which gives just the right amount of shine and sparkle. These chargers will instantly transform a simple table setting into an elegant and vintage one, reminiscent of the Great Gatsby.

    Diameter is approximately 13″.

  • Belmont Charger

    Belmont Plate Charger (Silver, Gold)


    Minimum amount order required: 85. Great for stylish events. Make your event design pop even more with Belmont Plate Chargers. They are made of glass available in CLEAR + Gold Beaded and CLEAR + Silver Beaded. Approximately 13″.

  • gold candlestick holders candlestick holders

    Lan Gold Candlesticks Holder Taper


    Pricing is per piece. Taper candles are absolute must-haves for any romantic setting. Combine them with stunning gold holders and you have got yourself a complete package. Our Lan Gold Candlestick Holders come in different styles and heights that collectively work well to achieve a mismatched look. They feature slim stems that add to their sense of elegance and sophistication. Although they already make a statement as is, you can always add embellishments to them to better fit your style. Decorative elements that can be wrapped around the stems are highly recommended.

    Clear Hurricane Covers: sizes vary from 12-18″H x 2.5″-3″ diameter

    SETUP GUIDELINE: click here

    * A professional decorator is highly suggested for this item preferably someone experienced with setting up candlestick holders. See photos in the product page or video to check how we usually set them up.
    * Tools needed: Sticky Tack, Stick-Um Candle Adhesive, Cutter (The Stick-Um can be purchased from Yummi Candles, or Amazon; The Sticky Tack can be purchased from Dollarama, Walmart or Michaels)
    * Some of the candles may be higher than the clear covers, you will need to chop the candles off from the top to ensure that the candles are within the clear covers.
    * Some of the clear hurricane covers may have smaller diameter than the candle holders’ bases. Use STICKY TACK strategically to make them stable. We usually cut the sticky tack in small pieces and add per side (2-3 sides, judge if the glass is already stable).
    * Add Stick-Um Candle Adhesive at the bottom of the candles and stick in the holder (so the candle is more stable)

    ====> WARNING:
    * Once these are setup, DO NOT move the table.
    * The setup time for these usually take time, e.g. 3 hour setup time with at least 3 people should be good enough (this is a suggestion ONLY – this still depends on the speed and experience of the person setting up).

  • Gold Chiavari Chairs Toronto

    Gold Chiavari Chair


    Go for a subtle hint of elegance with our Gold Chiavari Chairs. Each chair features the charming Chiavari chair design and is fully painted in a lovely shade of gold. They do not need any more accessories to make a statement but, of course, you can freely embellish them with flowers, greenery, or fabric sashes to better suit your style.

    • Minimum amount order required: 100.
    • This product requires delivery + pickup services, extra fees will apply. Extra fees will be determined depending on the location and the amount of order. Starting $200-$450 (no guarantees until we get your order request).
    • Actual colours may vary (every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours).
    • Cushion colours: White or Ivory. Depending on availability.
  • Black Harlow Stand


    Sturdy and stable, this gorgeous Black Harlow Stand offers good support for a range of floral arrangements, from aisle decors to table centrepieces. And available in two sizes, it lets you play around with space and height.

    Great for modern-themed celebrations!

    Product sizes: 8” x 29.5”, 8” x 45”
    Opening at the top part: 5″
    Size of the plates we usually use: 6″

  • Logan Black Napkin


    20″ x 20″ Polyester Napkin.
    Cleaning included.

  • Varied Gold Double Votive


  • gold votive candles hofland

    Lexie Gold Vintage Votive Candle Holders


    These are just a few of the many beautiful candle holders that we offer.

    Perfect for centrepieces and little decretive touches wherever you feel they are needed.

    Price is per piece. Cleaning fees included. Batteries included (for LED). Each ranges from 2-3″ diameter.We provide mix of heights if ordered multiple.

  • Acrylic Column Acrylic PedestalAcrylic pedestal floral wedding

    Jack Acrylic Clear Column Stand Pedestal


    We have the following sizes (of columns/pedestals/plinths): 10″ x 10″ x 6″ | 10″ x 10″ x 10″ | 10″ x 10″ x 23-24″ | 12″ x 12″ x 30″

  • White Cherry Blossom Centrepiece

    Dulce White Cherry Blossoms Silk Centrepiece


    Each centrepiece includes 15 stems of blossoms.

