Casa Loma Wedding: Liz & Daniel

A lovely couple made it official at the beautiful Gothic Revival style mansion, Casa Loma. On behalf of VintageBASH, we would like to thank them for the opportunity to design and provide the decor for this beautiful evening.  It was a truly magical venue loved by many and was the perfect spot to make their love official. Congrats to the newlyweds Liz and Daniel.

The couple chose to go with a modern “All White, Minimalist” theme. This look included minimal greens, with an abundance of white. This was the perfect theme for a wedding as white signifies eternal life, light and love.  The concept of minimalistic colour and decor allows for whatever is used to truly stand out with its simplistic elegance.  We absolutely loved the way this all turned out.

What better venue than the beautiful Casa Loma and what better way to capture the true beautify of the chosen venue than a simplistic and minimalistic theme.

Here’s what we came up with, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Special thanks to the newly weds for the inspiration.

The Simplistic Centrepieces

Casa Loma Wedding
Casa Loma Centrepieces

When it comes to centrepieces, nothing says simplistic elegance like white roses. Simplistic table decor with a high centrepiece allows for the eye to be drawn to the beautiful elevated flowers.  To go along with their vision, we decided to go use these tall centerpieces with lots of White Hydrangea, White Roses (Playa Blanca), and Spray Roses, placed ontop of clear trumpet vases.

Classic Seating Chart

Minimalist Seating Chart Casa Loma Wedding

Minimalistic seating chart on a black easel.  This piece is truly as simply elegant as it gets.  The change in font from cursive for the title to a traditional font allows for a slight detailed title to stand out and delight the eye. Sometimes, the simplest details speak the loudest when it comes to capturing the attention of your guests.

The Bridal Party Table Decor

Casa Loma Wedding
Casa Loma Wedding Head Table – All White

We absolutely love the way that this head table turned out! This twelve seater head table was decorated tastefully with Achel Silk White Floral Arrangement and clear votive candle holders. The white low raised rose centrepieces match the guest table centrepieces subtly while keeping with the minimalistic theme.  The touch of simple white candles allows for a more romantic mood to be set.  The light and open decor allowed for a beautiful table for the newlyweds to dine at.

The Bouquet

White Bouquet Bride Wedding Casa Loma
White Fresh Bride Bouquet

What better way to go along with the theme than this amazing  fresh flower minimalistic white bouquet. Not only did the bouquet match the centrepieces at the venue perfectly, but they also kept with the theme wonderful.  The bride and groom asked for minimalistic decor and we delivered it in style.  The white roses were decorated with subtle light baby’s-breath in order to add subtle details that elevated the entire bouquet.

Overall, we absolutely adored designing this beautiful wedding for this amazing couple.  Getting inspiration from couples and turning those ideas into their dream wedding is what we live for!

We look forward to hearing from you about your unique themes for your future events.

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