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  • A La Carte Flowers wedding flowers and decorations

    À La Carte Flowers

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    Get control over your budget as we work on the intricate details in creating beautiful flowers for your dream wedding. We creatively make floral designs from gorgeous and fresh florals and foliages. We use seasonal flowers that will fit your preferred palette and an entourage theme that will accentuate your wedding statement. Our Á La Carte services deliver a cost-effective option on floral arrangements with less administrative time and personal consultation as the process is direct and simplified.

    Our Á La Carte is right for you if you:

    • Prefer to have control over your budget for personal flowers on your wedding
    • Has a preference for smaller flower installations over major ones.
    • Want to have a straightforward transaction by ordering online without the need for a personal consultation.
    • Are willing to directly choose from the available color palette and size, place an order and leave the rest to us.

    If you choose more detailed and personalized floral services, our custom designs will fall within our full-service package and you can coordinate with us at

  • Greenery White Wedding Flowers

    Lush Garden Wedding

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    VintageBash showcases inspirational photos only from our site. The actual floral presentation will depend on your color theme, chosen style, and the floral and foliage materials available including the decors to use. Our Á LA Carte service is not personalized according to all your specific preferences. It is designed to deliver more direct and quick processing in designing your floral presentations with less administrative time and costs. We ensure that we only use the freshest flowers and foliage available to your satisfaction. Should you want to opt for customization services, you can avail of our full services package at a different price and service coverage.

    We can help plan and provide the flowers you need to customize your wedding floral needs from the start to finish. We provide party flowers that are fresh and beautiful to accentuate your wedding theme and our decorations are also available in fresh forms or artificial ones that you can rent from us.

  • Pink & Purple

    Pink & Purple Wedding

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    The photos you view from our site are all sample designs only. VintageBash will design your floral needs according to the available seasonal flowers and foliage, your preferred color and style, and the available decorations that will match your wedding theme. However, customization is not included in our Á La Carte service, which is available at a more cost-effective way of floral preparation with less administrative time. The flowers we use are guaranteed fresh and chosen from beautiful floral selections that will match your wedding colors. If you prefer more in-depth customization and personalized floral themes and designs, our full-service package is more suited for you.

    We will help you customize the floral designs with a personal touch according to your preferences from the beginning to the end of the project. Our Á La Carte service provides fresh and beautiful flowers that are available during your wedding. You can choose from fresh decorations or you can rent artificial ones.

  • Magical Autumn

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    100 centerpieces

  • bohemian wedding

    Bohemian Wedding

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    The pictures on this site are showcased as sample designs only. VintageBash will provide you with designs of floral decors according to your preferred color theme, style, and available foliage and floral materials. We do not customize the designs. However, we do offer full package services where we can assist in making personalized designs of your choice from scratch until the final work. This Á La Carte service is a straightforward process where VintageBash will create the floral designs at a lower price and involves less time for personal contact and discussions. We ensure that the flowers we will use are fresh. Our decors are available in fresh or artificial materials that you can rent from us.

  • Whimsical Wedding

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    Our site shows inspirational and sample designs only. VintageBash will creatively design your floral arrangements according to your selected color and style, and on the available materials on florals and foliages on your wedding day. Our Á La Carte service is suited for couples who prefer to leave the details of the wedding party floral arrangements to us and processing that involves less administrative cost and time. It is not suited for couples wanting to engage in the customization of their flower arrangements. The process involved is simplified and we provide beautiful and fresh floral and foliage arrangements that will awe you and your guests. If you prefer a customized flower arrangement service please choose our full-service package where we will assist you in the planning of your chosen personalized design from the start to the end of our floral service engagement.

    You have the option to choose between fresh materials or artificial ones for the decors, which are available for rent. We guarantee using only the fresh and gorgeous flowers available for your wedding in all our floral services.

  • Sunkissed groom boutonniere

    Sunkissed Wedding

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    All photos you see here are sample designs only. VintageBASH will design your florals and decor based on the colour scheme, preferred style and available materials using seasonal foliages & florals. Further customization is NOT included. Alternatively, if you require custom design assistance from start to finish, you may opt for full-service packages. This a-la-carte service is a simplified process that allows VintageBASH to create beautiful designs, while offering gorgeous florals at a lower price point due to less administrative time. All wedding party flowers are fresh. For the decor, you have the option to select fresh or artificial (which are for rent).