    Want to have everything set, including the flowers, days before the event? These silk flowers are the way to go!

    Natural-looking but non-wilting, this white cherry blossom centrepiece offers you a fuss-free way to meet your decoration needs. Set it up the night before or earlier, so you’ll never have to worry about your silk blossoms losing their ‘freshness’.

    And coming with a tall vase of the colour of your choice, your flower decoration needs have just been conveniently covered for you.

    Product size: 23’-24’ tall (vase), 42’-48’ tall (total setup)

  • White Column Pedestal Rental Solid

    Blanc Solid White Column Riser · Pedestals · Plinths


    Need a pedestal for an indoor or outdoor event? The Blanc Column Riser is worth a look!

    Clean and simple, this white column riser is perfect for a range of event themes, from vintage to modern. And available in three sizes, you can use it to carry and showcase a wide variety of items. It can hold cakes, flowers, a bottle of champagne and glasses, featured products, and more.

    Make this versatile and trusty pedestal a part of your event!

    Product sizes (approximate): 11.25” x 31.75” (standard), 13.25” x 39.25”, 48” x 16”

    Paint finish may vary from glossy to matte.

  • Geometric Floral Centerpiece GoldGeometric Floral Centerpiece Gold

    Andy Geometric Gold Centrepiece


    Whether you are looking for a novel approach to flower decorating or searching for a way to make limited flowers look chic, this geometric centrepiece offers the perfect solution. Simply use it to frame a low-lying floral arrangement, and add some fairy lights or votive candles on the side. Voila, you get a charming and interesting centrepiece. Check out our different offerings with the Andy Geometric Centrepiece.

    Product size: 10” x 10”

  • Table number

    Tera Umbra Gold Frames


    With or without photos, our Tera Umbra Gold Frames are sure to make your event extra elegant. Each frame features a simple gold border complete with a stunning geometric design structure at the back that acts as its support. You can place them just about anywhere and are great for bringing in some modern accents into your rustic or vintage style décor. They come in 5×7 and 4×6 sizes, so please don’t forget to indicate which ones you want to rent out when placing your order.

    PS: Please note that the frame on the left side is NOT available any more.

    CUSTOM STATIONERY: We can create with your own wordings and choose a decor of your choice and print for you. We use either card stock or photo paper. Max 2 template revision then additional $50 per hour.

    WITH YOUR PHOTO: You will send us your photo in high resolution and we’ll print for you.

  • Loisa Gold Pillar Candle Holder


    Pricing is per piece. We provide 2 varying heights if you order multiple amounts (candles vary in 2 heights as well).

  • Sharpie Gold Lantern


  • Ashley Classic Black Rustic Lantern

    Ashley Black Rustic Lantern


    Lanterns provide a cozy and charming feel to any event. You can use them as part of your table centerpieces or as your venue décor. Our Ashley Black Rustic Lanterns feature an all-black frame design and clear glass. You can fill them with candles, flowers, or other items to fit your vision. This one comes with an LED candle.

  • Ivory LanternIvory Lantern

    Brooke Distressed Ivory Lantern 16″


    This 16″ high Off-white shabby chic lantern is one of our favorites. Very pretty!

  • Jessy All White Faux Floral Arrangement


    Classic, minimalist, clean.. this subtle white artificial floral arrangement on a black stand could be the perfect centrepiece for your event – either it’s a gala, corporate function, wedding, bridal shower, birthday or an event – this monochromatic flower arrangement can make any room look beautiful.

    Rental pricing is per piece and it includes the stand rental.

    If you want to pair it beautiful floating candles and black plate chargers, they need to be rented separately.

  • garden style flower arrangement

    Alice Wild Faux Floral Arrangement


    Add some character and style to any space with this wild and fluffy arrangement! This Alice Wild Faux Floral Arrangement (previously called Armina) screams elegance and class. It’s the perfect arrangement as it matches with a variety of wedding themes and colours. White flowers, including faux white roses, accented with wild and leafy greenery are a match made in heaven.

    Whether it’s for a wedding, gala, birthday, or a corporate function – adding exciting and bold floral arrangements to your centrepieces will help make your guest tables shine and allow your entire event theme to come together.

