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  • White Cherry Blossom Centrepiece

    Dulce White Cherry Blossoms Silk Centrepiece


    Each centrepiece includes 15 stems of blossoms.

    Want to have everything set, including the flowers, days before the event? These silk flowers are the way to go!

    Natural-looking but non-wilting, this white cherry blossom centrepiece offers you a fuss-free way to meet your decoration needs. Set it up the night before or earlier, so you’ll never have to worry about your silk blossoms losing their ‘freshness’.

    And coming with a tall vase of the colour of your choice, your flower decoration needs have just been conveniently covered for you.

    Product size: 23’-24’ tall (vase), 42’-48’ tall (total setup)

  • White Cherry Blossom Trees

    Dulce White Blossom Tree


    Pricing is per piece. Looking for the perfect decor to celebrate your special milestone with? You can never go wrong with our cherry blossom tree!

    Known for its fleeting blooms that are gone after only two weeks, the cherry blossom embodies the brilliance, fragility, and transience of every moment.

    Looking natural, our faux white cherry blossom tree captures the essence of the real tree and stays ‘fresh’ and immaculate white the whole time.

    Get one or more of this exquisite beauty, and create an ethereal feel for your event that’s bound to be remembered for a lifetime!

    Height Height per tree is approx 6’ high and approx 8.5’ high if riser is added.

    Shades of trees will vary.

  • Manzanita tree Manzanita tree

    Becca Gold Manzanita Tree (Wishing Tree)


    Whether you are looking for a unique way to collect guests’ well wishes or searching for a decorative item to go with a laid-back theme, the Becca Gold Manzanita Tree is worth a look!

    This spiral tree fits perfectly not only in vintage, shabby chic, or rustic themes but other styles as well.

    Towering at 30 inches high and sporting upward branches, it’s great to put beside other decor elements to play with height and texture.

    Candles are rented separately.

  • Tree Centerpiece WeddingRhys Wooden Centrepice

    Mia Tree Wooden Centrepiece Stand


    This stand is about as unique as it gets! Elegant, rustic and magical all in one, this stand will help match any wedding theme and any colour pallet that your heart desires.

    Perfectly sitting upon your guest tables, this centrepiece stand will help your beautiful floral arrangements stand tall!

    This piece is truly one of a kind and will help make your wedding one to remember.

    Stand Dimensions:
    36″ for the stand alone.
    Approximately 47” high with the floral arrangement.
    8.5” bottom diameter

    As for the arrangement, it should be additional 1.5′-2′.

    We can change the SILK arrangement colours to another colour (additional may apply).

  • Karl Tree Faux Stump Decor (Light Weight)


    Pricing is per piece. Pricing is the same for both sizes.
    Short: 7×8″
    Tall: 7×12″

  • Becky Grey Manzanita Tree (Wishing Tree)


    The Becky Grey Manzanita Tree is a cooler and more whimsical version of the Becca Gold one (approximately 30″-32″ inches high (2.5-2.7'). It shares the same spiral trunk and narrow branches but is fully coated in silver paint. We highly recommend using it as a wishing tree, where your guests can hang their well wishes or messages to you and your partner. If you rent out a whole bunch of them, they can also be used as table centerpieces or as items to fill in the spaces between your other décor.

  • Fiora Planter


    This huge planter is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of spaces and with a variety of themes.

  • Palm tree

    Kendra Areca Palm with Raphis Trunk 6′


    Destination wedding? Exotic wedding? Just want to add a tropical flair to your event?

    This beautiful and lush palm tree may be just the piece that you are looking for!

    Palm decor is a wonderful way to add tropical vibes to a wedding that may not necessarily be a destination wedding.  Palm leaves also add a relaxed and fresh vibe to any event.

    This piece is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of spaces and with a variety of themes.

  • Birch Tree For Rent Toronto

    Bal Birch Tree Decor


    INDOOR USE ONLY. The colours are distressed mix of Brown & White. Each tree is quite different.

    The trees vary from 6 feet to 8 feet tall.A good way to subtly fill in the empty spaces between your event decor is to use Birch Tree Decor. We have a collection of Birch trees of different levels for you to choose from. We suggest getting one of each height to create a multi-level feel and to add some depth to your venue.

    Here is a sample wedding where our Birch trees have been used. Photo credit: Jessica Gabriel

  • coconut

    Kentia Palm Tree 7′ (84″)


    There is something wonderful about the simplistic elegance of a palm tree!

    Want your wedding to seem tropical without necessarily being a destination wedding? Give your guests a vacation vibe with this wonderful palm tree.  OR, use it as a simple accent piece adding some character and unique elements to any wedding theme.

    This piece is extremely versatile and perfect for any event.  Make your wedding pop with unique decor like palm trees!

    There are approx 12-13 leaves per tree. Check other uploaded images for actual product.

    *Please note that coconuts are no longer available for this tree

  • Dulce Pinky White Cherry Blossom Tree


    What better way to brighten up your life, and your event, than a beautiful, unique and romantic cherry blossom tree?!

    This Dulce Pinky White Cherry Blossom Tree is a wonderful piece for any event that you may be planning! Cherry blossoms are known for being one of the most romantic flowers out there, and by including them in your wedding, you are adding the perfect elegant touch of romance to make your event stand out.

    Set the perfect mood for your wedding, add a touch of flair to any space that needs it and even use as a wonderful area for photos. This piece is sure to make any event oh so sweet!

    Product size:
    Tree only: approx 6′ high
    Tree with riser: approx 8.5′ high (riser is approx 2.5′ high)


  • Greenery Tree Rental

    Duke Greenery Tree Decor


    Tree only: approx 8′ high
    Tree with riser: approx 10.5′ high (riser is approx 2.5′ high)

    Beautiful faux trees are the perfect touch to any wedding!

    This beautiful Duke Greenery Tree radiates whimsical, magical and romantic vibes that are ideal for weddings.

    This simplistic tree is a wonderful match for any wedding theme from rustic to chic! It is also perfect to decorate with flowers and decor.

    Make any event venue or ceremony space pop with stand out pieces such as this elegant faux tree!