10 Best Charcuterie Board & Picnic Boxes in Toronto

A charcuterie board is usually comprised of cured meat, cheese, fruits, preserves, nuts, sweet treats and more. There’s no limit to what you can add, just take into account the look and how well everything tastes together. Making one is actually tricky – that’s why customers often leave it to the experts.

Charcuterie board and grazing boxes are perfect gifts for birthdays, celebrations and other special occasions such as 4th of July and Mother’s Day. And with the rising number of environment-friendly people, a lot of shops have started to offer vegan and gluten-free versions of these delectable treats.

If you’re feeling adventurous or an already avid fan of these treats, you’re sure to find one on the list that would make you want to buy.

1. FloralBash


Satisfy your appetite with the savory goodness of FloralBash’s charcuterie board and grazing boxes. This shop is no stranger to blowing customers away, as they have been providing not just sumptuous treats but also gorgeous looking delights perfect as a gift. Not to mention, their accommodation for vegan and gluten-free request products. Aside from charcuterie and grazing boxes, FloralBash also offers sweet treats, bouquets, tea time and gourmet boxes.

  • website: www.floralbash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 5, Toronto, ON M3K1Z9

2. Kace Catering

KACE Catering Charcuterie BoardWant a fancy yet, different gift for an upcoming occasion? Well, good news, Kace Catering has perfected making tasty and gorgeous grazing boxes! This is a full-service catering company, so you’re assured to receive a wonderful experience from their charcuterie board and styled boxes. They are also customer-friendly, as they gladly adhere to customers with dietary restrictions.

3. Salt Wine Bar Ltd

cheese charcuterie boardWhat’s the perfect drink for a luscious charcuterie board? It’s an easy answer – wine. Salt Restaurant offers flavorful Iberian/Canadian cured meats, high-end artisan cheese and fancy drinks. You can choose from classic, cocktail, sparkling red wine and more. Aside from these, this restaurant also offers a sumptuous array of menu selections for main courses and desserts. Truly, one of the must-visit places when everything goes back to normal.

4. Olive & Fig

Olive and Fig, charcuterie board and grazing boxes PlatterWho doesn’t want an Instagram-worthy charcuterie board? Olive and Fig provides uber delicious grazing boxes, platters and boards and creates the most gorgeous of them. Offering a large selection of their grazing boxes, their products are perfect for any kind of occasion – especially, this coming Mother’s Day. You can choose between their limited edition Mother’s Day grazing tables, platters and boxes. This shop has been featured on several websites and magazines. That’s why you’re undoubtedly in good hands. What a way to celebrate, right?

5. Terroni

Terrroni, grazing boxesIndulge in the fancy goodness of Terroni’s charcuterie board and grazing boxes. Their products are made even fancier with a high-quality selection of wine. Whether its’ for the upcoming Mother’s Day, token for clients, birthdays and just because, there’s a board perfect for you. This restaurant is owned by true Italians. For this reason, you are guaranteed to experience premium Italian cuisine.

  • website: www.terroni.com
  • address: 720 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E8, Canada

6. Cheese Boutique

Cheese Boutique charcuterie boardKnow someone who goes crazy over cheese? Then, Cheese Boutique is the shop for you. They provide top-notch seasonal cheeses and gift baskets perfect for every kind of celebration. Aside from cheese, you can also find sweet treats in this shop such as donuts and fruits  – a different way to explore treats of the West and Tropics. To top it off, they also provide catering services for people who can’t get enough of their products. Definitely, a one-stop-shop you must check out.

7. Grazing Platters in the 6ix

Grazing PlatterElevate the celebration with Grazing Platters in the 6ix’s grazing products. This shop brings an event to an epic level with its amazing grazing table and platters. In addition, they also grant a client’s request for themes and pegs. Be it a South Asian-themed celebration or a Western-themed one, they have your back. You can dive into classic flavors or explore new ones – it doesn’t matter, this grazing shop creates one of the best. So, if you want to be blown away, this shop is for you.

8. Graze Catering and Events

Graze Catering and Events
Sweep off your recipient’s feet and gift them a charcuterie board exploding with flavor. Grazing Catering and Events will make everything easy for you. With their wide product selection, you can surely find one that best fits your need. The charcuterie board and grazing boxes they offer come in vegan options too, so this shop is perfect for those with diet restrictions. In addition to that, this shop is a full-service catering as well, perfect for customers who want a hassle-free celebration. Be it for family gatherings, solo orders or platters, they can have it done for you.

9. The Graze Anatomy

The Graze AnatomyWhether you want to elevate your home dining experience or try a new appetizer for a celebration, The Graze Anatomy surely has a charcuterie board for you. They offer out-of-the-box grazing boxes that will make you and your guests indulge and satisfy their appetites. From brunch-themed to classic ones, The Graze Anatomy definitely has the perfect box for any kind of event. With this shop’s unique and flavorful combinations, expect a satisfying experience that would make you come back for more. Oh, we must not forget this shop’s irresistible cookies! Hits off everything, right?

10. Wandering Deli

Wandering Deli charcuterie boardYour tummy and appetite will wander off to food fantasy land with the delectable treats of Wandering Deli. This shop offers dairy-free and vegan products, that’s why this is perfect for the environment and health-conscious fellas out there. They provide nut-based cheese grazing boxes that can satisfy your fancy cravings. You can taste its owner’s passion and dedication with its nut-based cheese and accompaniments. Definitely, a must-try!

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