    PRICING: Rental pricing is per arrangement and it includes the stand rental. If you want to pair it beautiful floating candles, bud vase arrangements and black plate chargers, they need to be rented separately.

  • Wooden Wine Barrels Whiskey For RentToronto Barrels

    Wooden Wine Barrels


    Our Wooden Wire Barrels can serve as lovely décor accessories to your rustic wedding or event. You can have your flower arrangements placed on top of them for that shabby chic ambiance. If you want to get a bit more creative, you can even use them to create your own unique food or dessert table! Whichever way you decide to use them, they are sure to give your venue that extra bit of country charm.

    Height: 35″-36″
    Diameter: 20″-21″ – PS: The photos are actual photos of the barrels. The tabletop is approximately 23.5″ wide x 95″.5 long.

    Note: Each barrel may look slightly different.

  • Ash White Gold Lantern


    Our Ash White Gold Lantern pleasantly makes use of white and gold finishes to create a charming lantern that works well for any events. Its neutral color comes alive when combined with flowers and lush greenery. You can use it as a table centerpiece or as a hanging ornament you can place in various sections throughout your venue. This one comes with LED candles and batteries.

    The LED candle is irremovable.

  • White Cherry Blossom Trees

    Dulce White Blossom Tree


    Pricing is per piece. Looking for the perfect decor to celebrate your special milestone with? You can never go wrong with our cherry blossom tree!

    Known for its fleeting blooms that are gone after only two weeks, the cherry blossom embodies the brilliance, fragility, and transience of every moment.

    Looking natural, our faux white cherry blossom tree captures the essence of the real tree and stays ‘fresh’ and immaculate white the whole time.

    Get one or more of this exquisite beauty, and create an ethereal feel for your event that’s bound to be remembered for a lifetime!

    Height Height per tree is approx 6’ high and approx 8.5’ high if riser is added.

    Shades of trees will vary.

  • white and black wedding flowers decor

    Jacq Floating Arrangement


    This Jacq Floating Arrangement in all white flowers on a black stand is classic, elegant and matches perfectly with any wedding theme that your heart desires.

    It can be used as a centrepiece, an aisle marker, ceremony decor, or accent backdrop.

    Pricing is per quantity. In the default example photo, there are two arrangements. Bud vase arrangements, candles and other decor other than the floating arrangements are not included, these can be rented separately.

  • Manzanita tree Manzanita tree

    Becca Gold Manzanita Tree (Wishing Tree)


    Whether you are looking for a unique way to collect guests’ well wishes or searching for a decorative item to go with a laid-back theme, the Becca Gold Manzanita Tree is worth a look!

    This spiral tree fits perfectly not only in vintage, shabby chic, or rustic themes but other styles as well.

    Towering at 30 inches high and sporting upward branches, it’s great to put beside other decor elements to play with height and texture.

    Candles are rented separately.

  • Qay Display Easel Floor Stand


    Size vary a bit. Height is 62-66″, depth is 2.5″-3″ and extends up to 32″ horizontally.  What better way to present your welcome message than by having it propped up on a lovely easel! Our Qay Display Easel Floor Stand is made of metal and features a minimalist vintage design. It can easily hold large pieces such as photo frames, menu boards, signs, and seating charts. Some of our Gold easels have White distressed spots on them.

  • biltmore stand gold

    Andel Gold Biltmore Stand


    Need a floating floral arrangement for your event? The Andel Gold Biltmore Stand is right for you!

    Sturdy and stable, this stand supports various floral arrangements, from table centrepieces to aisle decors. And with its two-tiered design, you can place votive candles and curios at the bottom.

    And coming in a muted gold colour, this stand blends perfectly with a range of decorative elements, from vintage and rustic to shabby chic and Bohemian.

    Product size: 19.75″X 5.5″X 31.5″
    top part opening: approximately 4 and 3/4 inch (Width) and 19 and 3/4 inch (length).

  • gold mirror seating chart

    Alberta Vintage Gold Mirror (Welcome Sign / Seating Chart)


    May it be you’re looking for a welcome sign, seating chart, or a decorative mirror, this vintage piece is what you need!

