From the rich and savory notes of cured meats to the creamy, tangy taste of cheeses, combined with the sweetness of fruits and the earthiness of nuts, there’s something about charcuterie to satisfy every palate. Plus, they’re visually appealing and bring us closer together.

Our charcuterie workshop classes allow you to create and style your own charcuterie board. And you can bring it home with you.

Let’s Curate a Delicious and Gorgeous Charcuterie 

Our charcuterie courses are designed to be fun, interactive, educational, and deliciously satisfying. You’ll learn how to build a charcuterie board and tips on pairing cheeses and meats perfect for your next family gathering and other special occasions. You can also start a business out of it. 

What Awaits You In Our Charcuterie Workshops 

We cater to different skill levels, from beginners to those looking to leverage their charcuterie skills.

  • Charcuterie Basics 

First, you’ll learn the different types of meat products, such as ham, salami, bacon, terrines, sausage, and more, how to prepare them, and the art of presentation.

  • Knife Skills 

Don’t be intimidated by sharp objects; our instructors will teach you essential knife skills to safely and expertly prepare your ingredients.

  • Creative Board Design

We’ll teach you the secrets of creating visually stunning charcuterie boards that will be the centerpiece of any gathering. We’ll cover color palettes, textures, and the art of arrangement.

  • Pairing and Tasting

You’ll learn the different wine and beverage pairings that complement your charcuterie creations. It’s part of the workshop where you’ll find and enjoy your favourite combinations.

  • Sharing and Celebrating 

Once you’ve completed your board, celebrate your achievements and share your culinary creations with fellow workshop participants or loved ones at home.

Why Choose Our Charcuterie Workshop Classes

Our experienced instructors are not just passionate about charcuterie; they’re experts. They’ll enthusiastically guide you through the process, sharing their knowledge, tips, and tricks. In our classes, you’ll roll up your sleeves, grab some knives, and get hands-on experience creating beautiful charcuterie boards.

There is no pressure here. Our courses are all about having fun and connecting with fellow food enthusiasts. You’re free to ask questions, experiment, and make mistakes – that’s how the best creations happen.

Every charcuterie board should be a reflection of your personal taste. That’s why we encourage creativity, offering a wide selection of ingredients sourced from local producers and artisans. Not only will your boards be delicious, but they’ll also support the community.

Moreover, our courses aren’t just about learning to make charcuterie; they’re also a fantastic way to celebrate special occasions, birthdays, and even team-building events.

Secure Your Booking Today 

Are you excited to become a charcuterie expert? All you need to do is:

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2. Reserve your spot by contacting us at 647-860-7401 today or at

3. Gather your enthusiasm and appetite, and come ready for a delightful culinary adventure.

We love charcuterie for many reasons, making it a beloved culinary art form and a popular choice for gatherings, events, or personal indulgence. So, join us and craft your own charcuterie that embodies flavors, creativity, and a deep connection.