C & A’S Beautiful Blush Wedding at Hart House

So, picture this: Hart House, this beautiful old place with all its charm, decked out in soft blush, white, and light peach colors. That’s where Christine and Anders decided to tie the knot.

When they walked into VintageBASH, you could practically feel the love in the air. They had this dream for their big day, and they trusted us to make it happen.

And boy, did we deliver! We turned Hart House into this romantic wonderland, filled to the brim with flowers that looked like they were straight out of a storybook. I’m talking about floral arches covered in blooms, tables decked out with beautiful floral garlands. They added this touch of whimsy that just made you feel like you were in a fairytale.

We had candles everywhere, casting this warm, cozy glow over everything.

Photos By Eszter Cabral

Now, let’s talk about Christine. She was a vision in her blush dress, holding onto a bouquet that looked like it was made for a princess. And Anders? Well, let’s just say he cleaned up real nice in his fancy suit.

Creating Wow Moments with Flower Arch & Centerpieces

Imagine a fairytale-worthy flower arch and centerpieces that stole the show. That was the scene at Christine and Anders’ ceremony. Each table boasted lush arrangements that screamed romance and charm, creating a dining experience straight from a love story.

Setting the Mood with Candles and Garlands

Ambiance is key, folks. Candles and garlands set the mood just right, casting a soft glow and a touch of whimsy throughout the venue. It was the kind of vibe that made you want to stay forever.

The Perfect Finishing Touches: Bouquet and Boutonniere

Let’s talk details. Christine’s bouquet and Anders’ boutonniere were the epitome of elegance. Together, they added a dash of charm to their already picture-perfect day.

As we bid adieu to Christine and Anders’ epic wedding at Hart House, we can’t help but feel a little teary-eyed. From the elegant setting to the stunning decor by VintageBASH, every moment was filled with love and laughter.

Here’s to Christine and Anders – may their love story continue to blossom for years to come.

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