    Elegant and grand, this large mirror with golden frame is a scene-stealer. It sits perfectly among vintage, rustic, and shabby-chic themed decors in your event.

    Need it as a seating chart for a special occasion? We can create a layout of 5 to 30 tables for you! And you can also conveniently get the stunning vintage gold mirror with an easel if you need one.

    Cleaning is included in the pricing.

    Product size: 28” x 63” (frame), 23” x 58” (mirror part)

  • Black Terrariums Rectangular Lanterns

    Nox Black Rectangular Terrarium


    Fill up your space with some of these romantic black terrariums/lanterns. Available in varying sizes.


    XS: 3.5 (D) x 5″H
    S: 4.5 x 7.5″H
    M: 6 x 10″H
    L: 7 x 13.5″H

    Pricing is per piece. Candles are to be rented separately.

  • yorkmills gallery wedding

    Stella Silk Greenery Garland Runner


    This is usually good for 6′-8′ long table if you want to achieve the similar style in the photo. The colours of the flowers can be changed to BLUSH, PURPLE/LILAC, PEACH, LIGHT BLUE, BLUSH, PINK, BURGUNDY, RED, WHITE/IVORY.

  • 3-Tier Vintage Reversible Dessert Cupcake Stand (Gold)

    Hilary 3-Tier Gold Cupcake Stand


    This Hilary 3-Tier Gold Cupcake Stand is truly a dream come true!

    Its beautiful design allows for an elegant touch to any dessert table.  Its sparkling gold colour also allows it to match with a wide variety of colours, adding a touch of class.

    This piece is stunning and will allow for your guests to gravitate to the sweet treats that it will hold.

  • Mia Shabby Ivory Server - Dessert Table - Cake Table Rental

    Mia Shabby Ivory Server – Dessert Table – Cake Table Rental


    Seriously, who wouldn’t love this Chic Shabby White Romantic French Wooden Server / Buffet – you can use it as your dessert or cake table. Pair it with some flower arrangements & drapery = perfection!

  • Hera Winter Wonderland Centrepiece (High)


    Breathtakingly immaculate, immaculately breathtaking…That’s the Hera Winter Wonderland Centerpiece!

    A bouquet of white, sheer blooms framed by frozen pine needles gives this centrepiece an otherworldly look. And with the bouquet set high on top of a silver vase, the ensemble looks like a delicate ice sculpture.

    Position this goddess along the walls or on the tables to set the tone for an ethereal Christmas or white-themed celebration. One that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

  • Fiora Planter


    This huge planter is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of spaces and with a variety of themes.

  • Bach Classic Black Cake Stand


    This 12 inch, classic, black cake stand is an excellent piece to let your desserts shine.

    Its simplistic design allows for it to be the perfect touch to any party!

  • Palm tree

    Kendra Areca Palm with Raphis Trunk 6′


    Destination wedding? Exotic wedding? Just want to add a tropical flair to your event?

    This beautiful and lush palm tree may be just the piece that you are looking for!

    Palm decor is a wonderful way to add tropical vibes to a wedding that may not necessarily be a destination wedding.  Palm leaves also add a relaxed and fresh vibe to any event.

    This piece is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of spaces and with a variety of themes.

  • Dulce White Blossoms With Lights


    These beautiful cherry blossoms are perfect for any guest, dessert or head table.

    Complete with a sparkling, shimmering and elegant vase, these flowers are sure to make your event pop.

    Make your guest remember your event for years to come with this gorgeous, show stopping piece.

    Details are everything, and with this piece, your details will be perfect.

  • Luna Black Arch Stand


    Please select your options below. For indoor use only.
    Seating Chart is separately ordered here: click here

  • White Distressed Table

    Shara White Distressed Table


    The sweetest little table that anyone could as for!

    This adorable table is ideal for a sweets table! Topped with wonderful cakes, pies, cookies and more, this table is perfect to help satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Its simplistic and distressed design combined with its white colour allows it to be the perfect piece for any wedding theme.

    Use this table for just about anything to make whatever you place on top of it pop!

    Height: 30″
    Length: 5′
    Width: 3′

  • coconut

    Kentia Palm Tree 7′ (84″)


    There is something wonderful about the simplistic elegance of a palm tree!

    Want your wedding to seem tropical without necessarily being a destination wedding? Give your guests a vacation vibe with this wonderful palm tree.  OR, use it as a simple accent piece adding some character and unique elements to any wedding theme.

    This piece is extremely versatile and perfect for any event.  Make your wedding pop with unique decor like palm trees!

    There are approx 12-13 leaves per tree. Check other uploaded images for actual product.

    *Please note that coconuts are no longer available for this tree

  • Zayna Black Column Stand Pedestal


    These black column pedestals are bold, versatile and useful for just about anything.

    They are perfect to put any decor or design upon to make the pieces stand out.  They are also perfect for planting a wonderful floral arrangement on top of! Its dark and solid appearance is ideal to make flowers pop!

    These pieces match with just about anything.

    We have the following sizes (of columns/pedestals/plinths): 12″ x 28″ | 13″ x 39″

  • Harvest Wooden TableHarvest Wooden Table

    Harvest Wooden Table Rental


    The table is 3′ wide and 8′ length.

  • Snow Winter Wonderland Christmas Centerpiece Snow Winter Wonderland Christmas Centerpiece

    Lucia Silver Terrarium Centrepiece


    Silver terrarium with snowy wreath perfect and LED pillar candle for Winter Wonderland-themed events (gala, corporate, social).

  • Hadid White Cake Stand Elegant


    This 12 inch, elegant, white cake stand is the perfect touch to any event.

    Its sleek design matches a variety of themes and is excellent for, but not limited to, raising special event cakes and cupcakes.

    Help make your special events pop with elegant decor.

  • Ella Distressed White Vanity Server Table

    Ella Distressed White Vanity Server Table


    White wedding elegance alert!

    This piece is not only unique and beautiful, but also extremely versatile. As a simplistic furniture piece, this piece is useful for just about anything.

    From being a wonderful accent piece to an elegant set up or as a twist on a traditional greeting table, this table can be used for just about anything!

    Approximate Dimension: 148 Length x 51 Width x 101 Height

  • Large Gold Terrarium

    Akira Large Gold Glass Terrarium


    Good for receiving table (or as card box). The small terrarium at the back is NOT included (for sizing purposes only).

  • Soledad Mirrored Gold Rimmed Tray

  • Null Black Geometric Terrarium


    Pricing is per piece

    Approximate size: 8″(H)

  • Ara Gold Round Cake Stand Plateau


    This 18 inch stand is perfect for cakes, cupcakes or any other desserts!

    This classic gold stand is ideal for weddings or other special events.

    An elegant touch to any special day.

  • Round Plinths Acrylic

    Circular Round Plinths Pedestals


    Looking for round plinths/columns? Try out our round pedestals!

    Pricing is based on set of 3

  • Gold Mirror Welcome Sign

    Bal Gold Victorian Ornate Mirror


    The size of the mirror part without the beveled part is 16.75″(W) x 24.5″(H).

    If you add the welcome sign (decal) option, installation and removal of the decal from the mirror is included. Cleaning is included. Full size is 23.6” x 0.15” x 31.5″.

  • Brooker Cake Stand

    Brooker Cake Stand


    13” x 4.5”
    12″ diameter of the marble

  • Welcome Sign Gold Mirror

    Bellamy Gold Victorian Ornate Mirror


    If you add the welcome sign (decal) option, installation and removal of the decal from the mirror is included. Cleaning is included.

    The mirror size without the beveled part is 22″(W) x 28″(H).

    (Flower design at the bottom is no longer part of the mirror. Calligraphy by previous client. Calligraphy not included.)

  • Susan White Column Stand Pedestal

  • boxwood backdrop

    Boxwood Artificial Hedge Backdrop


    NOTE: Base pricing is for the boxwood backdrop only. Add-ons are additional charges.

    Whether it’s a background for the altar or for your photo booth, the Baddie Boxwood Greenery Backdrop is an excellent choice.

    Its lush and verdant greenery fits perfectly in a range of theme events, from vintage to rustic to shabby chic. And whether you like to add a personal touch to your decors or want a fuss-free solution, we provide different offerings to suit your needs.

    Besides the backdrop, you may opt to have a customized sign and/or flowers to go with it. Need pickup and setup services? We offer those as add-ons, too!

    The pricing is based on the boxwood greenery wall rental only. If you need add-ons, please select your additional items below.

    Product size: approximately 8-9’x 8-9′

  • Chiara Artificial Boxwood Backdrop


    Dimension is approximately 8.5’ x 8’-8.5′

  • Angel Classic Gold & Greenery Centrepiece

  • Thalia White Cherry Blossom Round Arch


    Note: Delivery, setup, and pickup is required for this arch.

    Guide to setting up outdoor: click here.

  • Greenery Tree Rental

    Duke Greenery Tree Decor


    Tree only: approx 8′ high
    Tree with riser: approx 10.5′ high (riser is approx 2.5′ high)

    Beautiful faux trees are the perfect touch to any wedding!

    This beautiful Duke Greenery Tree radiates whimsical, magical and romantic vibes that are ideal for weddings.

    This simplistic tree is a wonderful match for any wedding theme from rustic to chic! It is also perfect to decorate with flowers and decor.

    Make any event venue or ceremony space pop with stand out pieces such as this elegant faux tree!


  • Katrina Mirror Gold

    Katrina Gold Mirror


    Cleaning included. The mirror size is 34″ L x 22″ W.

  • Sierra Throne Chair

  • white flower backdrop

    Claudia All White Faux Pillar Floral Arrangement


    Enhance any event space with this classy and minimalist artificial floral backdrop. Whether it’s for a gala, corporate function, wedding, bridal shower, birthday or an event, this monochromatic floral arch can add elegance to any room!

    Rental pricing is per set of 2 pillars and it includes the stand rental.

  • gold champagne christmas

    Mariah Gold & White Centerpiece


    Keep it classy with this Gold & Champagne centerpiece. Designed for Holiday/Christmas events, and Gala! Pricing includes mistmatched terrariums with LED candles, wreath arrangement filled with Christmas balls and picks.

  • Balloon Wall Marquee Letters

    Balloon Wall with Marquee Letters (Colours Can Be Changed)


    The pricing is based on the balloons. Please select your add-ons below if you need additional decor & rentals. A combination of modern and classic elements makes this balloon arrangement an impressive addition to any venue. You can customize the colors and the marquee sign according to fit your event, too.

  • Ara Twinkle String Lights With White Backdrop


    Fairylights… Just the name itself conjures whimsical ideas!

    And if you want that feeling to translate to your event, the Ara Twinkle Lights + White Backdrop helps you materialize that vision. Featuring twinkle lights veiled by a white fabric, it automatically transforms your venue into a dreamy, magical setting for your special event.

    And because we want to get this major part of your decor right for you.

    Note: For indoor use only.

  • Better Together Neon Sign Arch Wedding

    Minimalist Greenery Mesh Wall with Neon Sign


    Simple with a touch of flair, our greenery wall with a neon sign is a unique looker. This is perfect for minimalist-themed events. It’s a lovely addition as a backdrop or a photo wall.

  • tropical palm tree backdrop summer corporate restaurant Tropical Backdrop Greenery Summer

    Lauren Tropical Faux Backdrop


    This consists of multiple trees put together to create approximately 5×5′ backdrop. We can do wider for additional $95 per foot.

    Note: Delivery, setup, and pickup services available for extra charge.

    The pricing is for BACKDROP only.

    Need a centrepiece to match it? Check this out.

    NOTE: This is designed for indoor use only.

  • Gold Circular Arch

    Cassidy Faux Gold & Green Round Arch


    Guide to setting up outdoor: click here.

  • Celine Geometric Gold Centrepiece


    Easily add a touch of glam to your rustic decors with the Celine Geometric Gold Centrepiece.Featuring a wooden base and green foliage ensemble inflected by golden leaves and a geometric frame, the centerpiece is sweetness and sophistication all at once! And with a string of fairy lights binding the elements together, it throws in some magic and romance in the air, too. Simple yet chic, the centrepiece is perfect for intimate celebrations that are truly special.

  • Greenery Floating Candles Weddings

    Wild Heart Centerpiece (Garland & Candles)


    Simple but impactful! Spice up your event space with this wild centerpiece decor.

    PRICING: Rental pricing is per arrangement and it includes artificial greenery garland & 3 floating candles in a cylinder.

    If you want to pair it a table number, they need to be rented separately.

    It can be used as a centrepiece, an aisle marker, cocktail decor, ceremony decor, bar decor, or accent decor

  • whtie bud vase arrangement flower

    Ania White Bud Vase Centerpiece (Set of 3 Florals & Floating Candles)


    Spice up any table with these monochromatic white floral bud vase arrangements.

    PRICING: Rental pricing is per arrangement and it includes 3 floral bud vase arrangement & 3 floating candles in a cylinder.

    If you want to pair it a table number, they need to be rented separately.

    It can be used as a centrepiece, an aisle marker, cocktail decor, ceremony decor, bar decor, or accent decor

  • Vess Lush Floral Arrangement


  • Melia Floral Arrangement


  • Klara Harlow Floral Arrangement


    Add some style and beautiful accents to your event space with this stylish artificial arrangement.

    This Klara Harlow Floral Arrangement screams elegance and grace. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a wedding, a gala, or a special occasion, this beautiful arrangement is sure to please.

    PRICING: Rental pricing is per arrangement and it includes the stand rental. If you want to pair it beautiful floating candles, bud vase arrangements and black plate chargers, they need to be rented separately.

  • Lumi Gold Candle Set


  • Hallie Light Up Arch


  • Cheers Champagne Wall


    Champagne glass not included (for mock-up only)
    Delivery, setup, and pickup services available for extra charge

  • Kane Gold Terrarium Trio


  • winter wonderland

    Hope Wonderland Terrarium Centrepiece


    This Winter Wonderland centrepiece (white glittery leaves garland around a Silver terrarium and faux pillar candle) would be perfect for silver-themed or winter wonderland theme events such as gala, corporate, social or christmas, holiday events.

  • Gold Gala Centerpiece

    Dorothy Gold Terrarium Centrepiece


    This Gold Gala centrepiece (gold leaves garland around a Gold terrarium and faux pillar candle) would be perfect for Gold-themed events such as gala, corporate, social or christmas, holiday events.

  • Christmas Centerpiece

    Eira Snow Silver Terrarium Centrepiece


    This snowy christmas centrepiece (wreath with a silver terrarium and faux pillar candle) would be perfect for winter wonderland events such as gala, corporate, social or christmas, holiday events.

  • Black Ostrich Faux Feather Centerpiece


    Add some luxe feeling to your event with this premium looking black ostrich feature centrepiece on a Harlow stand. Stand may be available in other colours.

    Perfect for corporate, social and gala events, even for weddings too!

  • White Feather Centerpiece (Tall Harlow)


  • White Ostrich Faux Feather Centerpiece


    Add some luxe feels and prettify your event with white Ostrich feather centrepieces. Perfect for any events such as gala, corporate, social and even weddings.

  • Nia Holiday Love Seat


    Additional $25 for the other chair

    *has visible scratches

  • gold terrarium

    Halo Gold Terrarium Arrangement


    For the middle terrarium, we use varying geometric designs.

    Inclusion per item: LED candle, mismatched LED Gold votive candles, mismatched terrarium, faux greenery garland

  • Terrarium Geometric Gold

    Eve Mismatched Gold Terrarium Centerpiece


    How about some mismatched geometric Gold terrariums for your event? Whether it’s for a Holiday/Christmas event, gala, birthday, shower, wedding or a corporate event, this would be perfect!

  • christmas centerpiece red gold gala event

    Ivy Regal Centerpiece


    Want a regal look this Holiday? This theme would be perfect for you! Red & gold floral centerpiece filled with festive picks – designed for Christmas events, or Gala events. Candles are ordered separately.

  • Swing Floral Backdrop Arch

    Madeline Garden Swing


    Setup & teardown is required for this SWING. The setup & teardown are extra charges.

    This is for PHOTO SHOOT purposes only and not advisable for KIDS (must have an adult with them at all times). Please do not use as an actual SWING.

  • The Perfect Little Gold Accessory


    The sky is the limit with this adorable little accent piece.

    This absolutely beautiful gold container has endless possibilities and is the perfect little touch to any table.

    With its elegant and modern design, this piece is sure to satisfy all of your decorative needs!

  • Shane Black Square Vase